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Honda Jazz X 90 66.67%
Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi 41 30.37%
Nissan Micra XV Premium Diesel 8 5.93%
Others 5 3.70%
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

If you aren't going to be doing more than 700 km per month, then I'd advise you to close your eyes and book the Jazz. It's a great city car, that packs a punch, but needs to be revved to get it going. In terms of driving pleasure, it is a very neutral car. It does not give you the fun-factor that the Swift has, but it doesn't mind being thrown into corners and responds well to spirited driving. The engine loves to be revved.

The best part about it is that you're almost certainly bound to get good fuel efficiency, even if you drive the wheels off it! It will give you a minimum of 13 if you drive it spiritedly, and driving it sedately in the city would translate into economy figures of 15 upwards. On the Highway, you will get 20 km to the liter if you drive it sedately and keep it under 110-120 km/h.

If you don't do more than 500-700 km a month, a diesel car, especially the Swift @ 30k more doesn't really justify itself. If you intend to drive more than 1000 km a month, then a diesel car is what I'd recommend, always.

So this is how the comparo pans out:

(Don't bother with the Micra, honestly. It is a decent car that is the jack of all trades, so to speak. But the master of none)

- Power & Performance: Can't really compare the petrol Jazz and the diesel Swift. The Jazz delivers its power in dollops only at the top of the rev-band, and in the Swift, you get all of it at once much lower in the rev-band.

- Engine & Refinement: The Jazz is powered by arguably the most refined petrol engine in the market today. It's sublime! The Swift's MJD is great too, and so is the K-Series 1.2 petrol engine that it also comes with.

- Space & Comfort: Undoubtedly the Jazz. Even though the ride is on the stiffer side, it's a good ride and the space it has is enormous, especially at the back! There is no shortage of it. Jazz is the winner hands down. The Swift lacks rear leg room and the boot is miniscule when compared to the Jazz's 350 liter boot. The ride too, isn't anything to write home about, really.

- Equipment & Features: The new Jazz and the new Swift come with new features. You can't really choose between the two in terms on equipment. Both pack a good number of features. The Jazz feels more premium than the two, on the inside, due to its fantastic build quality, use of good plastics and a very airy cabin.

- Fuel Efficiency & Running Costs: Very hard to pick one, again. The Jazz is quite reasonable to maintain and so is the Swift. The diesel would be easier on the pocket, but you're paying 30k extra for the Swift anyway, so it might be negated. The Jazz returns astonishing FE figures, so does the Swift!

- After Sales & Service: Again, it's a tie, I'd say. Although the Swift has a slight edge over the Jazz due to the wider service network. You never hear of complaints in a Honda, but you might in a Maruti.

Bottom Line: It would be very hard to pick one over the other. So it boils down to this: If you want a diesel, get the Swift, if you want the petrol, get the Jazz. The Jazz is the better petrol car, even though it doesn't handle as well, it's calm and composed, very easy to drive, efficient, refined and much more spacious than the Swift. On the basis of the other parameters, they are very, very similar!

All the best!
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

OTR of Swift Zdi in Delhi is 7.15.

At the top (for premium PETROL hatch), it seems to be a three way fight between Polo, Swift and Jazz (not considering i20 as I think its comes last in this lineup).

I'd say if money's problem and you aren't worried about FE or maintenance costs then I'd go for VW Polo 1.6(P).

I'd pick Swift Zxi if one wants FE and reasonable (probably least) ownership costs.

And for the perfect mix of comfort, safety and reliability the No.1 pick for me is the Jazz. I've been doing a lot of research and trying out all different premium hatchs as I'm looking buy early next year and after the price cut, the Honda Jazz has knocked every other hatch out of contention for me.

I'm still trying not to take a hasty decision but Jazz appears to the best option upwards of Rs. 6L.
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Ashish, your way of shortlisting by elimination process is good, share a similar experience of going through one exercise recently when I decided to upgrade my wife's A-Star... and finally booked a Swift ZDi, waiting for delivery. Though A-Star was primarily my wife's car and family's second car, it was taken out more often than my sedan. Hence we felt that it is better to buy a car which we use comfortably in 60:40 city:highway combo, with diesel mill due to our 1500 kms per month.

My final shortlists were Jazz and Swift, both the petrol mills are equally competent and Jazz suits for a stress free driving which my wife likes, my heart was set on swift petrol due to driving dynamics. Finally head ruled, settled for the best diesel hatch in town...the swift zdi, doesn't matter whether it is every where, resale value is like gold! Swift diesel rules the hatch for pure driving pleasure, always how suzuki can make the engine perform better than the producer of the same..mean Fiat! Swift zdi is fully loaded and packaged very well for the price, worth considering.

