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Polo GT 93 25.34%
Punto Evo Abarth 257 70.03%
Others (please specify in your post) 17 4.63%
Voters: 367. You may not vote on this poll

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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

I have voted for the Polo TSI since it combines sheer driving pleasure with the convenience of AT. I believe the new Figo TDCI should have been an option since it is not far off from the GT TDI, 100 PS, 215 NM of torque, comprehensive safety, Ford dynamics, yeah it deserves a mention.
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

This was a pretty easy choice - Punto Abarth.

- Superb ride and handling balance
- Great steering
- Should be more reliable and easier to live with than VWAG (Purely service-wise)
- After market modifications shouldn't be as complicated owing to lack of DSG Gearbox

If not the Punto (subject to ergonomics), next vote would go to the Figo Aspire, with an aftermarket suspension and wider tyres.

Call me a fan boy, but the Fiats and Fords we have had in the family just have so much more emotional appeal than the VWAG vehicles. It isn't a compliment to any manufacturer when a vehicle from a segment or two below can plaster a bigger smile on the consumer's face. In this case, the Fiesta and Linea test drives blew me away as compared to the then king of the entry level D Segment - the Skoda Laura.

Yes, I will lose out on A/T - but except a few days a year when there is exceptional traffic, I don't see this as a big deal breaker. If it turns out to be one, there are a host of new and pre-owned A/T hatches that would be ideal for city running (Nano, Alto, old i10 etc. )

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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post

I'd respect the Polo for two reasons- 1. ESC and 2. Cruise control. DSG is not a big differentiator for me, since I still have some juice left in me to fight it out with the clutch pedal for few more years. And I've been using the Punto gearbox for almost 1.1L kms now that it's only the forum that reminds me (very often) that it's a lame box.
These issues can be sorted out -

1. Retrofit CC - straight forward, simple, cost around 5 K. Done that.

2. Retrofit ESC - a bit more complicated & expensive, but definitely doable. Getting there
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

It really is a no brainer actually, my only preference would be the Punto Abarth. There is just no use of power if there is no handling/braking to match and this is the case with Polo GT. The car is softly sprung, steering has a dead feel and even the braking is not upto the task with a typical nose dive on hard braking. Polo is far away from a handler but serves the purpose of a good comfortable hatch with the convenience of an ultra quick ( though unreliable) gearbox.

Punto would be much more economical to maintain than VW, have had a Fiat Linea for 7 years vs Vento for 3 years and the VW was cared for a lot more, it has been the most unreliable vehicle we have bought till day and the service support is poor, Fiat responds better to your mails.

Wish to test drive the Punto Abarth soon, you just need to slap on a set of grippy 205 patch tyres and you are good to go, no need of any Bilstein or Tarox brake upgrades

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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Since Avventura, Powered by Abarth is not explicitly included in the poll as it is called a cross-over or cross-sprinter, I voted for Abarth Punto. As a former Linea owner, I know the ride and handling qualities of Punto; add to that 145 bhp T-Jet engine, Abarth Punto is simply unbeatable.

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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Being an owner of Punto mjd emotion and an ex owner of octy vRS, i just cant wait to find out (and possibly buy) what a punto/ avventura with acceleration like vRS and even better handling will feel like. 😍
I have done 62k km in my punto in 3 yrs and it has proven to be the most reliable and cheapest to run car amongst cars owned by me till date ( even cheaper than swift). Adding octy vRS like performance to this package will make it simply superb. Looks like i am going to buy punto abarth or avventura abarth once i take test drives even though i have strongly decided that my next car will be an AT. 😛
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Abarth Punto! Loved test driving the regular Fiat Punto evo 90hp MJD. Can just imagine what 145horses would feel like with that brilliant ride, handling, manual tranny(long throws and a bit rubbery, still!) and steering feedback, coupled with those gorgeous looks it just makes a clear case for itself as a hot hatch.

Next in line would definitely be the Ford Figo 1.5TDCi. Small size, 100horses and Ford DNA, enough said!!

Polo GT twins are great, my pick would be the GT TDi though. Cannot come to terms with an auto tranny just yet, even though the DSG is great ( driven a jetta).
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

The Punto Abarth and the Avventura tick almost all the boxes in a performance hatch/crossover.

While the TSi does have the exceptional DSG gearbox, which lends it a 'faster' drive when driven by the average joe, the Abarth twins driven by anyone who has a penchant for Manual shifting will of course be quicker and more fun to drive (holding the gear at just before redline!! ), poweshifting, etc!

