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Amazing one Ajmat; got to send this to the Hiring team.
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Good one Ajmat, very true in these uncertain times.
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Arre forget the hiring team. I am sending this to my manager

Or maybe, on second thoughts, now is not a good time to do that. So i'll just save it for better times.
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Its news but is more of a joke

Apple Now Censoring A Dictionary iPhone App? | Techdirt
Apple Now Censoring A Dictionary iPhone App?
from the really? dept
Apple's continued arbitrariness in banning iPhone apps continues in weird and somewhat incomprehensible ways. The latest getting attention (and sent in by a lot of people) is that a dictionary app called Ninjawords was forced to block out the definitions of certain words in order to get approval to be in the App Store. Even though the app itself has a 17+ rating, apparently Apple came back with a list of "objectionable" words in the dictionary which had to be removed. Never mind the fact that anyone could just go to a website with the very same device and look up those same words... Oh, and of course other dictionaries available at the App Store seem to have those same words. The article also points out that Wal-Mart -- notorious for refusing to sell "objectionable" material sells dictionaries with these sorts of words included. The whole thing is bizarre, and again makes you wonder what Apple is accomplishing with its app review process, other than pissing people off. Update: Apple has responded and explained its side of the story. They're claiming it wasn't censorship, so much as an issue of timing. The app did have what Apple felt were offensive words/definitions, and asked the developer to wait until parental controls had been turned on for the iPhone. The developer then chose to block those words to try to get the app launched prior to parental controls being in place. Fair enough... but it still seems odd that Apple should be able to object to any definitions. It's a dictionary, based on which anyone can visit with their browser. Still, this is one of the first times we've actually seen Apple respond to one of these stories. So that's progress...
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@bblost, joke over and done with.

Daring Fireball
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What's your brave thing for the day?
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lol big frozen balls for Mr penguin
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This one from outside a hotel near Mangalore & another one behind aN auto rickshaw, for those of who cant view it clearly, the auto says " A 420 GIRL TAKE TIK 20", Can Tbhp members (especially the romantic ones)throw some light on the meaning of these immortal words.
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@GSMINC, actually the notion isnt that romantic

IPC SECTION 420-Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property
TIK 20- A pesticide- often consumed by people as a suicide potion.
Hope u get it now

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is the difference between "I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse.." and "I had to help my uncle jack off a horse.."
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metal head popat

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found this at a local welder today. Amazingly comfortable.
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SW Professionals' Wedding Invitation

SW Professionals' Wedding Invitation

The Official Joke thread-image001.jpg

The Official Joke thread-image002.jpg

The Official Joke thread-image003.jpg

The Official Joke thread-image004.jpg

The Official Joke thread-image005.jpg
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Too eager to help...

Name:  image002.jpg
Views: 1908
Size:  41.8 KB
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Originally Posted by diabloo View Post
SW Professionals' Wedding Invitation
Just hope the couple never finds out it ended up in the jokes thread LOL
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