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Default Experience with Airtel Broadband Customer Care

Our broadband in the office was not working this morning. ]

I called uo the customer care and then endured the worst part of this experience. The usual "press 1 if you want to take a leak", press 2 if you are bored, press 3 if you want to make us bored, etc....

Finally a customer care executive came on the line and I said our line isnt working and the line itself is dead as the Link and the DATA lights on the modem were not lighting up.

She then registers my complaint and says that by 3:20 pm if the problem isnt fixed, they will reduce a 100/- on our next bill.

I was impressed. Promptly enough, one hour later, our broadband is working fine!!

I hope Airtel continue to give this kind of service. I'm definitely impressed!!
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I'm also equally impressed with Airtel broadband service in Cochin. Though, I haven't faced a breakup of connection to date.
In contrary, I face atleast a breakup everyday with my other service provider, Asianet.
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Touchwood, my experience with them has been equally good. Fantastic connection uptime and very impressive customer service. No wonder I am an Airtel mobile, Airtel landline and soon to be Airtel Digital TV customer.
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I have had interactions with Airtel BB CC multiple times and they have always come out with flying colors!

The latest one being last saturday; came back from Ooty and noticed the Airtel phone was not working, BB was. Called and complained. Was told that it will be rectified by 1.30PM on Monday.

But the engineer came down on Sunday itself and corrected it. What more to say! Great service.
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I used BSNL for 1 year 6 months and I had to call up the support line almost every week. In most cases, you call up 1 number and you will be given a different number from each call, ending up calling around 10 different (none of them toll-free) and the problem unresolved. Fed up with the services of BSNL (compared to Tata, Reliance, Cable net and few others, BSNL is better), I prayed and prayed that Airtel covers our area fast.

And the prayer was answered. Airtel gave us a great news that our area is now under their coverage and new customers were offered great schemes without installation charges, free modem, zero deposit, free landphone etc. What more ?

I have 250 families in my compound. Airtel got 70 customers in the first 60 days, all of them transfered from BSNL. Now I am completing 1 year, I can count only 3 times in the whole year with few line issues (2 were when Bellary road was dug up by the BDA guys and they spoiled all the major cables, while widening the road for the new airport). To our satisfaction, Airtel has appointed a line-in-charge for our area, so that we can call him anytime we want.
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I have to agree with everybody here - AirTel's service has been great

Been using it for almost 3 years now & I've had issues only a handful number of times (touch-wood !). They appear to have strict SLAs for different kinds of issues & a serious complaint like broadband not working is almost always resolved within 4 hours.

You also have a 24-hour technical support line, who's personnel, more often than not, are able to resolve any issue you might have quickly The last time I had an issue was way back in January & it was looked at within a couple of hours of sending AirTel an email - I didn't even have to call them up !

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If the BSNL was like this i woudnt have paid the rental at all for couple of months anyways thats the reason i got the Airtel..

Good going Airtel! i like the promptness....
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Default Kudos to Airtel Customer service

Wow !!! When I saw the title, I thought it would be about some negative feedback (which I should make myself aware of, in case I decide to try some Airtel service in future).

I see a whole list of positive feedbacks all within the space of 1 hour .

Kudos to Airtel Customer Service !!!


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Default Airtel hasn't let me down yet...

Originally Posted by im_srini View Post
I have to agree with everybody here - AirTel's service has been great
So do I (I will agree only for Airtel Broadband Services he he)! I have been with them for almost 3.7 years and they have been great. Very prompt in their services, trouble shooting & transparent billing. My monthly traffic is ~40-50 GB and I am on a 384 Kbps Unlimted plan. The connection speed is not extremely fast, but fast enough to satisfy my needs. Also, They promptly send a person to collect the payment either to my office or home according to my convenience.

In the year 2007 middle or so, I had some issues in the telephone line and was out of LINK for almost 12 days. No big noise made, spoke with one of those supervisors to waive off my monthly fee and promptly done.

I hope they continue to provide this kind of service always...
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Been using Airtel Connection for quite a while now, have had probs with the connection but the Customer Care till date has been very good. At times they were required to come over to do some checking and they were prompt in doing so...
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In the last 2.5 years that i have been with Airtel broadband i don't remember a single instance where the service was down without notice. They do take the service down occasionally for maintenance but the users are informed well in advance and it's done during late nights to minimize the disruption. Great service!
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Originally Posted by nevertouchme View Post
My monthly traffic is ~40-50 GB ...
And I get antsy over 4 GB traffic a month...

Originally Posted by nevertouchme View Post
Also, They promptly send a person to collect the payment either to my office or home according to my convenience.
ECS is extremely convenient - in case there are large variations in your monthly bill they even call you up ahead of the billing date & inform you of the apparent discrepancy
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I have had good service from Airtel too.
I see my 512kbps connection giving 256kbps max.
I call up at night, and next day morning the guy calls me up, asking when can he come.
We fix up a time, and he lands up at my place.
Plugs in spare modem, and is on phone with the backend guys.
He is unable to help increase speed.
Then he tries a different, test login, and my modem is doing 2Mbps.
He tells me to use this account for a day or 2, and when my account is working fine he will call me.
So for 24 hours I have 2Mbps, and then my 512kbps is working fine.
No hassles, except for the fact that I am missing 2Mbps
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Default The best out there

I will strongly agree that Airtel has one of the best customer care among others in Broadband. I have been using Airtel BB for the past 4 years and the service is really good. Whenever I encountered any problem, which is once in a loong time, the customer care was very good. Was able to solve most of the problems over phone, and in a few cases when they were not able to, they sent a representative at the earliest to get the problems sorted out. Once a representative was trying really hard to rectify some problem and it was almost 10pm by the time he left, after rectifying the problem. That is great customer care and I wish it will stay that way forever.

My last months BB bill was way too high and upon viewing the bill, I found out that they had charged for 2GB of data transfer when my internet connection was not working for 2days. I called up customer care and informed them. They raised a service request and said they'll get back to me in a week's time. By the end of the week they called and said that they have raised a request to roll back the charges and will intimate the new bill amount within 4 days.

And 3days later I receive the call from them informing me that the payment for that data transfer has been discounted and informed me the new bill amount. All these happened without a fuss and i am truly happy with them. wish all things in life will be this simple.
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AirTel broad band is very good with regards to service and issue resolution, have been using one since its launch in Bangalore and over 2 years maybe 2 or 3 times service went down but promptly attended to in 24 hours.
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