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Not sure this guy intended this as a joke but still pretty hilarious! ��


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High drama in real life

Guys steal Rs 9 crore from Cash Handling company in my town. The whole town is shocked and the Police is running around crazy trying to figure out how and why of the crime. These guys make a Insta reel and stream it. rl:

Next they have the Police on their doorsteps


Zomato Price
Nov 2021 : 153
Now : 57

Tomato Price
Nov 2021 : 50
Now : 160
Invest wisely


Guess the Sedan

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Originally Posted by balenoed_ (Post 5596633)
Guess the Sedan

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Is it the new Cryst? :)


Originally Posted by balenoed_ (Post 5596633)
Guess the Sedan

Attachment 2484609

The 3rd row passengers were complaining a little too much for the drivers liking I guess.

On Suzuki duty carrying spares but on the ubiquitous competitor!

While not a sticker on a car, the theme should appeal to the petrol/dieselheads among members of the forum.

Toyota has demonstrated E85 fuel vehicle.

With availability of E5,E10, E20...E100 fuel in near future, we will be pushing our cars like the one seen in yesteryear Tamil classic movie "Karakatakaran"

For non-tamil speakers, roughly translated to

Filled car with petrol, petrol price increased so
Filled car with kerosene, kerosene price increased so
Filled car with cooking oil

Now car doesn't run on any fuel and I dont know what fuel to fillrl:.
So why do we still own the car - only for Prestigerl:.

So you are a proper petrol head, got yourself a very nice new ride. Owner manuals are for nerds, so it hasnít left the glove compartment.

But what do all these symbols on the dash mean?

I found this handy little guide. As always, I will caution you about taking information on the Internet (too?) seriously and always consult your owner manual first!

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As a Clint Eastwood fan, I found this funny. Credits at the bottom.

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Roll of Toilet Paper suitably sized for Indian Politicjans (of all stripes) and the BS they discharge.

With monsoons refusing to abate this side of the Sahyadris, you still want to buy that umbrella?

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...priced at a measly 5000 bucks :uncontrol

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