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Originally Posted by amitk26 View Post
FYI Exactly that is what I had done more then 2 years back when Android was released in fact Dalvik VM on ARM11 and IBM j2ME ( JVM) on ARM 9 phone for same code in Java. Froyo improves using JIT but still performance is below mark as compared to any J2ME for VM performance.

Equating the CPU difference the performance dip was more then 900 times on G1

FYI this is an open secrete and you can even find the benchmark code on net. Now one may ask why code does not look so slow on Android the answer is that major portion of the framework code runs as native ARM binary and only application code is in Java and everytime you make a call JNI lookup happens.

I think I posted the test code itself sometime back on a thread on T-BHP.
Very interesting! I think the bottomline is real world performance, and that 2-5 times is not seen there for all tasks, but productivity did increase and for that I'm grateful: I don't pixel peep or spec chase. Yo' right about the direction that the productivity gains are being sort in and it is rumoured that 3 may first come on the DroidX T2 with dual core Tegra.

Originally Posted by ghpk View Post
Compared to e-lite plan and others, the browsing plans are too expensive.
have used the full 1099 pack for more than a year and was not at all happy with performance on my curve handset + even after paying so much you would get charged extra for tethering.

idea behind going for galaxy3 is you can use Airtel GPRS till 2GB @ just Rs.98/mo. + you can always use that SIM with laptop and will not be charged extra.

So now for cost break up and real comparision.

moving to full blackberry plan would make you pay Rs.9600 extra per year with limited browser access, the unlimited doesn't realistically happens on such crap speeds + tethering would be charged extra @ Rs.24/hour.

Going for anroid phone you pay only Rs.1176/yr. for connectivity with freedom of using it along laptop + experience new applications, no need to worry about skipping an important mail which would wait to arrive during your browser session in a blackberry.

just 2 cents from my tech. junkhead.
I started with PCMCIA modem on Reliance CDMA1X on lappie and AirtelGPRS on HTC TyTn2. Switched to Indicom EVDO on unlimited without FUP and BSNL GPRS on Nexus.

I was tempted to get a modded HTC Hero on Reliance CDMA 1X (Rimweb gurus rule!) but the hidden costs (NUC) was the deal breaker. The bazaar will set you up on a gray HTC or Blackberry at 50% or less of warrantied phones and tweak it for cheap browsing and downloads. Dunt ask how!
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I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 , there is considerable improvement in the phone .. now i am happy switching over from iphone 3g !!

If anybody wants help in upgrading please ping me i can let u know how to do it .. its easy
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Im banking on the HTC Desire Z to be my next phone; articles on the net are giving a nov release date? and a price of 27k ..which is pretty much what the Desire is right now.
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Good news for Galaxy S users awaiting the official update to Froyo. The official release for Froyo has been leaked , which means that the KIES update is only a little way away.
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Team-BHP Support
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Froyo Source Code from Samsung for the Galaxy S
Samsung releases Froyo update source code for the Galaxy S | Android Central


@amit2k - been meaning to reply to your last post but just haven't had the time!!
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Hi got myself a XPERIA MINI PRO 10 days back.
The phone looks awesome ( too small to handle if you are on the bigger side )
The features loaded are unlimited.

BUT the battery of the phone is pathetic. Imagine it lasts hardly 1 and half hr talk time and stand by without even doing anything is just 6 hours.
If you plug out the phone off the charge just before you got to sleep and by the time you wake up in the morning the phone would be dead. Something is really wrong with SE for creating such a bad power support.

All the features are put to waste as from the time i bought the phone it has spent more time on the plug point than my hand.
Please stay away from buying this phone.

I am slowly seeing some improvement with the battery like the customer support said.
That's because i stopped using it. I guess that's what they meant.
SE has come up with videos to help on the issue with battery for this phone.

Its a global problem. I guess they should call back on the whole series and pay everyone the money back.

To top i they have postponed the release of 2.1 for another month.
SE is seriously hit by the launch of this phone.

I have given my phone for a replacement. Hope i get it done.
Then for sure it will be up for sale.
PM if anyone wants a brand new xperia mini pro.
Cheers mates
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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
@amit2k - been meaning to reply to your last post but just haven't had the time!!
Good , BTW which post Dalvik one or the file system.