Final note: dont look beyond Jazz and Swift, and let ur wife decide, nothing like peace at home :-)
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

I would personally go ahead with Jazz X.
As you metioned that your running is hardly upward of 500 kms , its a sheer waste of money to invest in a diesel hatch.

Moreover a upgrade from i10 , so that would rule out micra, as i find it no better than the i10 in most of the features and swift zdi has a waiting period of 3-4 months !

btw, between jazz select and jazz x , there is a price difference of around 30k.(6.8 and 7.1 respectively)
i dont find any need to go for the jazz x as the extra features known to me are - front body coloured grill , electronically foldable mirrors , grey alloys , black garnish instead of chrome on the rear. (There may be more) But then they are surely not worth the extra price.

Neway do keep us updated with your purchase ! Good luck !
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Originally Posted by ashish22 View Post
Point A
Its the quest to buy a premium hatchback which serves us the purpose of the city commute mostly and occasional highway drives. I would give it the ratio of 60% city and 40% highways usage.

Point B
The car has to be decently powerful and comfortable to use and also need to have all the safety features such as airbags, ABS, EBD etc. Driving pleasure has to be the top most priority. Also it should have decent space (especially in rear), good quality interiors, premium feel and comes equipped with all the upmarket features.

Point C
The budget is strictly between 6-7 lakhs and cannot exceed it at any cost.

Point D
Also we are looking for a car which is not very common. Wifey wants to have something which is quite different from what we usually see on roads.

7. Fiat Punto:
Love the looks of this car but the only variant i would have considered is 90HP diesel and its way out of our budget. Also i din't really like the steering wheel placement in this car. Its very close to the chest.
A close friend of mine purchased the 90BHP diesel a week back at a price tag of 6.83 lakhs OTR. This is for Pune, I'm pretty sure you'll get a cheaper price tag in Gurgaon.

And this sure-fits all the above four points I could grasp from your starting post. If you are ready to ignore the steering wheel issue (which I feel might go away once you get used to the car), then this is the car for you. It's a bea-uti-ful car.

P.s. If you want me to arrange a short call to get an owner's perspective of the car, do PM me - I can connect you with him.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

My vote goes for the Jazz. That's the next car I am getting my wifey when the financial situation permits.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Drove the Swift Diesel ZDi yesterday. Have also shared my review on the original thread. Copied below since it will be relevant to this thread.

Drove the new Swift today and I am a bit underwhelmed especially given the hype around this car.

Whats good
1. The engine pulls hard once turbo comes in.
2. The interiors are nice to look at.
3. One of the better sounding factory stereo, not the best.
4. Driving position is better than the old Swift.
5. Better feedback and response from the steering. One of the better EPS around.
6. Braking is good.
7. The alloys look nice in person.

Whats not
1. A low frequency sound fills the cabin which will make you go mad even if you are slightly lugging the engine. Shift down and its fine.
2. The suspension is better than old Swift but then its not saying much. It still crashes badly through potholes. The chassis doesn't feel solid enough. The much maligned i20 feels much better as far as chassis stiffness is concerned.
3. Very small boot which is unforgivable for a premium hatch given that this will be the only car for some families.
4. The build quality is still some way of the competition. The Europeans are in a different league altogether.
5. The plastic are still average. Even though they fit well, the plastic themselves are brittle.
6. The ZDi i drive had 800 odd kms on the odo and I could hear a rattle or two. I can bet that this would start rattling in a years time and would only fare slightly better than the old model.
7. No engine start stop button, no bluetooth.
8. Expensive @ Rs 7.14 Lakhs on road Delhi.

All said, the car appeals to the heart. It has a definite character and is very enjoyable to drive.

Competition dissected

Fiat Punto
Where it scores.
1. Looks better in my opinion
2. Build quality, ride and handling is way ahead.
3. More equipment
4. Better brakes.
5. Bigger boot.

Where it doesn't
1. Performance is not as good as Swift
2. Gearshift not as good as Swift.
3. Shitty sounding factory stereo.
4. After sales network not as wide.

Hyundai i20

Where it scores
1. Build and plastic quality is way ahead.
2. Feels better going through potholes.
3. Equipment list leaves Swift feeling hollow.
4. More powerful engine.

Where it doesn't
1. Possibly the most un-involving hatch to drive. The most commuterish of all.
2. Weak A/C
3. The worst steering in a hatch.

Nissan Micra

Where it scores
1. Interiors quality and equipment
2. At 6.5 lakhs after discounts for the XV Premium, its a real value for money.
3. Better mileage?
4. No turbo lag. Mid range is explosive.
5. Bigger boot.

