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Maruti Baleno 261 29.83%
Hyundai Elite i20 221 25.26%
Honda Jazz 99 11.31%
Ford Figo 121 13.83%
Volkswagen Polo 97 11.09%
Tata Bolt 12 1.37%
Toyota Liva 6 0.69%
Maruti Swift 26 2.97%
Other (please specify in your post) 32 3.66%
Voters: 875. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for the Baleno. I feel Baleno is a better option for the petrol car buyers and i20 for those prefer Diesel, Though the most sold mid variant is much expensive over the Baleno.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for i20 because it is a true value for money premium hatchback in both petrol and diesel variants considering features, performance and top notch quality interiors.

Second choice would be Honda Jazz for the engine power it offers with excellent mileage and it is actually appears more roomier than competition.

Maruti is purely riding the brand loyalty factor and this is purely my view on the initial liking I had for Baleno which evaporated instantly seeing this overgrown Swift on the road and the initial euphoria reflecting on sales numbers shows that it has only cannibalized Swift sales proving how badly Maruti loyalists were craving for a proper upgrade to the ageing star performer.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post messages that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Elite i20 if you are going for diesel. And it would be more than wise decision to go for the Asta (top trim), Worth every penny spent. Having driven the old gen i20 and buying the new one (Elite), I can totally feel the level of increase of sophistication. Newer version feels like a completely different car - right from the dynamics to the interiors.

However, if you have to choose a petrol hatch, it has to be the Polo GT TSI any day !

For the tier 2/3 cities with not all showrooms available in the city, it is always wise to buy a car for which the service can be done in the city itself. However nicely built a car might be, it is going to remain good only till the time it can be serviced well !!
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

The only problem with the i20 is that the full safety kit only comes with the Asta trim. Cars like the Baleno, Swift (build quality issues notwithstanding) and Polo give you the dual airbags plus ABS from a base/mid level trim. Makes a huge difference if you are on a tight budget.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks


Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks
My vote goes to the 'BEST LOOKING MAINSTREAM HATCH' (IMO) in India today:


I am not the biggest fan of the way this hatch back drives but thats only because I am so used to the handling and composure of my GT. But then again, if I were to compare my GT with the first-gen Punto, I may not like my stead either

Though Figo 2015 TDCI is the kind of hatch I would love to buy today, the Elite just has some real suave about it and just oozes premiumness from every which way one looks at it.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

I voted for the Honda Jazz (Specifically the i-VTEC). Yes it does feel a bit lethargic at lower RPMs, but once the rev kicks in, especially in the highways, the car is an absolute beast. Not to mention the roomy interiors and boot. I chose it over the Baleno because I didn't like the fact that it weighs almost 200 kilograms less than the rest of the competition.
I guess it would've been slightly better had the cars featured in the poll were premium hatchbacks alone.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Seriously? The Baleno has so much in common with the Swift, but it's bigger.

If the rear seat is the only problem, any competent upholstery guy will beef up the seat compound & upholstery for a couple of thousand bucks.

Why reject a car for a single flaw that is the easiest to fix in the after-market?
MSIL is not unaware of making good rear seats, the first generation baleno being a nice example. Wagon R, S-Cross both have better seats.
Apart from that, may be its just me, but I dont like new cars being worked upon, be it for ICE upgrades or seats or seat covers. Also, I have observed in my colleague's Alto that such tasks carried out to improve the seat do not last as long as OEM, and over a period of time it even gets inconsistent.

After my Grand i10 experience ( which was without even HU ), I got Swift with HU and basic equipment level which I needed the most. My only upgrade in Swift have been tyres and bulbs. Tyres, after I found out they are pathetic and unsafe and similar observation for bulbs during my Rajasthan trip.
All in all, I personally do not like to work upon a new car, and doubt that the job executed will stand the test of time. If Swift could have a reasonably good rear seat, it should be, IMO, carried over in Baleno.

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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Seat modification etc in the after market can never match factory spec and it is not as easily done and requires lot of right things. And yes, the Baleno rear seat under thigh support is genuinely below average. A ride in the I20 elite will explain the difference.

Found a couple of posts where members have undertaken similar job
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for the Elite i20. It's the car that feels genuinely premium.None of the other cars at this price point actually come close to giving one the premium feel. Maybe the Polo does but then when you consider the overall package I feel the i20 fares far better,mainly in the diesel avatar.Awesome interiors, a very good diesel engine ,build quality yeah Hyundai has realy improved on the handling and ride quality front as well.The car ticks most of the boxes. In comparison the Jazz feels less upmarket and has a noisy engine and really bad NVH levels .The Baleno feels really really light and that is a major turnoff for me. I always didn't like the swift for the same reason and then Maruthi took it to the next level with the Baleno. I personally wouldn't buy this car ever . However if it wasn't for the word premium, the Ford Figo would be my pick anyday .

Just my two cents
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

I voted for the Figo, just for the Diesel Engine. Nothing else comes close. The price and safety at this level when compared to the other cars ticked my boxes.
Next would be the i20 Elite.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for Baleno considering Petrol Alpha variant comes as an all round package with features, safety, drivability, fuel efficiency, etc.
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for the Baleno, the best all round package at a great price IMHO.
Love the huge interior space & the big car feel & the proven, refined petrol engine is a dream experience.
Providing ABS EBD & dual airbags in all the variants is a great step by Maruti & shows the way to other manufacturers that safety should be a top priority concern.
I do wish that Maruti steps up production to ensure quicker deliveries, tho; 3 months ( in Delhi ) , is a very long wait .
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Voted for Fiat Punto Evo 90 HP in the others' section because of the following reasons:

1) Brilliant build quality, even a notch above Polo, and thats saying a lot, even though the interioir quality is inconsistent and not in the league of polo or even i20.
2) One of the best handlers of the segment even with 185 mm of GC.
3) Flat ride
4) Talkative steering
5) Sporty all black interiors complemented very well by amber ambient light through the dash
6) Brilliant brakes
7) Punchy mid range
8) Free revving MJD
9) Sporty engine note
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Default Re: Maruti Baleno vs other B-segment Hatchbacks

Anyone who's driven the Figo diesel and cares even the slightest bit about performance will never even look at a Baleno or an i20. I drive a Ford Figo Aspire and recently test drove an i20 (D). The performance difference, especially at low RPMs before the turbo spooled up, was so stark that I was left wondering if there was anything wrong with the demo car. I didn't feel the interiors to be much (any?) more premium than the Figo.

I do understand that some people may not care about the engine performance at all and would rather get more features or better A.S.S. The Baleno or the i20 makes for a better choice in that case.
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