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Honda Jazz 296 42.59%
Hyundai Elite i20 399 57.41%
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The 2nd-from-top variants of both are a mixed bag.

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
But the problem is the Jazz V variant is priced exactly the same as the Elite i20 Asta top spec! In which case it's even more difficult to justify the Jazz. For the price of the Jazz of the jazz V you get the top spec Asta i20.
Hey Vidyut, after all the disappointment yesterday, once I calmed down, I was also thinking on the same lines as GTO. What does Jazz V miss compared to the VX - Magic seats, Touch screen AVN, Rear sporty spoiler. What does Jazz V offer extra in comparison to VX - Reverse camera with multi-view, better integrated HU, Roof mounted microphone for hands-free telephony, Speed Volume compensation, much better ports for USB and Aux input.

Now, I guess we can strangely see that V has some benefits over the VX and the only serious feature missing in V is the Magic seat (and all other features that come along with it like black interiors, 60:40 split, adjustable head-rests, rear recliner and multi-mode folding), correct? In that case, I guess it wouldn't be unfair to compare Jazz V with the i20 Asta.

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Default Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by coolmel View Post
My notion is also the aam-junta's notion. Junta who barely finds time for forum talk!
That reputation was built over a decade with some brilliant products like the erstwhile Civic, City etc. And it has already started going south with products like Amaze, Mobilio, 2014 City (initial batches especially).

As a popular saying goes - "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it"

Originally Posted by coolmel View Post
As far as reliability goes, all modern day engines are hard to fault, take proper care and do regular service, you will be fine. Then be it a Hyundai, Honda, or any brand for that matter.
1. What proper care and regular service could have helped the Amaze iDTec owners whose cars were affected by hydrolocking design flaw? The owners ended up spending 2L approx for it. Now Honda insurance has added hydrolocking protection to the cover, so you pay every year for what is a design flaw.

2. What care and regular service could the 2014 City iVTec owners take for their cars which went to service centre multiple times and came back with grinding noises from alternator belt and clutch?

Not only were these issues not fixed, no solutions were provided over a long term either. And both these issues occurred last year, not long back.

While Maruti and Hyundai seem to be working hard to pull up their brand image, Honda seems to be going too greedy on theirs. How long can that last?

Originally Posted by Vigkey View Post
After all the disappointment yesterday
Remember our discussions on Elite i20 v/s Jazz pricing few months back? Can I say "I told you so." (Just kidding)

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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
Right now sitting on the fence and will probably take a vote later on..
I am facing the same predicament. However, I have decided to wait for the YRA and at the same time, I have a gut feeling that Hyundai may introduce a refreshed version (with some added goodies apart from the touchscreen) of the elite.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

I'm a fan of the Jazz but for reasons many have mentioned in this and in the review threads, my vote goes for the Elite i20. I was expecting Honda to one up Hyundai with the new Jazz but it has failed, better luck next time Honda.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Originally Posted by The Observer View Post
I agree with your observation,just my thought :

( some feel in its interior they resemble Audi or at least that they what they recall when see the i20s interior)

Exactly; One day, I drove a 3-series (E90) and an i20 Elite back-to-back. and there were striking similarities w.r.t illumination for the controls, design and positioning of some of the buttons and if I may dare to say, w.r.t quality of those.

Well, as it has been mentioned few posts back, even I wanted to like the Jazz over the Elite, I wanted it to be wow. I remember, when I had done a test drive of the previous gen i20 for my friend, I had tried to persuade him away; guess, while referring to its handling, I had even told him about a scene from the movie Tokyo Drift where the character Han tells Sean - "You represent me now, what'd you think, I will let you roll in a Hyundai?", (please, to those who may, my humble request, don't take offence to it ), however, now, I feel like selling off my Mitsu and get one of these. Hoping, that they will add the sunroofs, the extra discs at the rear wheels and the auto wipers/lamps by that time and I will live with it forever ... will just need one M5 after that and then forever.

Apologies, If I am completely off-topic, was little difficult to control the emotions.

And naaa, selling the mitsu was a joke, though Mitsubishi is hell bent to make it otherwise, sorry, again
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

I wanted to like the Jazz because I have been a big fan of the older Jazz and I wanted to hate Hyundai because they are souless machines but have voted for i20 because it is a better overall package without a shadow of doubt.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

i20 will be my choice for the way it's packaged. Looking from a standpoint of someone who's out for a premium hatch, I'll be willing to shell out a premium if I'm promised a premium package.

usb cables in glove-box are history; even FIAT removed them. Plastic caps in place of start/stop button; you're telling me in my face that I could've given it, but I won't. Sticking a cheap plastic in place of a dead-pedal ! really! Such things really matter and Hyundai impresses the customer with these things.

