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devarshi84 9th March 2007 13:06

The Online Shopping Thread
Would t-bhpians be ready to buy expensive and unique stuff online from a reputed source offering best in class technology and products?

what would be your suggestions and opinions?

khanak 9th March 2007 14:09

Id buy online if the price is really good. i like to see a product before buying it and play with it in the shop a bit before taking it home. also for online shopping one needs to have a trusted dealer who also offers support if the product doesnt work. A COD option would be the best.

alexrabbi 9th March 2007 14:21

In past i have purchased books and cd's from - they r really profession.

Once the local post office opened my parcel, when i informed amazon they refunded some % of money and asked sorry.

But i haven't yet found any such reputed online shops in India.

spadival 9th March 2007 14:25

I have bought off online stores, both in UK and India.. Never been disappointed so far.

Last online purchase was my car insurance :)

Rtech 9th March 2007 14:26

I have bought a lot online. Both in India and abroad. However, India has a long way to go as far as customer satisfaction goes. I've only recently had 2 very bad experiences - one with on the refund of canceled tickets, and the other with on a goof up on their part for which their support was terrible.

However, that said, I have had very good experiences with

Main things I look out for are:
- Physical address for the company
- Actual customer support number
- and ofcourse it helps if it is a well established company name behind it.

scooby05 9th March 2007 15:07

For the last 4 years now, I've been buying loads of items thru the net.
all my part imports for all the cars[except mercs] are thru the net. also book flights, hotels and buy lots of other things.
this laptop-Armada M700 was bought on 4 years now!!
just bought a laptop for my daughter on
Never faced a problem! Touch Wood!

aZa 9th March 2007 15:57

Yes i would ... have been purchasing books, cd/dvds from amazon for years now. Also from Ebay and twice from indiatimes shopping. Somehow i've always found prices higher than street prices.

Vid6639 9th March 2007 16:14

cleartrip is real sad when it comes to refunding. It has some crazy cancellation charges and the money is credited back to your credit card only after a month.

spadival 9th March 2007 16:42


Originally Posted by scooby05 (Post 388199)
For the last 4 years now, I've been buying loads of items thru the net.
all my part imports for all the cars[except mercs] are thru the net.

Didnt you face problems with customs while importing parts?

Akshay1234 9th March 2007 17:00

i would definitely buy as long as its from a good source.

mobike008 9th March 2007 17:09

I buy a lot online in India and sometimes when abroad. Some of the websites i use regularly and find safe to transact online using a credit card are :

Ebay ( for any product that is cheaper than offline) ( For Movie DVD's) order it from India and get it delivered in US and somebody brings it along to India. ( Same as above) ( used mostly to buy watches) ( for airtickets), one of the best online service for buying airtickets

I find Rediff and Indiatimes blatantly expensive and extremely poor in delivery and customer service.

sreenivass 9th March 2007 17:37

purchased both my digicam and camcorder from Amazon, laptop from Acer agent online, all in the US. In india there are a few sites like and others. My decision depends both on the reputation of the site and the value of the goods. There may be some goods I want to see and feel before I buy for which online purchase is not possible.

GTO 9th March 2007 17:39

I buy a ton of stuff online, all the time. And its not restricted to products....even certain services like document copy-editing etc. The choice availability, convenience and value is unmatched. When I shop, I look for reliability, brand name, ease of shopping and value.

prabuddhadg 9th March 2007 17:54

No. I have bought a lot of stuff from ebay, including a camera for some 15 or 20k. But last two transactions, I got fooled and ebay was no use at all in solving the dispute. So, I decided not to transact any more unless there is a COD facility.

Equus 9th March 2007 19:17

Been buying online for years.. No major issues!

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