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Default Re: Samsung finally unveils its foldable smartphone

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
While you have a point on adoption of this tech, price it right and see it adopted by most.
Price although a key factor, is hardly the main basis. Multiple factors fit in - convenience, the enterprise acceptance, the application landscape and in the end, CHANGE - itself is a big factor.

In my past exposure to CXO (and senior management) level, I have seen them acquire iPads and/or Surface Pro products and in all scenarios, although they have appreciated the usefulness of these products, it's always been in addition to their laptop, not instead of it.

On a general basis (I might be prejudiced with my limited exposure), I have seen the tablets being used by specialists or just for additional entertainment scenarios; and not as a replacement.

Well, the future is undefined, so anything can happen. But kill the PC market? Highly unlikely probability of that happening in this decade.
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Default Re: Samsung finally unveils its foldable smartphone

Dont think cables should be a issue. In a laptop similar things happen at a bigger size though and nothing happens.
if the screen can fold cleanly (not sure if its up to a paper edge or curved), cables should be fine.
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Default Re: Samsung finally unveils its foldable smartphone

Samsung's latest bendable screen technology has been stolen and sold to two Chinese companies, according to prosecutors in South Korea.

The Suwon District Prosecutor's Office charged 11 people on Thursday with stealing tech secrets from Samsung (SSNLF), the office said in a statement.

The prosecutors allege that a Samsung supplier leaked blueprints of Samsung's "flexible OLED edge panel 3D lamination" to a company that it had set up. That company then sold the tech secrets to the Chinese firms for nearly $14 million, according to the prosecutors.
Source - CNN
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Default Re: Samsung finally unveils its foldable smartphone

I read about this a few days back. While it is a good invention, I'm opposed to phones becoming bigger.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
While I personally don't prefer screens that are too big, it's clear that's where the market is going. Almost everyone around me thinks that the bigger the screen, the better - especially the Samsung Note users.
Certainly not.
Such devices are going to kill the PC & Laptop market even more; this one could greatly take away sales from tablets too.
If you just have your own business, these machines can reeplace your laptop. However, for most technical people, the laptop is important as a full version of Windows/MacOS is required to run many softwares and have enterprise grade security.
Originally Posted by androdev View Post
open to answer, close to hang up
I don't this action will be there as it maybe too cumbersome.
Originally Posted by bansal.sushant View Post
I recently moved to an iPhone 7 on being insisted by my parents. I didn't expect to, but I love it.
This 4.7 inch screen by apple seems perfect, but even they seem hell bent of increaing sixes. I'm glad I got an iPhone 8 recently. What's annoying is thay many companies have fit in 5 inch displays in almost the same dimensions(Xiaomi Mi4i.) Apple could have made the phone smaller, while retaining the same 4.7" display. (Too much wishful thinking)
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