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View Poll Results: Which petrol hot hatch will you choose?
Tata Tiago JTP 163 22.09%
Maruti Baleno RS 22 2.98%
Fiat Abarth Punto 260 35.23%
VW Polo GT TSI 274 37.13%
Other (Please specify in your post) 19 2.57%
Voters: 738. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 27th December 2018, 13:12   #31
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

My daily drives are a Fiat Linea T Jet and a VW Vento 1.2 TSI. While these are not the Fiat Abarth Punto and the VW Polo 1.2 TSI, these have essentially the same souls.

The VW is light, snappy, has a very responsive auto box and the more sensible buy in terms of its excellent city friendly nature too.

The Fiat takes a lot of effort in the city, but what the heck, the true karma of a hot hatch lies in plastering that silly smile on your face for the rest of the day after a long drive.

Drive the T Jet Linea ( or a Abarth Punto in this case, has a lot more power) and see for your self. The thrust of the engine, the feel of the torque, the acceleration, the fact that you are speeding through most of the corners instead of braking into them. Even when you brake hard, the poise, the control, the predictable (and quick) deceleration. The almost zero body roll through fast curves.

I dont even agree with the popular opinion of bad ergonomics of the Fiat, drop the steering to its lowest, pull up the seat to the highest and you have a pretty good driving position. The gearshift has somehow also not been an issue with me.

Ive voted for the Fiat Abarth Punto.

There have been times where the only therapy ive needed after a stressful incident to lift my mood is a long drive in my T Jet. The silly smiles all the way. I am on my second Linea and frankly the thought of what i will replace it with bothers me to no end.

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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Originally Posted by Safari_Beast View Post
Thats an over statement , 75 bhp punto is no match to verna and creta. I own a verna 1.6 and i know how much capable it is doing speed excess of 100.
I get where NaviRai12 is coming from.

Yes the Verna is faster in a straight line, but then its not all about straight line speed is it. The Cornering and braking of the Punto is far superior to the Verna with its precise Hydraulic setup.
And as mentioned they are a "Run for their Money", at just 60% of the Verna's power figures the Punto might not beat the Verna but will surely keep up.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Voted other. My favorite Hot hatch (current gen) is the Figo S. I have felt, as a hot hatch that can also do city runs, none from this generation can beat the Figo S.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Originally Posted by NaviRai12 View Post
My 75 bhp Punto used to give the Creta's, Verna's etc run for their money in State highways with that stock suspension setup and brakes.
I own both a 75 HP Punto and a 2017 Verna 1.6D so I have to say this can be a whole lot different than how you have experienced it. The new Verna 1.6D can outperform the Punto without much sweat even on curvy roads, and it goes without saying who the winner on a straight line is.

My Vote for Abarth Punto.

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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Voted for Tiago JTP - A very honest attempt by Tata at getting into the hearts of enthusiasts which is commendable as already experienced from our official review from Vid & Samurai.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

A hot-hatch..the preferred option for the boy racer in us all. As most of us might never get our hands on the 911 GT3 or even the humbler M2 Competezione, these listed wolves in sheep clothing are the closest we can be to exhilaration behind four wheels (of course on a budget).
Unfortunately the defined 'hot-hatch' market is yet to evolve in our country where janta still prefers a 'lambi gaaadi' (even if it is rate 88hp- bring it on altis diesel lovers!!). However, the situation has vastly improved from say a decade before when Palio 1.6 was the lone warrior.
The Abarth Punto has been my pick, niggles and company's attitude aside, this is one machine i would love to drive. The shortcomings of the rubbery gear box are negated once the accelerator is floored. That plastered smile on your face will stay for a long time. Though a decade old design, it still has that beautiful silhouette that's ever so gorgeous. And did i mention the Scorpion those are killer.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Product only = Abarth Punto

Enough said!

Product + Daily Drive in Delhi Traffic = Abarth Punto (Polo GT TSI comes pretty close though)

When one drives an Abarth Punto, they're ok with that extra clutch effort because the moment you get an open road, everything else is forgiven. However, at times an auto transmission becomes very important to some (including me) and then a little lesser power is also ok.

