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Rtech 25th October 2004 13:50

The Official non-auto Image thread
Have a non-automobile related picture you'd like to share with the rest of us? Don't want to start a new thread just for one picture, yet want to post it, well, this is the thread to do it.

The pictures may be of anything (within the rules of decency ofcourse!!) such as pics of your dog, or your city, or just some crazy stuff you've seen. Maybe you're a budding photographer and want our opinions!

However, Please note that only ORIGINAL images taken by you personally should be put links to websites or pics that you received in chain emails, etc.

Also, as we have a professional photographer (aka. Rudra) who I'm sure would be happy to help all us point-n-shoot people with the finer details!

Also, lets try and keep the image size at an acceptable level to allow dial up users to view them. If you have a large image, host a thumbnail here which leads the viewer to the actual image. Imageshack is pretty good for this.


Rtech 25th October 2004 13:52

To start us off, I thought I'd share a small panorama image of Mumbai's famous Marine Drive. I know the image is not stitched perfectly, but what the heck!

Click on the thumbnail to see the actual size.


v12 25th October 2004 15:09

hey thats a cool pic rtech. Wide angled pic. Which cam did u use?

Rtech 25th October 2004 15:37

Hey V12,

no wide angled lens used here. Took 3 pics and stitched them together using arcsoft's panorama maker.

Cam I used was a Nikon coolpix 2200, nothing fancy. It's got a cool feature where it lets you take landscape shots like this. You take one shot, then you see an overlap of the image which lets you frame the second shot and so on. Its tough doing this without a tripod though!!


Rtech 25th October 2004 16:29

A couple more panorama's:


v12 25th October 2004 16:31

Heres one of the pics i took of a house in Mangalore :

Rtech 25th October 2004 16:37

Terrific picture V12...that really shows the difference between a high level cam (yours) and a low level cam (mine)!!

Really sharp and vivid colours.


mohit 25th October 2004 16:41

Thats a super pic V12. Which camera?

v12 26th October 2004 11:55

Hey rtech thats a cool feature ur cam has. How many shots can it stitch in one pic?

Anyways here are some more pics taken from my Cybershot DSC-W1.

Dippy 26th October 2004 13:34

Some pics I took in Malaysia


khaadu75 28th October 2004 18:41

This was taken at a red light .... the owner of this beautiful was also very cute but I dont think she wud like me to post her pics .. so enjoy the mans best friend pic till then .


Rtech 28th October 2004 19:01


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Hey rtech thats a cool feature ur cam has. How many shots can it stitch in one pic?

V12, i'm exchanging my Nikon for a Canon A400. The nikon pics were too grainy! Too bad, coz i loved the size of the camera...just fits so well in the hand.

The Canon has a better panorama feature though where you can stitch 29 pics together!! Can't wait to experiment with that!

Hey Khaadu...that hand on the steering wheel looks like a guys hand! I hope you don't think he's cute!!!

Man thats a HUGE dog!!


khaadu75 28th October 2004 20:28

rtech, i never said the driver was HOT ... the owner is in the back seat !!!


SLK 28th October 2004 21:56

Here's one I clicked.
hey!... all cars are facing one direction, but the one with a team-bhp sticker! (I saw this after taking the pic)

And this... is called a 180 degree LOL..... can u see the president?

Ok maybe in this one!

OK, the pics are a bit on the bigger side. Best viewed in full screen after you save on your disk.

aah78 28th October 2004 22:40

excellent pictures guys!

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