I've no personal experience with Honda customer care, but the Hyundai folks were excellent. Even after I told him I'm not interested in i20, he called me up to inquire how my test-drives were going on. They were so interested in the customer that I felt I'd take the i20 because of that guy.

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
Spot-on! A close friend was all set to book the i20 petrol one variant shy of the top end. It was rather shocking that it only had driver side airbag.
Exactly, I was swayed in favor of the Elite i20, but then the fact that the previous generation had 6 airbags in the top-end whereas the present one had only two front airbags put me off. It hurts when a safety feature is removed in a newer model.
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I would like to point out something.
Most of us haven't driven Jazz as of now. Some people like me might not have even driven the Elite i20. So, many votes are purely on perception and reviews.

Though I have voted for i20, it can change after the TD of both cars. I have driven the previous Gen i20 and simply hated it. However, as per reviews the Elite i20 has addressed many issues from previous gen so I am hopeful I might like it this time.

City i-dtec is a pleasure to drive within City and a cruiser on highways. Jazz should be the same.

No matter how many gadgets and what not is provided in any car, it ultimately comes to the ease of drive and comfort. So, I will comment again once I have done the back to back TD of both cars.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

It has already been reported that the bulk of the bookings for Jazz has been the AT CVT. No surprises. That's pretty much the only differentiator that Jazz has over the i20 Elite.

If I was Hyundai, I would not be too alarmed with Jazz. There are a couple of aces possibly up my sleeve. Yes, a petrol AT and heaven be praised, even a diesel AT. An i20 diesel AT, even if its that anaemic 4 speed unit, will pretty much mash whatever early momentum Jazz has built, and right in time for the festive season surge.

But I am *not* Hyundai, so just we have to wait and watch.

My advice to Honda- produce as many Jazz as you can, and build up momentum, and visible presence on the street as fast as you can. The counterstrike from Hyundai may be heavy.
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I'm going to go with the Jazz for a few reasons.
1) it's the more practical choice because of the space it offers
2) I'm going out on a limb and assuming that the steering in the Jazz will offer better feedback than the i20(assumption)
3) a friend had a very bad experience with the Elite, where the steering just dislodged itself while driving, thankfully at low speeds

Hyundai has mastered the art of pimping their cars. We Indians for the longest time have been swayed by everything bling. I couldn't believe the feature list on the Grand i10 when I drove one and the Elite I think adds a few more to it.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Voted for I20.
This is after having a TD of Jazz and Elite (petrol) back to back with 4 adults. Where I was repeatedly required to floor the engine in Jazz to keep it within working rpm, the Elite fared well - in city traffic (even though it had 5000 kms on the odo). The Jazz is all space while the Elite oozes in premium factor. The ugly provision for aux cables, start stop button (a real eyesore), and fixed headrests (lower variants) added to negative factor.
End of the day it was my better half who took the call and ended up booking Elite I20 petrol. The on road price difference between top petrol variants of i20 and Jazz is in the range on 50 - 60 K and I find it hard to justify the additional expense while missing out on creature comfort. Also, the car will have 2 occupants (most of the time) and i20 suffices the purpose.

P.S - I did pre-book Jazz and will initiate cancellation shortly.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Had an opportunity to test drive both jazz vehicles (petrol and diesel) back to back. For someone way too spoilt with the daily usage and driving dynamics of the punto, an i20 just doesn't make the cut. It looks sleek, but chrome handles, the side door moulding and the wannabe floating roof does rob it a bit of fluidity, though the silhouette saves the grace. Plus, the alfa romeo like rear lamps do stand out. I like a bit of simplicity, and that's what the i20's interiors have. Flowing lines, curves restrained to minimum. And then you have that refined, punchy and smooth diesel motor. But the real test starts when Hyundai engines start crossing 60000 kms. They require extra care and extra maintenance and some engine ancillaries are known to give up early. Hard to believe but for many, it remains a hard fact. Plus the service costs are high, what matters for a typical Indian car buyer. As far as features are concerned, sorry, but I would rather have a car which has better engineering and feels good to drive with adequate safety equipment rather than playing with complex electronic items. In the punto, for every malfunction there is a warning which gives an alert to the owner, even if a bulb conks off. But, way too many electrical complexities is not everyone's cup of tea. having a push button start or not is not my concern as much having a better engineered suspension is. And that's where the i20 falls short.

Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20-img_20150708_140235.jpg

Now, coming to jazz. It is as Indian as it gets, the interior design is confusing, and quirky, quality not as good as i20 leave alone polo and overall build too is just average. But, for a petrol car buyer, having a combination of refined engine with good FE (is the i20 petrol really fuel efficient?), better steering and suspension, ride and handling (no two hoots but Jazz beats the i20 petrol hollow), space and the convenience of automatic option and uniformity in exterior design (OK, its polarizing) plus lower cost of maintenance (hoping for cheaper parts and service due to local content though body panels do tend to cost a bomb) seals the deal for the jazz in petrol for me. The V variant is the best VFM, I can live without the magic seats or AVN or that spoiler though a better back seat posture would be appreciated.

As far as diesel jazz goes, the engine is very silent compared to the older I-DTECs in idle, but after that, it doesn't make the cut. Its priced high, has no USP except space, the polo 1.5 has punchier engine, better quality interiors, rides and handles better and also has infinitely better interiors, though the jazz does have better driveability. But not at the cost of high price, or the clattery sounding engine even at mid to high revs.

Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20-img_20150708_140246.jpg

For an ideal additional car, the jazz for a sensible supermini in petrol, it does have a different character, plus that orange shade, and polo would be my pick in diesel. If at all someone one forces me to buy a Hyundai, I would give it a passe. Unless they engineer cars with soul. VW polo sales have increased since the 1.5, and does remain a favorable contender, though the high cost of service and maintenance remain its perceived drawbacks.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

My vote goes for the Hyundai Elite I20 as it offer a long feature list at a very competitive rates & somehow the interiors of the Jazz didn't appeal to me accept for the magic seats which is very unique. Though I have note driven both the cars my vote is just on the basis of reviews. Probably my vote might change after I have taken a TD for both the cars.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20

Voted for Hyundai elite i20.
Yesterday I went to check out the Jazz at the Honda showroom and was greeted by a Sunset Orange VX MT Petrol Jazz. The showroom was abuzz and the sales executives were all excited to see so many people interested in Jazz.

I was attended by a sales executive and he straight away started explaining the features of the Jazz. Thanks to team-bhp I was already aware of all the features and I was just reconfirming the things said the official review. The magic seats along with the great space and visibility are surely the greatest USP of the Jazz. The interior quality and overall feel of the car is also quite good.

Sadly this is where things started going downhill. The first shocker is the pathetic plastic cap which hides the slot where the start-stop button should have been. You just can not ignore it as it is just beside the music system. The second shocker was the presence of those dangling AUX and USB cables in the glove box. This is not what we expect from a premium hatch.

Still I thought to myself, if the car drives well I can overlook some of these glaring mistakes. I asked the sales executive for test drive to which he asked Sir you are looking for petrol or diesel jazz? I said diesel VX variant and immediately his reply was Sir VX diesel would be close to 10.5 lakhs OTR Pune and I was like let me be the judge of the car that I wish to buy Anyway moving on he said they have only petrol jazz for test drives and the diesel jazz would arrive after some 8-10 days. I said fine lets go for test drive of Jazz petrol.

The test drive was good 5 km ride through usual city traffic but I was not at all impressed with the low end pull of the car. The jazz doesn't feel eager to move and you have to work the engine quite a bit to get the car moving properly and as rightly said in the official review the engine feels alive after 2500 rpm only.

After the test drive, I asked the sales executive to hand me over the price list and he said, Sir we don't have it as of now, I will email you the price list when it comes. I said thanks and asked him to call me when the diesel arrives. Walking out of the showroom I was extremely disappointed with the product as well as the overall experience as I really wanted to like the Jazz.

No doubt the safety equipment at lower trims along with the amazing space that Jazz offers are great but the only trim that makes sense to me in Jazz diesel is the SV and sadly the SV model of Jazz cant be called as premium hatch at all.

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Default Re: Honda Jazz vs Hyundai Elite i20


1. Could you please put up a price comparison in the first post. Will help people vote.
2. Why is Polo left out in this test? I think Polo deserves the Premium tag every bit.

Voted for i20 Elite (CRDi), because:
1. Ultra refined diesel engine. No other diesel engine comes so close in refinement.
2. Class leading interior quality
3. Class leading instrumentation
4. Comfortable front and rear seat
5. Looks good (except the front)
6. Feels solid enough although Fiat fans might not agree
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