Where it doesn't
1. Steering is dead.
2. Quirky styling. Too feminine
3. Not as involving to drive.
4. No ABS! What were Nissan thinking!

Ford Figo

Where it scores
1. Interiors and boot space.
2. Better build.
3. The most VFM hatch around.
4. Better ride and handling.
5. Drive-ability within the city.
6. Bigger boot.

Where it doesn't
1. Looks are strictly average.
2. Engine top end isn't as good.
3. Not as refined or silent.
4. Slightly notchy gearshift
5. Braking not as good.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

I voted for Jazz for a couple of reasons.

1. 500-700kms per month does not warrant a diesel hatch.
2. You mentioned that you and your wifey like to drive fast, sounds more like petrolheads
3. On a serious note, Jazz has much lesser waiting period when compared with Swift
4. Jazz has more space inside with almost the same exterior dimensions.
5. Honda build quality is definitely better than Maruti's.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Voted for the Jazz
+ Better space overall, including boot space, legroom & headroom
+ IIRC it was voted by women as one of the most convenient hatchbacks to park
+ No daily niggles

- Not a diesel. Just imagine what this car could be with a diesel mill
- 2 rupee per km difference in running cost with a diesel car. Should be ok though for your running expectations and probably worth the extra space, magic seats, etc.
- No ACC. IMHO not so much of an issue as this can be controlled with appropriate setting of the temperature knob once the cabin is cooled.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Voted for the ZDi. The Jazz would be a close second only because of the massive space factor.

Your running barely justifies a diesel but looking a year down the line, petrol might touch 100/liter. No one really knows. A diesel car will give you more peace of mind from overall running costs perspective. The Swift D is a more fun-to-drive car than the Jazz. The Jazz ultimately is a Honda.

On the downside, booking a ZDi NOW could mean upto 6 months wait time. The Jazz's wait period should be much lower. So it depends on how long you are willing to wait.

A Swift ZXi like others have mentioned is also a worthy contender if lack of boot space is acceptable. It surely has much better low end response than the Jazz. The engine is an absolute delight.

The Micra is a decent city car but with lack of ABS/airbags even on the XV variant, it rules itself out. Also, 7L for a car without an intercooler, ABS, airbags and only 64 odd HP, it appears way too pricey.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Hi Suhaas,
Even I am looking at a diesel hatch for my wife. Monthly run is around 1500kms so buying a diesel hatch inspite of the fact i bought a Polo petrol last November. We have shortlisted Swift and Micra as options but confused between both.

How did you manage to get discount on XV Premium, I have been quoted around 7lacs for this variant and 6.34lacs for XV. Dealer is giving no discount on diesel engines. Yes on petrol discount are there in terms of Insurance etc...

Can you please share the details.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

Buy your wife a petrol. Don't let her worry about turbo-lag, even if minimal. Hence you should go for the Jazz.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

^^ Sorry to go off-topic but that statement assumes that women are somehow incapable of adjusting to turbo-lag which is just not cool.

Turbo lag could be a good reason to avoid a diesel engine, but let's not make this about wives please.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

What you'll lose in terms of fuel cost , you'll gain in terms of space and reliability in almost equal magnitude. A fair give and take situation.

I'd have voted for the Swift ( diesel or petrol ) but since you said that the car will be used for 40% highway and some family purposes, I'll have to vote for the Jazz. Reason being, although swift's interior space has been increased, it has been done at the cost of boot space which is lesser than on the old model now. Even after this, swift cannont match jazz for rear space. Add to that Jazz's rear seat magic ( read customization and reclinability ).

Both are good quality product and very reliable, although the Jazz takes just slightly more winning points here too while also being more exclusive. But as I explained above, Jazz takes the trophy for being considerably more comfortable and practical considering a fair amount of highway and family use.

So from my side, I'd vote for the jazz. Yes, everytime you get a full tank it'll pinch, but your running isn't so much that such pinching would be on the killer side . Many a times, you'll get to stretch your legs well.

BUT if you must consider the Swift, then here's another of my 2 cents.

The diesel is mildly faster than the petrol, but the petrol motor is way more rev happy and lighter in the front ( better handling ). The drama of a well engineered naturally aspirated motor, as known among enthusiasts. And the price difference will pay for your petrol bills for a long time.
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Default Re: Jazz X Vs Swift ZDi Vs Micra XV Premium

I let her test drive Micra Diesel and she was happy driving it, indeed this old school diesel engine has minimal turbo lag. Its an awesome engine for city drives as compared to multijet engines. I myself found the very Micra good besides;
- Brakes were not very assuring, SA told that its an test drive (13K already done) vehicle so thats the reason the actual product has better brakes.
- Steering was not very responsive.
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