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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

^^^ I Agree. And this Quantium must be the slowest courier service in the world. Never touching Tradus with a barge pole again. And to think this is the same group as GoIbibo.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Originally Posted by hrman View Post
^^^ I Agree. And this Quantium must be the slowest courier service in the world. Never touching Tradus with a barge pole again. And to think this is the same group as GoIbibo.
+100. Not dealing with them ever again and I am advising my friends also to do so.

I got a reply back from the customer care \ seller today

Purchased item of Rs.59 and expecting a branded quality goods. Also shipping guidelines given by tradus are for seller comfort which help to process bulk orders.Other than this you should have understood that what amount you pay you will get that kind of product.
This is the seller listing the product.

From the reply I got, what I understand is that the original value of the product is just 59 INR, but in the website, they have put the price as 199 INR and the discounted price as 59 INR.
The product tumbled just 3 times and stopped running\working after barely 10 minutes.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

I brought Levis jeans from Tradus for Rs 999, but found out its a Fake Replica. But They refunded me without questions, after they picked up the product through Aramex courier.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

I got my refund of the Skoda Rapid 3d Tray mats from Tradus into my account a couple of days back. Must give them credit for being prompt on the response front and initiating my refund quickly. But this would not have happened in the first place if they had the correct product listed.

I am never going anywhere near them.

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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Originally Posted by mjumrani View Post
NOTE: Need to buy one within this week with delivery before 30th July.
Can go for laptop as well if it fits requirements.

I am in the market for a ultrabook for my dad, who is a keyboard warrior with MS office. So I wouldn't want him to, nor would he appreciate changing how he uses the shortcuts and stuff.

i5 or i7
256GB SSD minimum
Excellent Warranty Support in India
Warranty extension available in India
Good battery life
Preferably backlit keyboard
Good screen resolution
Significant price difference between Indian and US prices
Good quality construction
Weight below 2kgs

Budget: 80k INR or $1350

So my question is, considering all that, would it be advisable to shift to MBA with Bootcamp?
There's a separate thread for gadgets/laptops, but to answer your question here, I suggest go for the Macbook. That ticks almost all your requirements. Ask your dad to be prepared for an altogether new user experience!

I just got mine with the new Haswell processor for 1200 USD from the US. Specs are 1.5 Ghz Dual Core with 8 Gigs of RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

For 1350 USD you could get either the upgraded 256 GB SSD or the faster i7 processor or the upgraded 8 GB RAM, one of the three. Customization is allowed if you're buying it online from (the US store) unlike the Apple India Store. Do keep in mind if you order it from the Apple US Store, delivery will take much longer!

You can try using Parallels as an alternate to Bootcamp. Parallels is about 70 USD.

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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Would like to share my experience with you guys. I ordered a few things from FK last week. The event of order is as below

Mon, 22nd Jul - Item dispatched
Tue, 23rd Jul - Received At Ahmedabad Facility
DELIVERY - by Thu, 25th Jul

It rained quite heavily on 24th & 25th and hence i assumed that it would be difficult for anyone to deliver so i didnt follow up. But on 26th I just dropped in an email to their CC and i got the below response on 27 July 2013 15:01.

"We understand your concern and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.Due to a delay, the consignment will be delivered to you by of July 27, 2013."

I waited and waited but nothing happened. & this time i got this from them on 28 July 2013 08:39.

"We would like to inform you that we have escalated the delay to the concerned team. We humbly request you to bear with us till end of day July 31, 2013 for the delivery to be completed. If for some reason the delivery remains pending, kindly write back to us so that we can assist you further."

So i fired another email to them but was given the same 31st July deadline.

What i don't understand is IF the material has arrived here in Ahmedabad whats taking them so long to deliver? I understand it rained last week and caused a lot of delays across the city, but thats history. Life is back to normal and everyone is operating normally.

I feel that there is no coordination and the customer care reps just give out dates as they like. So far no one from Ahmedabad team / logistics dept has contacted me. Since i have ordered it on COD basis i am not worried, will come when it has to.

Oh, The funny part is, even at this very moment when i go into Track Order on FK i am getting the below

Tue, 23rd Jul - In Transit to ManiNagar Hub
DELIVERY - by Thu, 25th Jul

I wonder if my ordered item is walking on its own and has probably lost the route to the HUB. Otherwise i dont see any other reason for the delay.

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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

I have been trying the different sites - Flipkart, Infibeam, Snapdeal, Tradus etc. The experience has been below average, and decided to stop going to these sites. is up, so hopefully they will expand soon.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Originally Posted by h@r$h@l View Post
What i don't understand is IF the material has arrived here in Ahmedabad whats taking them so long to deliver?
This is the crooked trick played by the local courier; I've this issue always (ALWAYS) from courier that FK uses.

