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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

Now I am back home. so searched on the net & found out that the color of Alto's engine bay is white only. no worries regarding that. I have highlighted the area in red where uneven surface & paint was observed..
Name:  AltoVXEngine.jpg
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The area in green are where there was little patch work done.

SO, could it be due to accident? or is it normal?

(Note: The attached pic is just for representation)

One more thing, the accelerator pedal looked more worn our that clutch & Brake pedals, & it was also a bit lower (inside) than the rest.

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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

From my experience, True Value is a better option. Though they do charge a bit of a premium, its a small price to pay for peace of mind, especially is you are looking to keep the car for a few years at least. Most of the cars that I have seen are also in decent condition.
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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

Hey guys, poor experience at MFC, Goregaon. Extremely unprofessional behaviour.
I have been looking to sell my Scorpio Crde. The car is registered in Mumbai. I am now living in Coimbatore and to avoid problems, I have driven down to Mumbai to sell the car here.
First, a little about the car. May 2005, Crde, base model, lovingly maintained by yours truly. Driven nearly 90000 kms without any major issues except regular replacement of parts. All servicing/maintenance done only at Mahindra dealers in Mumbai and for the past couple of years in Coimbatore. Before taking the car to dealers, I took it to 3M car care in Borivali for a foam wash and polish which cost Rs.1097. The guys did a fabulous job.
My intention was to sell it at MFC to avoid issues with paperwork. Before taking it to them, I took the vehicle to a few other dealers. I got quotes ranging from 2.85 to 3.15 lakhs (almost all of them admitted that the car was in excellent condition). This was what I had expected too after having done my homework prior coming to Mumbai, through some friends.
I then drove to MFC, Goregaon. Mr.S from MFC came forward to check the vehicle. He checked it for about 15 mins. He then quoted a price of 3.00 lakhs, and something about giving it to another dealer. I wasnt interested in that because I was only dealing with MFC. What they did inside was not my problem and since I had better offers from outside, I told him so and left the place after leaving my number with them. In 5 mins, Mr.S called me back and quoted a price of 3.15 lakhs. I told him to call me the next day.
He called me yesterday (22nd) at around 2 pm and the deal was finally fixed at 3.20 lakhs. He told me that he would send somebody to check the papers and make arrangements for the dd. Since I had work in Goregaon, I told him I would visit the showroom personally again.
This afternoon, when I was driving to the showroom, I got a call from Mr.S asking me if the vehicle had power windows. I said no. Then he asked me "Sir, it is base model?". I said yes. All this after checking the car personally at the showroom!!!!
I immediately knew something was amiss here. Anyway, I continued and went to the showroom. I was made to sit in the customer area. Mr.S came and checked the papers and said everything was perfect. He proceeded to take photocopies of the papers. Then he said someone was coming to take a look at the car.
After a while, I saw Mr.S going out of the showroom and along with 2 other people (who came on a scooter) was checking my car. The 2 people left and Mr. S comes back into the showroom and tells me, "Sir, your car is repainted". So i told him to show me where my car has been repainted, something that I dont know of, because it is my own car!! Anyway, he showed me some area around the right fenders and said the whole right side has been repainted. I was fuming by then and I told him, "Mr.S, this is MFC, the vehicle is a Mahindra, you have access to experts, call them and let them tell me that this is not the original paint. You check with the insurance companies". Then he bluntly says, "Sir, we cannot buy your vehicle"!!!
I asked to see his boss. Boss is in a meeting. Yeah, at 4 pm, in MFC, meeting!! Can I use a few nice words here!!!
Anyway, I left after giving him and the whole front desk some peace of mind.

Obviously, the guy had quoted a high price. But this is so unprofessional. Very very disappointed. I even booked our flights (my wife and kid are here too and were witness to the whole thing) back to Coimbatore thinking all was well.

I think I need to report this to higher people at MFC. Any idea how I can get to them?

Anybody here had similar experiences?
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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

A few weeks back had been to MFC, Goregaon and did like a Honda City 2010 VMT for which they quoted 8L. On checking if I can get my verifier to take a look at the car, they objected, stating they are an authorized showroom and others cannot comment/inspect their vehicle!

Quite a change from 2 years ago, when I had purchased my car from the same showroom. On stating this, I was told, their policies have changed.
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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

Used car market by the organised true value dealer or pre owned Merc there is no written rules followed by these institutions

A there should be a fixed rates for car run year. Etc. Etc. For eg a 2010 Innova should fetch this amount if it does not have any accident.

If it's properly maintained then you get 15% premium over fixed price. Tyre depends on km clock.
What I felt is that when you plan to sell the car to the dealer they offer you the lowest cost and if I want a car with the specification that I want the same car is costing one lak rupee more.

A Maruti alto used 2 yrs old selling at 325000 is absolutely ridiculous when you can buy a new for 375000. Now if you want to sell the same car they offer prices lower than a local car broker. Then what's the need of such offers.
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Default Re: Maruti true value vs Mahindra first choice: what is recommended for 1st car?

Originally Posted by SCORPION View Post
Hey guys, poor experience at MFC, Goregaon. Extremely unprofessional behaviour.
Anybody here had similar experiences?
What you have described seems to be the standard MO for MFC.
A friend of mine was looking at selling a Ford Figo. Cars24 came up with a quote for 1.31. While keeping Cars24 on hold, MFC was also asked for a quotation.
The evaluator - first of all kept on delaying for various reasons and then finally turned up. There were two of them had a quick 15 min look around the vehicle and then got on the phone talking to a few people.
They finally came up with a quote of 1.30 which was obviously rejected. A few minutes later, they came up with a revised quote for 1.4 and all parties agreed. Hence Cars24 was notified of their quote being rejected.

The 'fun' started the next day when they came up with one excuse after another to bring the price down. They finally quoted a price which was even lesser than Cars24. After some haggling over a couple of days, they finally managed to match the Cars24 quote.
The worst thing in the entire transaction was when the car was actually picked up. When asked about the original offer and what issues were found in the car, the guy just laughted and let out that there was nothing wrong and it was just a ruse to bring the price down. The vehicle will actually be sold in another city for 1.6!

This is not just unprofessional but borderline cheating which is not expected from a brand like Mahindra. From a customer's perspective, they should rename it from Mahindra First Choice to Mahindra Last choice.
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