What I mean is that I do not expect the Dalvik to have same kind of performance jump ( just with software ) with gingerbread or honeycomb. Froyo gave with JIT as there was scope for improvement.

BTW : Myrid ( previously Purple Lab) came up with same kind of performance solution for Dalvik much earlier and demoed in MWC but probably after Froyo they do not have much business.

AFAIK SMP support for multicore CPUs and GPU support will be main reason befond performance going forward.

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Android owners in bangalore search for "Auto Complaint Bangalore" in Android market place. Got to know this from a collegue.

This app make composing and sending of email to the Bangalore RTO easy. You can now enter the details like Auto number, description like to and fro, check the boxes to select the problems you face with the the auto driver. Optionally you can take a snap of the auto number plate. Clicking on email will compose the email for you with all the details you have entered in your favorite email app on your phone.

Good to see that apps catering to local use cases are appearing.
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Motorola Droid Terminator is Sanjay’s baby, coming to multiple carriers early next year – Android and Me

Motorola is secretly working on a dual-core superphone featuring NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor which will be the flagship device for the upcoming release of Gingerbread. Both Motorola’s CEO and NVIDIA’s CEO have confirmed the phone exists, but you will not find many people talking about it because Motorola has issued some of the strictest non-disclosure agreements the industry has ever seen.
I don’t want to over-hype this device, but it is going to make the current generation of Android phones look like toys and this is the reason Motorola doesn’t want you to know about it. Imagine what would happen if people knew that waiting a couple more months would get them a dual-core Gingerbread phone with 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance. It would greatly damage the sales of Motorola’s Android 2.1 phones this holiday season and that is why Motorola employees have been instructed not to talk about it.

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Sansung Galaxy 3

I finally got my hand on Samsung Galaxy 3 ( total cost 12,500 ) exchange price was 10, 500.

2000 => was for two phone under exchange (Nokia 6230i and SE k800i)

Please pardon the noob questions as i am new with Android / Samsung.

First impressions:


1) good battery life ( around 1.5 - 2 days ) with low Multi media usage
2) Good Touch screen
3) Android Phone ( 1,00,000 + Apps)
4) Divix player
5) 2.1 version.

1) Cannot change my ring tone to a MP3 / other ringtones . Why can i only choose from 10 stupid tones provided from sansung.
2) very obscure way of accepting the calls ( horizontal swipe) . why cant I press a button to take / reject calls. Is this due to KITES ?
3) LCD is good but could be better( but its decent for the price)
4) how can i customise my home screen. ( i can add / delete ) but how to edit them
5) how to close/ exit the application , the only way i know is the press back button . then i have to use Advance Task killer app to close / kill these process which were running in back ground.
6) how to upgrade it to new 2.2 android version

Can some one please help me out with these as i am new with touch creen and android. This is my first time with a Sansung phone ( i would have loved to go to nokia only if it offered Android )

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I also recently brought the same Galaxy 3 phone. I am happy with it, for the price it is.

You can edit or delete number of screens in home screen, upto 7 screens. Just press on menu button when in home screen. Keep pressing on home screen you will get pop-up where you can include shortcuts and widgets.

Closing application is only through application killer i feel, Any one knows any other method?

Not sure if 2.2 is available yet for samsung.
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Originally Posted by Kool_Kid View Post
I finally got my hand on Samsung Galaxy 3 ( total cost 12,500 ) exchange price was 10, 500.
12,500? Don't you think you paid a tad higher? Price seems to have come down to about 11.4 k now.
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Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy S seems to be available now in some regions and will be rolled out to all areas soon.

Galaxy S Android 2.2 update now available via Kies | Samsung Hub
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Originally Posted by Newpunter View Post
Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy S seems to be available now in some regions and will be rolled out to all areas soon.

Galaxy S Android 2.2 update now available via Kies | Samsung Hub
yups got the tweeter alert for this today, but I am wanting and waiting for galaxy3 to get this update done before I purchase it.

lets see when this gets available on existing Galaxy 3 models, or it brings out a newer version of Galaxy 3 .
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Reading about the Android 3 requirements, i see Desire and Galaxy S fitting the specs sheet perfectly.
But they are bound to put a big hole in the pocket. Judging by past market trends, any idea when (and IF) the prices of either of the 2 are going to fall? (say around Rs. 25k or less)
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