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View Poll Results: Which Chinese / Non-TV TV brand are you most likely to vote for with your wallet
HiSense 7 2.30%
Kodak 9 2.95%
Motorola 0 0%
OnePlus 49 16.07%
Realme 4 1.31%
TCL 38 12.46%
Toshiba 30 9.84%
Vu 77 25.25%
Xiaomi 64 20.98%
Others (Please specify) 27 8.85%
Voters: 305. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 28th October 2020, 16:04   #61
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

This thread couldn't have come at a better time. I just ordered a 65' Mi TV and stumbled here. I believe the Chinese hatred is simply over blown. Border disputes & political agenda are part of History, why should i lose my mind on a thing which i can't control?

I see China as a cheap factory, India as a cheap call center, B'desh as a cheap tailor, US as a cheap financier, Russia as a cheap arms dealer, Singapore/UK as a cheap broker, Middle East as a cheap fuel station, Pak as an imbecile moron and that's it.

Will i pay more for a similarly featured Chinese product - No
Will i pay more for a similarly featured non-Chinese product - No

I'm not a video nerd nor status driven, i strive to find value in everything. Equation was 55' tv for 50k from a 'brand' or 65' tv for 55k from Mi. I chose later

And wow that escalated quickly on a thread about TV's. My bad, i believe lot of you might have a similar opinion. Sorry if it hurt, this is just the capitalist inside me speaking.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Another brand missing from this list is Metz. I got a 40 inch TV from this German company for about 14k (unfortunately or fortunately it has been takenover by a Chinese company now). Excellent picture quality and sound. Its been 4 months and I'm pretty happy so far!
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Old 28th October 2020, 16:59   #63
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by Maverick Avi View Post
Surprised to see that Sanyo is not there on this list. They are manufactured at Panasonic facility and aftersales and service is also provided by Panasonic itself. I have around 5 of them in my near family and all work great with good color accuracy due to IPS panel.
Ditto, I had bought a SANYO LED TV as well, no complaints after around 5 years but it has been lying idle mostly. I also have an AOC LED TV which am using as a monitor once Work From Home started post lockdown. It is very hard to find a non smart TV model for purchase nowadays so am clinging on to my existing models for as long as they work. The fire stick and chromecast devices offer a lot more flexibility.
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Old 28th October 2020, 17:12   #64
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Back in 2017, I bought a VU 40" Tv for 16k. Its been working flawlessly so far. I did connect the TV to Blaupunkt sound bar and using this set up in the bedroom. Quite happy with the experience so far.

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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
I got myself a VU 55 inch Android TV on Diwali 2019 for ~35k.
PS: Any tips on reducing this soap opera effect are welcome.
Hi, I had also bought the TV at the same time and I checked with you about the Prime Video issue which I was facing. I think what you described is just the Ultra-smooth motion 'feature' of the TVs. The solution is pretty simple. You'll need to turn it off from Picture Settings.

Originally Posted by Geo_Ipe View Post
Toshiba cannot be named a non TV brand... I'm a proud owner of a 29" Toshiba LED TV for the past 6+ years..
Prior to the VU, we already have three Toshiba 29-32 TVs from 2014. All of them are the same Cricket Series with front-firing 'sound-bar.' It was the clinching feature at that time as most other TVs had really poor sound quality. Needless to say, all of these run without issues to date.

In the current crop of cheap TVs, I would pick the new Toshiba series (four-year panel warranty but custom OS and low grade hardware), VU and maybe Sanyo (because it is from Panasonic).

Incredibly, during this sale, I saw Sony 55" android TV around 57K (with card discounts). That should have been no brainer given the incremental value (& brand) it offered.
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Old 28th October 2020, 19:17   #66
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Back in 2016 when i was looking to change my 29" Onida CRT, smart TV's were still at their infancy. I went for a 40" BPL FHD LED TV for 26K. The reason for going for BPL TV is that the first ever TV was a BPL B&W TV when i was a kid! The LED TV has been working flawlessly and the HD channels looked pretty good. I wasn't happy with the sound so purchased a simple sound bar (don't even recollect the name) without any fancy features like Dolby etc. This setup has been serving me well till the smart TV started to make waves in the market.

The BPL has been so good in its performance that my extended family purchased 3 more TV solely based on my experience and they all are happy.

Fortunately one of my friend was returning from USA and i asked him to pick a Mi Box 3 from walmart for $49. Plugging the Mi Box to HDMI port has made the simple FHD TV in to a Smart TV with Android voice support as well! Off late we only stream from various OTT platforms instead of watching anything on the DTH. Most of the OTT apps have TV serials playing without ad's and that's been a big boon as compared to DTH!

For my parents bedroom i purchased a 29" Sony Bravia HD ready TV paying almost 20K! It was expensive as compared to BPL but due to limited space couldn't go for a bigger screen size!

