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Breaking News: Suzuki to unveil new Intruder 150 in limited edition white color:

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Got it on WhatsApp. I'm sure many of us here would like such an add on when we go shopping. :D

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It's as simple as that! :)

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Picture courtesy : Facebook

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Googles new business model -

This one's from the recent spaceX mission:

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P.S: on a lighter note :)

Since we are on SpaceX

A guy in our office emailed invitations for his upcoming marriage and everybody wished him back. This one took the cake, though!

"Congratulations and enjoy a happy married life in advance."

A borrowed one:

Eat a khajoor on February 14. You can then say - truthfully: "I had a date on Valentine's Day".

Got this on FB, says a lot about today’s youngsters.

An ad on OLX : Hilarious or Torturous?

Link to ad

Single Hand 1998 Model Hero Puch Standard SB with Side Indicators

I've renewed the Vehicle Insurance Policy of my Hero Puch from 05-02-2018 till 04-02-2019 after paying a premium amount of Rs.731/- to The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. through my Account Payee Cheque. So there's no question of reducing the cost/price of my vehicle any further. Its price is fixed at Rs.8,000/- and is non-negotiable (not negotiable).

Its Fitness Certificate (FC) is valid till 03-03-2018 and has to be renewed by the buyer (if any) on or before Saturday, March 03, 2018.

This or Here is my very/extremely well maintained Single Hand Red Coloured 1998 Model Hero Puch Standard SB with the Registration Number KA 09 R 8614. Its Engine Number is VC543595 and Chassis Number is EB547323.

It has Side Indicators with Buzzers and a Side Box (bought/purchased for Rs.450/- from the then Hero Puch and Hero Honda Dealer Prakash Auto, Subbaiah Circle, Bangalore in February 1998).

This particular Hero Puch with its built-in/in-built Side Indicators or Turn Signal Indicators costed me another Rs.500/- extra in February 1998. Therefore, my vehicle cannot be compared with any other Standard Hero Puch which does not have Side Indicators.

My Hero Puch has a New Centre Stand, New Side Stand, New Seat, New Rubber Covers for its Front Shock Absorbers, New Ceat Tube for its Front Wheel, New Ceat Tube for its Back/Rear Wheel, New Ceat Secura Sport Tyre for its Front Wheel and 2003 MRF Moto D Tyre for its Back/Rear Wheel.

I get both the Tubes/Tyres of my vehicle checked / inflated / filled / replenished on a daily basis in the evenings for the Company Recommended Air Pressure of 32 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) for the Rear/Back Tyre and 22 PSI for the Front Tyre.

If any potential buyer is genuinely interested in buying my vehicle at Rs.8,000/- I'll be able to wait for him only for 10 minutes from the exact scheduled meeting time at a scheduled / designated / fixed meeting spot if he wants to see the vehicle. I can't wait for more than 10 minutes as I'm excessively overburdened with too many responsibilities / commitments.

In case you can't come within 10 minutes due to some valid / genuine / factual reason despite your sincere efforts please have / show / exhibit the basic human courtesy and decency to voluntarily say sorry for unnecessarily wasting my time.

I’ll drive my Hero Puch at its optimum speed of 30 Kmph with the genuinely interested potential buyer on the pillion for a trial run between the Geetha School and German Press (Palya Gate) or Nandini Milk Dairy only if he is wearing his own ISI marked / compliant helmet with its strap and not otherwise. Please do not come without your ISI marked helmet.

Any potential buyer should come with his valid original driving licence / license and one more original ID proof.

I'll reply only to those potential buyers who have registered themselves with their full/complete real names on this site and I'll not reply or respond to those potential buyers who have registered themselves with fake / fictitious / anonymous / pseudo-anonymous / false names.

I will also not respond / reply to the potential buyers who keep contradicting themselves everyday as it is believed that the persons who keep contradicting themselves everyday.
The vehicle keys will be handed over as soon as I (the vehicle owner) and the potential buyer sign the vehicle transfer and insurance transfer documents at the RTO East Office, Mysore. This is because if the vehicle is taken away by the buyer without signing the transfer documents I’ll unfortunately become legally accountable / answerable / responsible / liable if the vehicle is (God forbid) involved in any kind of traffic offences.

The selling price of an average vehicle which might not have been as well-maintained as my Hero Puch is Rs.5,000/- So please don't waste my time or your own time by quoting ridiculous prices as even a bicycle costs Rs.4,000-5,000/-.


Originally Posted by samaspire (Post 4357646)
An ad on OLX : Hilarious or Torturous?

I am feeling adventurous and thinking of replying to this gentlemen with an interest for purchasing the moped but am worried that I might be presented with a quiz to test my driving abilities and trivia about the moped. I am not sure if I will qualify to be able to purchase this!! :uncontrol


Originally Posted by samaspire (Post 4357646)
An ad on OLX : Hilarious or Torturous?

That's an interesting find.

While the Hero Puch is unlikely to change hands in the near future, the ad will certainly go viral if someone takes the trouble of posting it on social media.

But then, the gentleman would blast them saying:


I warn (caution/seriously notify) that unless you - the re poster (uploader/thiever/copier) of my advertisement (public notice/solicitation/commercial) remove (delete/take off) the same from the site (internet/world wide web), I will be forced (constrained/obligated) to sue (charge/take recourse to law) you to protect (preserve/maintain ownership of) my Intellectual Property Rights.

No offence intended to any car owner. Am a Volkswagen owner myself! :uncontrol

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