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This one is for the Marathi people: What is the name of the vehicle designed for senior citizens?

2-wheelers: Scooty Zest (Jyesth, meaning senior citizen)
4-wheelers: Tata Zest (Jyesth, same as above)

Everyone goes with the flow.
Only those who go against it can do remarkable things in life.

Before I could explain this to him, the traffic policeman issued me a challan!

Spot the difference rl:

The Official Joke thread-toi.jpg

Image source.

OT: But havent government banned advertising rank list of students to promote unhealthy competition among schools?

This gem from my local Maruti dealer.

The Official Joke thread-img_7886.jpeg

I saw this in Kolkata

India is not for beginners :D

The Official Joke thread-img_3747.jpeg

A pretty unique car from this Dutch guy!

The Official Joke thread-img_0504.png

Truer words were seldom spoken!

Ain’t that the truth, especially this time of year.

Wonder if this Danish army vehicle has 3WD.

Latest discovery of the WhatsApp University:

This is just too damn good. The result speaks for itself !!!

Open Google ...
Search to translate English to Romanian

Then type:
'I have money'

Check the answer lol: :p

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