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How do I register on Team-BHP?
The registration link can be found here.

Why is your membership subject to prior approval?

Our membership is subject to prior approval by the Team-BHP Administrative Panel. This system helps us to filter out spammers, automated spambots and malicious registrations. Your explanatory note to the "Why Team-BHP" field (on the registration page) is the most important consideration. We are exceedingly particular about the quality of this forum and that of its memberbase.

Do keep your "Why Team-BHP" note crisp and comprehensive enough to inform us why you wish to be a member of this community. Please do not use SMS / slang language or abusive words in this note (or in your username). ONE liners are almost certain to be disqualified.

A notification email will be sent out to you once your membership has been approved.

How do I thank a member for a helpful post?
Simply click on the Thank You button! Visit this link to know more about Team-BHP's Thank You feature.

I hear that Team-BHP is very strict about its Board Rules. Where do I find them?

The Board Rules can be found here.

We advise you to thoroughly understand them in order to familiarise yourself with our community protocol. Your support would be highly appreciated.

How do I perform a SEARCH on Team-BHP?

It’s a good idea to search before posting on Team-BHP; chances are that a similar topic already exists or that your query has already been answered.

Click here for a detailed "how to search" pictorial.

How do I see (only) the photographs within a thread?
Click here to see a pictorial explanation on viewing only the pictures associated with a thread.

Where is the ADVICE section for information on common automotive queries?
The Team-BHP Advice section can be found here. You will find detailed guidelines on several aspects of the Indian automotive scene.

Is there a basic guide to spellings, punctuation and written English?

Absolutely. You may find the guide here.

How do I post on Team-BHP? How do I reply to threads?
To view the simple pictorial explanation on replying to threads, click here.

How do I create a new thread / topic?
To view the simple pictorial explanation on creating a new thread, click here.

How do I edit my own posts?

To edit your post:

1. Click on the “Edit” button. You will find this button on the bottom right-hand side (just below your post).

2. After making the desired edits to your post, click on the “Save” button.

The time available to edit your own posts is limited to 30 minutes (from the time of submission of the post).

How do I remove [FONT] [SIZE] and [COLOR] tags from my post?

For instructions on removing HTML tags from your post, click here.

How do I upload photographs?
To view the simple pictorial explanation on uploading pictures, click here.

What is an infraction?

A detailed explanation on infractions (The Team-BHP warning system) can be found here.

How do I change the colour theme on Team-BHP?

Team-BHPians can choose different colours to view the forum in. On the bottom left-hand side of every forum page, you will see a drop-down menu that offers various colour options.

New styles/colours will be added on a periodic basis, once they have been tested for reliability.

I don't like my Team-BHP handle anymore. Can I change it?
We do not allow any changes to your nickname / handle.

What are the different membership levels of Team-BHP?

The various Team-BHP membership levels are explained here.

How do I contact the Team-BHP Support Staff?

To access the "contact us" form, click on this link.

Please note that:

1. It may take upto a week for a Team-BHP Support Staff member to revert to you.

2. Chances are that your question has already been answered in the Team-BHP FAQ section. To view the entire FAQ section, please click here.

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