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capslock 29th December 2015 14:15

Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
This is coming from a person who is madly and badly stuck in a love triangle. This is a personal problem but after extreme restless days and a lot of sleepless nights I have finally decided to put this in front of a forum I trust. So here is how it goes.

I have two girls in my life. Let us call them A & B. I like both of them almost equally and wish to propose one for marriage. I am quite sure of getting "YES" from them both. Needless to say I am super confused!

I know it is not correct to compare them but after all I have properties of a mortal creature.

I know "A" from about four months and "B" from just few weeks. Here are my feelings about them.

I fell in love as soon as I saw her. Her age is a bit on higher side but she is still gorgeous. She is intelligent. She is very caring in nature and I think she will definitely help me alleviate my day to day worries. She is fun loving and also enthusiastic about travelling. If it was a question of choosing a girlfriend, no doubt I would have chosen her. But man, this is marriage, this is serious. She comes from a rich family and she has habits of spending a lot of money on shopping (Yeah typical of rich and beautiful girls). I also heard from her friends that she has some weird illness which though occurs rarely, makes her really sick. The medicines required for curing this illness (Though temporarily) are not available in India and they need to be imported. These medicines are extremely expensive. I can only hope for the best in this case.

"A" has everything I expect from my wife, BUT then there is her FAMILY. Marrying her will also be an expensive affair (But I think I can afford that). Her family is known for some notorious things. During her sister's marriage they were not true with the groom about things which they should have been. I have also heard that her relatives are kind of demanding people and all they care about is money.

My elder brother told me "Your marriage with "A" will be very pleasant for an year or two. Just don't come to me for counselling if you face any problems there after."


I never thought I will ever come close to ask her for marriage. Don't be misunderstood, she is beautiful (Although not as gorgeous as "A"), she loves to travel, she is fun loving but its just that I never had any interaction with her un-till recently. I talked with her for the first time just a few days ago but I soon as I did, I fell for her. Even though I was madly in love with "A", I fell for her (Sanam Bewafa Situation). I do not know how but I fell for her.

She is really a good person and has a big heart. All her friends and family sing songs about her.

She comes from a middle class family like me. Marrying her will not be as expensive as "A". Her family appear to be very less demanding compared to "A". I also do not know of any absurd habits/illness about her.

My elder brother only said "Kaash, main shadi-shuda nahi hota....!!" (If only I wasn't married)

I did not want to publish their names on a public forum but I just can't help it.
All the Team BHP love gurus please help as you always do for so many confused souls!

A - Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
B - New Ford Figo Diesel (Trend)

Chetan_Rao 29th December 2015 15:27

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Only one flaw there buddy, where's the suspense before revealing names? lol:(to be fair, you might have picked up and infraction for

Kidding apart, if you want a keeper marry the one that'll stay the distance. If you want a fling, get the GF. If you want both in one, boot both options and get the Italian that stings!

Mohan Mathew A 29th December 2015 15:37

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
You had me, for a moment i thought someone was actually putting their love conundrum out in the forum.

Go with the heart, my friend; thats the only way to go in matters of love.

lamborghini 29th December 2015 15:49

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Originally Posted by Chetan_Rao (Post 3879758)
Kidding apart, if you want a keeper marry the one that'll stay the distance. If you want a fling, get the GF. If you want both in one, boot both options and get the Italian that stings!

This summarises it beautifully!
Fling = GT TSi
Life = Figo

The GT is a fantastic car, but the Figo will just be easier to live with (assuming you don't have traffic that would be better dealt with in an A/T).

How about a third option - the Abarth?

hamster 29th December 2015 15:53

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Looked at the Today's Posts, your thread and the Forum - "Hatchback".
The title was a bit misleading and still decided to dive into it and the first reaction was "what the heck" when I even saw this -
" My elder brother only said "Kaash, main shadi-shuda nahi hota....!!", till I scrolled down a couple of lines below

clap: Nicely written.

WildInstincts 29th December 2015 16:32

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
:thumbs up Cheeky!!! Your post put up a big smile on my face.

