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You don't have to think up any Skoda Jokes,
.........the Skoda is a Joke !

* How do you double the value of a Skoda?
Put petrol in it.

Heard about the latest 16-valve Skoda? 8 in the engine, 1 on each wheel and 4 in the radio!

What do you call a Skoda rally?
A scrapyard.

A Skoda driver walks into Halfords. He says to the assistant on the parts counter "I'm looking for a clutch cable for my new Skoda".
The salesman thinks for a moment. "Sounds like a fair swap", he replies.

What do you call a Skoda on a motorway?

What do you call a Skoda at the top of a steep hill?
A miracle.

What do you call two Skodas at the top of a steep hill?
A mirage.

What do you call a Skoda halfway up a steep hill?
A social climber.

Why does a Skoda have a heated rear window?
To keep your hands warm when you push it.

*Why is a tampax better than a Skoda?
Because the tampax comes with its own tow rope!

What do you call a Skoda dealer?
A scrap merchant.

Why do squirrels always chase Skodas?
To pick up the nuts.

*Heard of Skoda's new turbo model?
It has pedals in the backseat, too!

What's situated on the highway saying "Wrom, Wrom"?
A Skoda which is stuck to some chewing gum.

What is the difference between the flu and a Skoda ?
It is possible to get rid of the flu.

How do you make a Skoda disappear?
You spray it with rust-remover!

A Skoda can reach a speed of 140 km/h - if it's transported on the railway.

Did you know that the Skoda's instruction book contains 500 pages?
There are two pages with information about the car and 498 pages with bus- and railroad-routes.

My cousin was unemployed. Then he became a Skoda salesman.
He is still unemployed, but now we understand why ...

Do you know what all the Skoda owners are dreaming about?
Getting a ticket for speeding.

From a newspaper: To the man who stole my Skoda in 20 degrees of frost.
Keep the Skoda, but please tell me how you started it!

Did you know that there are only two men working in the Skoda factory?
One with scissors and one with glue ...

Do you know what the trip-counter in the Skoda says when it's passing 20,000 km?

How do you double the value of a skoda?
Chuck a penny into it.

*There is a big competition at my local pub the first prize is a skoda,
........the second prize is two skodas !

How do you double the value of a Skoda ?
Fill the tank !

Why does a Skoda have a double rear window heater ?
To keep everyones hands warm when they are pushing it !

I had to part with my skoda as it was costing to much,
I was only doing 10 miles to every pair of trainers!!

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hey cool jokes. i like the 16 valve one


but i like the skoda..

Yeah cool jokes GTO but like Rehaan I like the Skoda too


Heard most of these jokes. Most of them are really cool. They were told in Skoda's pre-VW days.
Now however, Skoda has changed for the better.

me too like Skoda's. but these jokes are of Skoda's cars prior to WW-II.

Anyways I just checked the Used Cars section of Indiacar. theres a 2000 model 1.9 Octavia for sale. Price 10.5 lakhs. Skoda's do have a very high resale value.

Ohok! thanks for the clarification! ;-]

Hey Rehaan good jokes pal and u've just inspired me to write a joke book " The One and Only Hyundai Joke Book" by yours truly...... Contributions invited


i have an add of skoda.. where its written besides a skoda monogram..
"Just to let u know that there is no way a magzine can put a wrong logo on a car advertisement"

Hey Dippy,

I think you mean GTO...... (unless the fact that i own an accent has inspired u ;-P )


Waiting for that Hyundai Joke Book

Q. Why do people go to Skoda showrooms???
A. To "CZECH" out the cars!!!


Q. What do you call an Australian who drives a Skoda???
A. ""Czech Mate""

Boy, am i loving this.


Audi: Accelerates Under Demonic Influence

BMW: Born Moderately Wealthy

Camaro: Can't America Make A Real One?

Chevrolet: Clutch Hangs, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time

Dodge: Dangerous On Days Gears Engage

FIAT: Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation

Ford: Failure Of Research & Development

Honda: Hell Of a Nice Damn Automobile

Hyundai: Hope You Understand Nothing's Driveable And Inexpensive

JEEP:Jumps Everything Ever Parked

Mercedes: Most Every Red Cent Eventually Dissipates, Extinguishing Savings

Nissan:Never In Synch Screeching Awful Noises

Oldsmobile: Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buick's Irregular Leftover Equipment

Porsche: Proof Only Rich Suckers Can Have Everything

Toyota:Taking Our Yen Out -- Thanks All

Volvo: Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object


I liked the Hyundai one of course


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