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Default Re: The home / office air-conditioner thread

Electrical cables burn due to various reasons and high current is only one of them.

I have found that in old household wiring (some in my house are over 40 years old), there are a lot of patches, wires are just twisted together to extend the length. Unlike the current trend, the older wires had 22 or 24 swg wires bundled into 3 for light and 7 for power. These are relatively thick wires and with time become loose, start to spark, and that is what starts fires. Add to that crumbling insulation and wires in a bundle can short easily.

If you ever open up the front plate where the switches and sockets are bolted on, check the connections of the wires to the terminals of the switch/socket. In most cases you will find that the wires are loose. That is because over time copper creeps and the connections which were tight with the small bolt on the terminal is now loose. This is where many sparks start resulting in fire. The only recourse is to tighten all terminals periodically. With modern thin multistrand wires the chanse of sparks are much less.
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Default Re: The home / office air-conditioner thread

Has anyone availed Urban Company/Urban Clap services for AC repair? How have your experience been?

I just used UC for repairing the window AC in my room. The compressor wasn't switching on. UC repaired it. It's working fine now. This opinion is based on my own as well as my best friends UC experience. Both of us got our similar 6-8 year old LG window ac's repaired from UC within a couple of weeks of each other . While the technician seemed to be competent and knowledgeable, we felt the repairs were on the more expensive side. For both of us - the work was completed in 2 visits due to some part requirements. We feel they try to inflate your invoice to 3-3.5K. By way of labour plus gas recharge or PCB repair + capacitor + new LVT swap etc. I can't say if all the replacements/repairs were necessary or not. Giving them benefit of doubt. But there is some peace of mind because of their 90 days guarantee. So this should hopefully me last me this season.
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Whats the going price for a small leak blow torch welding and gas refill these days? My regular guy charged me 4500 last time. He attached a pressure gauge and filled the lines with air and left it that way for two days before doing a gas refill. I feel it is excessive and some of his theatrics unnecessary as the oil leak has clearly indicated where the leak is.
I had also paid another guy 3000 to take another unit to his home fix it and bring it back. So wondering if i am getting ripped off. My split ac is about 7 years old and is cooling less and drawing about 4Amps instead of the normal 7-8.
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Default Re: The home / office air-conditioner thread

Hello all. Has anyone bought/used Amazon Basics Inverter ACs? The 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Model with Copper Condenser is available for 24999 (Installation charges separate) in the current Freedom sale. My use would be only during the nights and that too primarily in the summer. Thanks.
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