Product + Daily Drive + After-Sales = Polo GT TSI

While VW is no Toyota, its still leagues ahead of Fiat. If Fiat after-sales was any good, this car had the potential to sell in much much larger numbers. Until then, Polo GT TSI it is.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Voted for GT TSI as it is the hot hatch where I would put my money. For someone like me who wants a hot hatch but can afford only one car that has to serve as a daily practical car also, the GT makes most sense. The convenience of DSG makes it a good city car. And it does not suffer from any of the shortcomings that makes the other cars less fun to drive:

Tiago JTP
• 3-cylinder petrol is neither refined nor revv-happy. Max revs of just ~5,900 rpm
• Low-end torque is strictly average. Lag can be felt in certain situations
Baleno RS
• Not really a ‘hot hatch’. Neither its engine nor the handling are sporty
Punto Abarth
• Long throw, rubbery gearshift is a major turn-off. Long clutch too
• Awful cabin ergonomics. Driving position is weird!
Compared to these shortcomings in other cars, the GT has nothing that makes it less fun to drive.
• Long-term reliability concerns over the DQ200 DSG transmission
• Cutting-edge engine & gearbox tech make it a pricey hatchback
• Exterior is indistinguishable from the regular Polo. No sporty bodykit (ΰ la Liva TRD & Polo SR)
• Ordinary rear bench legroom. Comparable to the likes of the Maruti Ritz
• VW's substandard dealership & service experiences. Maruti / Hyundai networks are more customer-centric
One thing that the official review missed out for the GT TSI are the pathetic brakes. That's really a sore thumb in an otherwise great car.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Voted for the Abarth Punto .

Sorry guys, IMO I don't think any other option here even qualifies to be called a hot hatch when compared to the Abarth Punto. I have driven them all (except the JTP) and the abarth Punto is a cut above them all!

Greatest power + best handling + best brakes of this lot! Need I say more!

As a biker, I could draw this comparison-
GT Tsi - Ninja 300
Abarth Punto - RC 390
Baleno - Dominar 400
Figo S - RR310

When you throw away brand value, reliability, A.S.S and all other silly stuff that won't matter in the term "hot hatch", it's the Abarth just like how RC 390 is for someone who wants most handling and performance for the least buck.

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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?


I'd happily go for the K10. There's not enough legroom for me but that won't matter as I'd replace the seat with a 5-point race seat. Reducing weight and sidewall and the addition of a strut tower brace will complete it for me.

JTP is unrefined. GT is unreliable. RS is too tame. And Punto is Fiat.

K10 is enough for cheap thrills. But if I had the cash, I'd go with Brio 1.5 and some mods.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

I voted for the Polo GT TSi. The DQ200 gearbox is the potential weak link in the package. But when you look at the Overall package on offer and the competition, it’s the only one I would want to put my money on. The DQ200 in newer batches has proven to be relatively niggle free and the 5+2 year warranty adds to the peace of mind. I would want to specify that it would be my choice as the everyday work car with the compact dimensions and the auto gearbox. The baleno RS is too similar to the regular baleno, Abarth Punto was dead on arrival. The JTP Tiago is a new car and time will tell if initial interest translates into sales.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Voted for Tiago JTP, hats off to Tata for giving us a hot hatch at this price point. They have made it lot more affordable, especially for youth, for Abrath and Polo are significantly higher
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

My vote goes for the Abarth.

A close second would be the Polo GT. It is the more ideal option for daily usage, with the easy to use auto for the city, better feature set and far better after sales experience.

But when it comes to the outright hot hatch experience, nothing quite comes close to the Abarth. It is truly revolutionary in this segment.

The one I would plonk my money on right now? Probably the Tiago JTP !

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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Have voted for the JTP. It's a genuine effort to get affordable enthusiast cars. Hope they set the trend for other manufacturers as well.
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Default Re: Your favourite hot hatch in India?

Abarth Punto for unadulterated driving pleasure.

Cracker of an engine, suspension-chassis that keeps you planted, confidence inspiring brakes, awesome steering, stick shift - all wrapped in Italian style. What more do you need in a hot hatch?

And I have voted with my wallet
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