I would stay away from the gorgeous GF though, no matter how tempting she is.

saion666 29th December 2015 16:39

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
From your post it's quite evident that you have already made your choice for the "marriage", all you are looking for is some comforting words from your friends to help you give up the rich girl from the notorious family.

Go for B eyes closed, she will be there with you till the last mile.

To confuse a bit: BTW there's a new "Scoop" today for a new girl in the market(pardon my language). She seems to be way more fun than A and comes from a trusted middle class Indian family(though only available in the posh bungalows of the family which they call NEXA). Wait for 6 more months if possible, i.e if your hormones allow. :)

harry10 29th December 2015 16:42

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Full marks for the creativeness behind the dilemma and it made me smile on a very sad day for me personally, so thank you for that.

As for the brides to be in question. I will go with Figo. It has everything you desire and the scope of disappointment with any serious issue will be minimal. Not to mention being easy on the pocket and peace of mind which is more important than other pleasures. All the best in the quest.

revharder 29th December 2015 16:43

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
You made me smile at the end of it! :)

Marriage is based on commitment. Buy Figo.

Enjoy the casual outings via renting it out!!!
(zoomcar, hertz, rent-a-car, etc. for TSi)

kat 29th December 2015 16:46

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Well, you don't need to worry so much since it is not the actual "marriage". Neither of them will stay with you for eternity (it is a boon, I guesslol:), for you will definitely divorce and re-marry to a better, hotter looking girl. So, for the short term marriage contract, say 5 years, if you want convenience and fun at the cost of reliability, go with your heart. If you want reliability and fun at the cost of convenience, go with your head.

Geo_Ipe 29th December 2015 16:50

Wow!! TeamBHP has a relationship advice section too now!!??

Wait a minute...
That was confusing..!!

Buy the Figo mate!

KiloAlpha 29th December 2015 17:13

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
What you need, my friend, is a wife. And if I have understood you correctly, you really are not interested in a girlfriend.

I am currently married to B's elder half-sister. The previous generation Figo. Why half-sister? Because B's mother married again, and the second husband turned out to be a not-so-nice guy. The second husband's bad genes show up in B's younger half-sister.

But still, the mother's good genes also shine through. Believe me, B is a lifetime companion. She is not for an affair or fling. She is the kind of solid dependable wife most men really need. It is another thing that some men keep marrying one hot model after another and divorcing them, losing their wealth in the process. But some men will make the sensible choice, since they are truly mature men (and not just grown up boys) who can't care for vicissitudes.

The problem with A is that she is kinda unpredictable. Not even God can predict if she will be a good wife, or turn out to be a tantrum-throwing diva. But regardless, you need to treat her right, else the tantrums will begin. And treating her right will cost you time, money, and in some people, has cost them their sanity too! Having said that, the whole "treating a high maintenance woman right so she will stick by me through thick and thin" game is enjoyed by a few people.

So, what sort of guy are you? Introspect. And then decide.

Hazi.Kin 29th December 2015 17:15

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
You made me laugh.
I was wondering when our forum started help in marriage proposal also.
Get married to Figo mate.

volkman10 29th December 2015 17:28

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Like in everything there is also a factor of luck, so do in marriage. Not everyone getting married to siblings of 'A' are depressed or unhappy.

I would suggest follow your heart and go with A.

DicKy 29th December 2015 17:51

re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)
Mahn!!!, just loved your cool post. Me too had ideas of posting something like this, but then this is not Jalopnik, so refrained from doing so.

At first, i was like " What the... why is he asking this?, Maybe this is the shifting gear section ( Didn't even bother checking that ) .. well, TBHP is a forum so why not? "

Then after reading, " Dude, go and marry girl B " (from a 23yr old single with no relation exp)

But after reading the last line. Each word and sentence made sense and beautifully written. The same way as how i would message my petrolhead buddies.

And about your dilemma. MARRY GIRL B. Period.

Or if you want a fling or a hollywood style divorce in a short while marriage, then girl A.

Traditional marriage- Figo TDCi
Las Vegas marriage- Polo TSi

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