First incident - They sent an SMS saying that the guy found our house locked. I know this is 100% white lie because, my Wife, kids & Mother were at home plus there's always someone at home.

Second incident - Those buggers left a missed call (half a ring) & this was on a Friday. I didn't call back either because I'm not good at astrology to predict that the call was from courier guys. Next day they call up & ask for directions. They conveniently say that, they'd called me up previous day & the call wasn't picked.

Third incident - They sent an SMS on a Friday stating the packet will be delivered by 7:00 PM; next day they come by evening & say that they were trying to find my house & they couldn't find out & hence returned back. I was in no mood to argue as why they hadn't called me.

So far, this hasn't happened at Snapdeal, Jabong &
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Well, tried FK twice and experience was superb.

First time - Ordered and received the product in 2 days flat with awesome packing. After two weeks found defect in the same and informed them, they arranged reverse pick up very next day. Same day by evening got info that they would be sending a new one. The day after got a new but again it started giving problem after two days, so again informed them and same process repeated but this time only difference was that product out of stock, so they offered me credit wallet to which i refused since that time i'd nothing to go for. They refunded the amount within four days to my account...brilliant!

Second time ordered PC battery which got within two days with excellent packing and the tracking status was very accurate..There logistics stands the best till date

On the flip side; ordered Sony mobile phone from Snapdeal (actually Crap deal) which was defective and free items were different to which was promised. Immediately informed them to which they were damn cold and clearly pointed to the doors of service center that too on my repeated calls and endless emails. Would never consider them thou they are Del based

Another good reliable is Jabong with same as FK

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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

I have used flipkart several times and the service was never short of excellent.

It didn't matter whether the item was small value or big value, the service was always excellent. The items were always delivered before the promised date and the tracking on the website was always very accurate. I always received SMS when the item was out for delivery.

The only time my order was delayed was when there was a nationwide strike for 2 days. Even on that occasion, flipkart sent an email mentioning the reason for delay.

May be Bangaloreans are lucky to be getting good service since flipkart is based in Bangalore.

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Kudos to Flipkart for their prompt delivery. Ordered a Xolo Q800 on 27th July Saturday 22.00 hrs. Got delivery on 29th July Monday 18.30 hrs. Packing was average not as good as myntra but still a superb delivery time.

A funny incident with Babyoye that happened a week ago. Ordered diapers for my daughter but after 3 days of placing the order the product was not dispatched so since I was in need of diapers tried calling their CC to cancel the order. But couldn't get their line so shot a feedback mail stating their pathetic service. And the very next day a lady called up from Babyoye and I asked her to cancel the order she said she'll do that. The next day the diaper was delivered and a week later the amount for the diapers were refunded. What on earth is happening? ;-)
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Ordered a Nokia Lumia 520 from Flipkart yesterday evening at 6:00. Got a message before 8 saying the phone has been dispatched. Today morning got a text saying that it is out for delivery.And got the phone by lunch. The box was packed in 2 layers of bubble wrap. But there wasnt a single dent on the box.

Overall, as usual a brilliant experience.

Other sites used this week:

Myntra: 24 hour shippping, good deals.
Shopclues: Ordered a home theatre system. Promptly delivered in 4 days (I think it said 6-8 days on the website). Brilliant packing. Layers of thik bubble wrap. It took me 15 minutes to unwrap the damn thing.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

What is the best way to get something shipped to India from the US (apart from relying on the F&F network)? My son is keen on a game that Amazon US has but will not ship to India at all. It is also available on and probably several other US-only sites. In India, it is available in neither e-commerce sites nor B&M stores (I have already tried the usual suspects in Bangalore & Mumbai - Hamleys, Saphire, Total/Central...)
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Had a pathetic experience from Pepperfry dot com. Ordered 2 wooden wall hanging units. After a wait of one and half months got it delivered.

The colors of the product delivered were different from the ones I ordered.
There were patches of visible damages.
The weight of the products were significantly different from the ones which was mentioned in the website. They clarified it to be a mistake in their website.

In the website they mention that they physically verify the items before shipping but these are all plain lies. I called the customer care and they agreed to the mistake and arranged a pickup. Let me see it is how long before I get my money back.
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Default re: The "Online Shopping" Thread

Ordered a Heat Resistant Spray paint from snapdeal (brand: Cosmos)
The seller had the nerve to send me a regular paint which costed half of the original product.
Contacted Snapdeal and the call center employee told me that they will send a mail to us.
Me - will you do a reverse pickup.
SD - all details in the mail
Me - So you cannot help me with the details.
SD - I have already helped you!

Anyway, a week later - the reverse pickup happened and 15 days after the original purchase I have got a mail saying that money will be refunded.
By the way: That particular seller is rated 4.4 and snapdeal didn't publish my review of the product.

Will stay clear of sellers like these.
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