How I wish Fiat would have introduced the Fast and Furious gearbox in this car!

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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Why not include a Lux-hatch like the A-Class or the 1-series? I would any day vote for the A3 Sportsback, though I'm not sure if that version is available in India yet.
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

I would prefer to wait till the team-bhp reviews are out for the Abarth. Can't say anything with regards to the specs on paper. Punto is way ahead, on paper. Though the Punto has very bad stickering job. Looks ghastly IMHO. Doesn't suit a 1.2 million rupee hatch.
if it was looks alone, I would opt for the Polo as it has enough power too and a good 2L cheaper (thats my head talking). But then I can always remove those stickers and enjoy the Abarth (thats the heart of the matter).

Originally Posted by IndiFuture View Post
Why not include a Lux-hatch like the A-Class or the 1-series? I would any day vote for the A3 Sportsback, though I'm not sure if that version is available in India yet.
The option is already provided as "Others (Mini, Fita 500, etc)"
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

I own a GT TSI, but still voted for Abarth Punto. beacuse of
  1. superior Handling
  2. better performance
  3. better steering feel
  4. four wheel disc brakes?better brakes
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Default re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

I think people are confused between TSi and Abarth Punto. This is not to find out which of these will you prefer in an overcrowded chaotic Indian city/town. If that was the case TSi would be the only choice and a thread like this would be obsolete. After owning an automatic and non powersteering equipped manual car, let me tell you one thing TSi is very far from being an enthusiast's dream come true, it is an enthusiasts practical daily drive. And barring the Mini ( for an average bhpian Mini is a distant dream, but that would be the choice if I had bags full of cash!). For mortals like me the only option which will come anywhere near to own a hot hatch right now is 'Abarth Punto' ( discounting the fact that it is not a true Abarth). But then GT TSi ain't either a true one. Someone who is fighting for TSi is either very biased or has an inherent grudge against FIAT. I seriously doubt whether the guys who complain about Punto have ever sat behind the wheels of a Linea T-Jet. The two times I test drove it I was grinning ear to ear. When I finished the TSi test drive , I was shaken like hell and I'm sure the SA who sat besides me would have vowed never to go for another test drive for a month. TSi has a steering which has an independent mind and all the while you have to think about it, keep guessing what's this thing upto. Even though I haven't driven Abarth my vote goes for it, because it can't be worse than a Linea T-Jet!

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Default Re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

Note: I've changed the third option of the poll to 'others' and removed the 500, Mini etc. from it. No point bringing Rs. 30 lakh cars into the picture when we're really discussing Rs. 10 lakh cars.

Also, those who choose the Figo can vote for 'others' on the poll, and post the reasoning behind their choice.

My vote on the poll goes to the Abarth Punto. Not only because of the Punto's excellent suspension & steering, but also the gearbox = It's a MANUAL. No AT can match the sheer pleasure of working the engine & transmission with your left limbs.

Another reason is the DSG itself - Whatever VW might say, I still don't believe it's a reliable transmission over the longer term. Let the 2015 cars complete 75,000 - 100,000 kms, then we'll talk (will probably be 2020 by then).
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Default Re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

My vote goes for Punto Abarth. I am an ex Punto owner, that car was brilliant, one of the major flaw(all other flaws were tolerable) was SLOW performance, with the 145 TJet it's the fun hatchback to buy.

I feel Polo TSI is not even close in fun to drive department, though it has lot more tuning potential. Only disappointments are lack of tuning potential and the Abarth badge, Fiat has royally killed the brand. This is not a Abarth car, it's a made for India jugaad Abarth badges.
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Default Re: Fiat Abarth Punto vs VW Polo GT TSI vs Others

If this was a hot-hatch comparo, the Abarth Punto would walk it! It has all the right ingredients that make it THE hot-hatch everyone was waiting for. A powerful engine, a manual gearbox, sorted dynamics and that lovely steering! It even looks the part, save for the excessive decals.

The Polo on the other hand isn't a hot hatch. What it does get though is a punchy yet efficient little motor that loves having its neck wringed, a snappy gearbox that shifts effortlessly, several creature comforts and a sense of premiumness that's hard to beat. It strikes a great balance between practicality and performance - comfort and convenience.

It cannot hold a candle to the Punto's steering, chassis or outright punch, but it's a great all-rounder nonetheless. And at 10.5 lakhs on the road, It's a full 1.5 lakhs cheaper than the Punto! It's the perfect car for the enthusiast on a budget. And for this reason, I'd vote for the Polo GT TSI.
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