The Philips 58" TV which is discussed on this thread looks like a steal deal but i observed that it supports on 2.4Ghz Wifi. For streaming 5 GHz is preferred for a smooth experience. Plus the philips TV doesn't have full android instead uses a Linux based OS and the OTT apps are limited while compared to a pure android TV

Recently when OnePlus launched Y series, was very tempted to go for the 43" model, but with only 1 GB RAM and just FHD resolution for the asking money, didn't feel it was worth it when there were so many options available from TCL/Toshiba/Sanyo/Vu/Kodak/Thomson for a 4K TV for the same screen size and little more RAM for similar or lesser price

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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Voted for Vu. Bought a 40 inch full HD LED tv in 2017 for 18k and its been flawless so far with quite a heavy usage. Paired it up with a firestick from Amazon sale and had my smart TV experience ready in about 20-21k.

Since then have recommended to many folks around me and all have been happy with the purchase so far.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

My sister got a 43 inch Mi, I compared the display with a Samsung HD tv and there was a stark difference.

Have been using a 55 inch 4K Nokia Android tv with JBL soundbar attached. The display quality is brilliant, apps do take some time to load though
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Voted: Others

If HiSense, Kodak, Vu are on the poll, I just do not see how the poll is representative if Sanyo is not on the list. I recently got one and it is a fantastic TV.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Had purchased a Vu Premium Android (65inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (65-OA) for around 53 grand.

Here's my observation of it-
It is a TV, not a monitor. There is no 4K 60hz 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling. The color reproduction is off but for content consumption, a large bright screen made sense to me while purchasing.
I keep the brightness at 15/100 and I feel its still too bright.
The speakers could do with an improvement.
Have had no software update on it.
It has a 60Hz refresh rate.
The panel is identified as a Hisense TV by devices and over the net.

Have paired it with an AV Receiver and 4K firestick.
- Dolby Vision has issues (15- 18 strip at the bottom) with VU TV and the fire stick. I'm still not able to resolve it. So the content is displayed in HDR10

Held up well over the past ten months.

Have not had any experience with other brands. This is our first and only TV.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

I would prefer Sanyo, Thomson, BPL, ONIDA in the current crop of online sold TV's.

Originally Posted by NiInJa View Post
Then the speakers were very bad, so I removed them and soldered some old Logitech laptop speakers were excellent, the sound quality has improved by such levels that my parents no longer have to turn on the external speakers (which they find a big task anyway)
I have promised not to buy any AV electronics from Phillips. Had such bad experience with all that I bought. Just for the international warranty, compared to the other brands, I bought Phillips TV and Blu-Ray Home Theatre. Found the sound to be pathetic. Even at full volume, it wasn't loud, and news/song/anything had a muffled output with no clarity. Checked online to see if I was missing something and guess what? there were a lot of complaints and some got a clarification from Phillips that sound is limited for safety! in a sound system!!

Both went bad too within a few years. And I recalled that I had gifted my sister a Phillips music player a decade ago and that although had ok'ish sound quality, went bad, and was replaced under warranty.
Found their headphones good though. TV was repaired locally and used with an external creative speakers for better output, still not good enough.

For long, I really wanted to tear it apart and smash that speaker and put something better but haven't managed to. Had almost thrown the remote on the TV a couple of times due to the horrible sound.

phew, thanks for letting me vent my anger (even when I think of it...)

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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Originally Posted by Geo_Ipe View Post
Toshiba cannot be named a non TV brand. They have been in business for decades and as far as I know, manufacture components like boards & displays for the bigger brands.
I bought a Toshiba 32 inch TV for my parents sometime around 2011. It has been working well till now and there is no reason to complain. Absolute value for money.
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Old 29th October 2020, 09:11   #73
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

+1 on the Vu hype bandwagon. Have gotten a few Vu 55" non-smart TVs and they've been trucking along for like 5 years now with no issues. Incredible value for money for the picture quality they provide.

It really helps if you're not an AV enthusiast. I am but I have a separate setup for when I demand perfect video and audio. The cheaper Vu and Mi TVs are great to just watch a game with your folks or binge a show on streaming.
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

What do you guys think of the latest VU called the Masterpiece? 85 inch QLED TV @ 3.5 lakhs.

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Old 29th October 2020, 10:32   #75
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Re: The Budget / Frugal TV thread

Brother got an IFalcon-TCL 55 inch TV.

Video quality is good, though I wont call it excellent. The backlight / contrast part is where I feel it feels not up to the mark. Else for regular viewing, its good.

One issue that we faced is that the panel gave up some 3 weeks in to purchase, got the same replaced under warranty. Not sure if it was due to any power surge from the cable TV provider or anything else.
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