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Rudra Sen 10th October 2005 13:45

The DSLR Thread

50mm, 1.4 Ultra Sonic Motor. Normal lens.
20mm, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor. Ultra wide lens.
100mm, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor. Macro lens.
70-200, 2.8L Ultra Sonic Motor with Image Stabiliser. Zoom lens.
400mm, 5.6L Ultra Sonic Motor. Telephoto lens.
Tripod: Manfrotto 058 with Manfrotto 029 head.

Steeroid 10th October 2005 13:50


Originally Posted by navin
Rudra Sen takes his cameras and his car very seriously.

How come you forgot to mention Malt Whiskey?

navin 10th October 2005 15:06


Originally Posted by Rudra Sen

70-200, 2.8 Ultra Sonic Motor with Image Stabiliser. Zoom lens..

Ouch! be still my heart! the 17-40 would make a nice addition. i know the primes are a lot sharper and have a stop advantage but when travelling zooms are nicer.

ntomer 24th March 2006 11:51

The DSLR Thread

A friend wants to buy an entry level digital SLR. Which of the two (D70s or 350D) should I suggest?


tifosikrishna 24th March 2006 12:03

Gosh, for a moment I thought I was in a photography forum, because the same question has been answered innumerable times in many photography forums.

Let me try to answer : Both are equally good cameras. If your friend has already invested in canon or nikon systems in terms of lenses, flashes etc, then it would be wise for him to stick with the same system. Or, if he is new, it seems the canon has an edge when it comes to range of lenses they have, that too on the telephoto end, if your friend is going to be in the forest shooting wildlife and birds, then canon system may suit him better, otherwise for normal needs, he can choose either.

airfoil 24th March 2006 12:04

This should be a choice between the Nikon D70S and the Canon 350D. Avoid the Nikon D70 - its an older model.

The D70S offers a 6.1 MP max resolution, while the 350D offers an 8 MP max resolution, which tilts the equation heavily in favor of the 350D, all other features being more or less equal from a consumer viewpoint.

The decider will be if the friend already owns compatible AF lenses from either the Canon & Nikon family. It would make sense to buy a camera which suits existing lenses.

black12rr 24th March 2006 12:13

Try nikon D50
Just try this link nothing else

aslo ...

ntomer 24th March 2006 12:48

Nikon D50
Nikon D50 seems to be quite cheap compared to these two. Will it be a smart buy? This friend of mine is a newbie in photography and have no prior experience apart from point-n-shoot cameras.


ksethuram 25th March 2006 17:14

In entry level DSLR D70s is the best. This is the latest version of D70 with some tweaks, bigger LCD's and so on.

tsk1979 26th March 2006 09:05

1. Two year warranty.
2. Nikon D70 costs 65000+ with warranty, while canon can be had for 46000and 1GB card worth 4000rs free. Extra money saved can be used for a nice lens

And dont buy grey no matter what the deal
And I am using the 350D and liked it better than the Nikon which i have handled

ntomer 27th March 2006 13:36 is selling dSLRs quite cheap; and giving some warranty as well. Are they reliable?

tsk1979 27th March 2006 13:49 is reputable store. As for warranty, unless it says "manufacturer warranty" dont buy. They clearly state on their website that for canon they give 2 year manufacturer warranty. this means a warranty card with dealer stamp

neoranjit 29th March 2006 06:35

The 350D is different compared to the Digital Rebel XT. The digital Rebel XT is lighter than the 350D. Though it is not officially in India, you can get it from someone in the US.

Check for regular deals on the Nikon and the Canon.

tifosikrishna 29th March 2006 07:06


Originally Posted by neoranjit
The 350D is different compared to the Digital Rebel XT. The digital Rebel XT is lighter than the 350D. Check for regular deals on the Nikon and the Canon.

ranjit, i dont think so. in US its called the rebel xt and everywhere else its known as 350d..

tsk1979 29th March 2006 07:35

350D is the brandname under which the came is sold in India and elsewhere(except US). In the US it is sold under the brandname "rebel XT"
Its the exact same cam. Even for 300D(predecessor to 350D) the brandname all over the world was 300D, but in US it was called "Kiss Digital"

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