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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Whoaaa.. Delighted to see so many love gurus helping me out..! Just can't thank you enough (So have just pressed "Thanks" button).

A few answers to the questions asked:

This is not going to be my first car. (Previous cars - 800, Eon, Vista Petrol).

I TDed Swift Petrol & Diesel , Dzire Diesel, i10 Grand Petrol, i20 Petrol, Etios Petrol (1.5L), Aspire Automatic (1.5L) apart from GT and Figo Diesel.
The only car I liked to drive apart from Figo & GT is Etios Petrol, but then I did not like looks, interiors etc. i10 grand was also a good car, but one thing I have found from TDs is that I do not want another <= 1.2L NA petrol car anymore (And any TATA car).

My daily running is not too much so Petrol or Diesel does not matter as long as the car is fun to drive.

I am already stretching my budget if I buy the GT. The scorpion that stings is just way too much for me at the moment. So not even going to TD it because if I do I know I will have to stretch like an elastic.

Aspire/Figo Automatic is also a promising car but did not find it as much fun as the GT (Plus the 10 year gearbox warranty hoax).

I am looking for Trend version as it has more than all that I need. But yes, looks like ABS with EDB is a must for this powerful car. So might think of Titanium version.
And if I have to spend anything more than 8.5L then I start looking towards the GT :P

I have seen all the videos and read all the posts on GT TSI and Figo/Aspire Diesel that Google can
find. BTW I am sure Ford will double their sell if they just put link to Karan's video on their website.
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Totally agree with Rakesh here. Rich GF's like to throw tantrums and make big issues of small things, but being with one makes a lot of heads turn (Trust me, i'm living with one). Going ahead and marrying the one from Middle class, will go the distance without being a burden on your pocket. And they are always the one with big hearts. Hope for the good news from you.
Keep Revvin'
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Man, that post just shows your creativity ! Hats off.

Let me add a twist to your wedding mayhem.

Are you okay with a divorced mature lady who is a lot more capable? If so, how about a 2 year old Jetta still within company warranty. You can extend it for another 2 years, thus getting absolute peace of the mind. I've seen 2013 Jettas go for the same money as a brand-new Polo GT TSI. Get the 6-speed diesel MT which has sorted mechanicals and good reliability. Incredibly satisfying to drive.

If your family has a stigma against divorcees, then between the two 'candidates' you've listed, I'd pick the Polo GT TSI, since you are obviously looking for a fun partner. The GT TSI will be fun to drive in a way that the Figo won't (she doesn't have the figure or athleticism of her elder, retired & unavailable sister, the old Figo). I'm still not convinced about the DSG's long-term reliability though, so the risk is something you need to decide for yourself.

Also, why is the Figo 1.5L DCT not in the consideration set? Any particular reason? That would be the logical competitor to the Polo GT TSI (both dual-clutch petrol ATs). Please test-drive that as well.

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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Still laughing after reading your post twice, that was some suspense!

You have asked the same question that was in my mind, albeit in (very) different way. I am in the market for Polo GT Tsi and Figo DCT. The pros and cons are such that I still don't have a decision made.

But if I would want to give you advice- I would say go with GT, its a more rounded car. (and 1.5 lacs are not a deal breaker) Would I take the same advice for myself hmm

OT: Which dealer are you negotiating with in Pune? Maybe we can double the sales and double the discounts? Planning to book either/or in next 10 days. What are your timelines?
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Interesting dilemma. I own a TSI GT since March 2014. Only issues faced so far are front breaks wear out really fast, first replacement at 15K Kms(depends on your driving style). Center A/C blower conked out (replaced under warranty). Windshield replaced due to a stone chip (could happen in any car). I have done 24K kms and its only been fun so far and not once have I got a feeling that I should have bought another "reliable" car .
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TSI + DSG + Built Quality + Mod friendly = GT TSI, She is the one to last long and keep you happy for a longer time.
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Whoaww...that is one supremely creative post!!! Got to actual terms after going through twice

Buddy you are in mad love with A, just go with the heart and you will not be disappointed!

Going with B is at best jugaad & in your ownership time-frame, you would be on look out for some satisfying things to justify your decision!!

Although on a different note, Figo is very VFM in each and every aspect, but that doesn't hold good at-least not in your "love"!!!
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Unless the convenience of an automatic combined with cruise control is important to you, you can go with B.

But then, I'd recommend skipping both and going for the elder sister of B which also gets ABS.
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Originally Posted by capslock View Post

A - Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
B - New Ford Figo Diesel (Trend)
Since you have the money to spend on the TSI, I would say buy the Abarth Punto or the Abarth Avventura. The family may not always support you or her but your wife will be a trophy today and a collector's item tomorrow.

No one else you know would have one like her. All your friends will secretly wish that they weren't married; or had gotten to her sooner.

She will put a wide grin on your face for as long as you take the pains to make that marriage last. And she won't empty your pockets as much.

She will take a dent/bullet/damage/scrapes at her cost to keep you safe.

This will be a two way relationship though, unlike your Option A and B.

Confused?? Don't be. Unlike marriage, you can take a test drive here!

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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Wow! That's is a very unconventional way to put forward your dilemma. Had me puzzled like "what exactly is he getting at?" till the last line. Now that's a very tough dilemma that you have. The human mind plays so many kinds of tricks with us, right? On one hand who would not love to be with one who's gorgeous, fun loving, free spirited, loves travelling and always keeps your excitement level high. But then again the mind sometimes only craves for one who's more subtle, toned down and earns praises for her goodness, big heart and not having monetary demands.
Going for A is definitely a gamble, but worth taking the leap of faith I would say. After all, having someone with you who always keeps you bouyant and smiling always is a boon, no matter how good or how bad any day might be! She might be a demanding one, but definitely a keeper.

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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

This is very well written, got me thoroughly confused initially but it was hilarious . If you were to ask me, I'd knock on Volkswagen's door for a 'rishta'. First up, 'A' is way prettier than 'B', secondly she's built better, thirdly she comes with more standard equipment(taking into consideration the variants you're considering) and lastly from what I've heard, the new Figo does not have they typical genes found in Ford cars. Go with your heart buddy, marriages are supposed to happen only once
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

You're clearly looking for a fun car! and the Figo diesel, while powerful just won't do it. You clearly have no requirement for a diesel.

The GT TSI it should be, and the only possible problem I can see is the problematic DQ200 DSG. BTW, I haven't seen much DSG problems directly related to the Polo(I remember many with Skodas, but not with Polos), is it possible they have fixed something?
And if you're apprehensive about the gearbox and not strictly looking for an automatic, Try the Polo TDI (Both GT and regular), The torque is ample and even the regular Polo is only down by a few horses from the GT. Maybe it has the things you like in her sister :P
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

In the words of legendary Bob Marley - “If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

So choose GT TSI here, she isn't easy, but she's amazing and if she's worth it, you won't give up on your love and care because she's yours to be had.
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

You have to listen to your heart if you want to be happy. I fell in love with an Italian lady called tjet but my family forced me for the Ecosport :(.
Speaking from experience, you'd wanna do what your heart desires!
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Default Re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Nice way to ask a general question in a Interesting manner. People may look at your car and say Wow. They may feel that you are having heck of a time with the car. but at the end of it does it give you what you want?

I am one of those to get the last few copies of the Fiesta, many asked why. I bought it for only one thing driving pleasure

If you are a person who loves to see no cars in you ORVM - A it is

If you are a person who wont get out of the car seat and need a reliable one too - B

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