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The Reva I drove had built in sat nav with large screen, so there is plenty of space for a decent head unit. I don't know about voltages, but on my little Reva car there is a DC-DC converter to give a 12v feed for head units.

Several people in the UK have upgraded the sound system on their cars and at least one person has put in a computer which he uses for monitoring the batteries and tuning the performance on the go.
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Good review Mike. The car sounds generations ahead of the current iteration.
I hope the right pricing is floated, which is a major deterrent for this car in Indian market
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The NXR is supposed to cost 15,000 Euros or 22,000 dollars without batteries. What do you guys think about the price?
Will the Indian version be less or more?
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Nice review Mike. I was there at the IAA as well this year and liked the looks of the NXR although they did not let us have a look at the interiors nor let us near the car. On enquiring the possible price of the car we were told that it would cost between 22-25000 which is pretty steep but were told that they would provide a 3 year warranty on the battery.
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Default Re: First test drive of Reva NXR electric car

Reva NXR is apparently scheduled to be released in Jan/Feb now. Mahindra has already stopped producing/selling current version of Reva!

They seem to have dumped the Lead Acid batteries all together. So, it is pure lithium ion batteries. More wider and longer than current version. It will have a Fast DC charging option, though you'll need special equipment/charger for that. Advantage is you can get enough charge within half hour to drive about 50km.

With 10Kwh battery it is supposed to have 150+km range. Top speed is immaterial as no one should drive it beyond 80+km. It is all plastic, with metal chasis.

Interesting part is going to be the pricing. International prices for Lithium Ion battery has been about US$600/Kwh, so the battery cost of NXR will be US$6,000+ (customs). So, it is likely that the NXR will cost upwards of 7Lakhs, which without subsidy is a big price for a small car.

I also miss the tiny car structure the current Reva has. It is ideal size for a single driver, and I wonder why no one is building such narrow track cars with small LPG/Petrol engines for city commute. Easy to drive, easy to park.
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Default Re: First test drive of Reva NXR electric car

This is a very unique and interesting review there Mike and surprised to know that the NXR is such a big improvement over the Reva original. Have seen a few on roads in Bangalore and the first impression was that it looked like a proper car.

Though very positive about the concept of electric cars, personally never like the Reva though for its toy like looks (just IMO).

The addition of the roof mounted solar panels is a neat innovation and with sun all time around in India, it should add quite a few kms to the range on a daily basis.

Again pricing is key in this market and going by the talks it seems like it would be a niche product again rather than a mainstream one given the high price tag (due to component costs etc).

Saw the video but just curious, do you have any pics of the car?

Originally Posted by MikeBoxwell View Post

I run the REVA Car Club and as a result, I also had a chance to take an NXR out for a test drive.
was very curious to know more about the REVA Car Club that your run!

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Default Re: First test drive of Reva NXR electric car

This is a very old thread! Its funny how years-old threads can suddenly reappear on the radar again!

Since I drove the REVA NXR an awful lot has happened with REVA. It has now been partially taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra, and they have moved into a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bangalore. They have invested significantly in the new car and vastly improved it over the prototype that I drove, way back in 2009.

Pretty much everything has been updated and improved since then: there is a new interior, updated mechanicals, improved drivetrain... and a new name: when launched, the car will be called the E2O.

Living in the UK, I don't get to see the latest updates, although I hope to come over to the factory at some time in 2013. Europeans won't see the car for some time to come.

I still run the REVA electric car club. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the online forums at the moment, which I am working hard on fixing. Hopefully this will be sorted by the weekend. If you do a Google search for REVACLUB, you'll be able to find the website.

Note from Mod: Please continue the discussion in our Official Review thread :

Last edited by Rehaan : 10th April 2013 at 18:29. Reason: Pointing thread to our official review. Do check it out Mike! ;)
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