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VW Polo 1.0 TSI 122 33.98%
Ford Figo / Freestyle 1.5L TDCi 237 66.02%
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

Having driven both the Figo diesel and the new 1.0 liter tsi Polo I voted for the Polo. Somehow for me the 6 speed manual coupled with petrol character offered a little more driver involvement in a hatchback. The figo diesel is very capable, a good handler and may offer more in terms of outright performance, especially on highways with that diesel punch but then the tsi comes with features like cruise control (I like those) , tilt and telescopic steering. In the handling department also, the Polo is not bad and I had good fun taking twisties in Kerala. Also note that the front end felt lighter compared to the diesel polo and I guess the same could be a comparison with the diesel figo. Please note that I love diesels and used to daily a Thar for 3 years but in this small hatch, petrol is more like it. The 3 cylinder engine note sounds sporty as the car accelerated and overall, It felt like a pocket rocket.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

So, I was in a similar dilemma in 2018. I was trying to chose between a Freestyle Titanium+ TDCI & the Polo 1.2 TSI. I have a Vento TSI at home so was familiar with VW & their pros & cons which Im listing below. While I haven't driven the new Polo (Im aware it does not have the DSG anymore) I think most of the points below still holds true:

Polo 1.2 TSI

1. Better overall interior build quality
2. Superb gearbox!
3. Good driving dynamics
4. UNLIMITED modding capabilities. Be it for performance or looks.

1. Reliability of the DSG box
2. OTR price was more than Freestyle by 1.5L
3. Cost of ownership was much higher. My Vento TSI year service costs 12k.
4. I've felt like the engine loses its punch when you have 3 or more people in the car. Especially while overtaking on the highways.

1. Good ICE. Responsive touch screen + Android Auto
2. The diesel engine packs quite a punch!
3. Vehicle doesn't lose much steam even with 4 people on board, overtaking on the highways are much better than the Polo. Thanks to the superior torque!
4. Cost of ownership is really low. My 20k periodic service costed only 5k. Service centers charge you exactly the price that is listed out on Fords online calculator.
5. The A/C is much more effective than my Vento!
6. More safety features

1. Interior cabin quality. while it is good, its inferior to that of VW's
2. Diesel characteristics
3. LIMITED modding capabilities
4. Fords uncertain future in India. But I guess to an extent its the same with VW?

For these reasons, I opted for the Freestyle. I have been extremely happy so far and have never looked back! Both the vehicles are GREAT! You need to take the decision purely on which Pro's & Con's you can live with. For me, it was power over anything else.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

Voted for the Freestyle (more than the Figo).

The Freestyle is easily the most bang-for-buck hatchback in today's market. The only reason it doesnt sell is its dull looks. Apart from the looks, you wont be able to point a finger to any major flaws in the car.

Its like the Manoj Bajpai of sub 10 lakh hatch backs.

(Polo 1.0 TSI is like Hrithik, has the looks with some good moves in a particular performance band)
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

It depends on what you drive right now. For me, Apple CarPlay and android auto has become non negotiable. Itís just too useful in daily use. One other thing Iíd recommend you check out is headlamps! And to sum it up, even though polo is an older design, itís a more modern car as compared to the Figo. I drove the freestyle and the tall gear lever absolutely put me off. Itís also nowhere as nice to sit inside as the polo. My pick would be the polo, out of the two. However, I might have just gone for the i20 diesel if I were in your position. Itís an able cruiser, spacious and has a good feature set too.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

Voted for Ford Figo/freestyle

The punchy diesel motor is a gem of an engine. I myself am planning to buy a car at year-end. Initially did consider polo 1.0 tsi and rapid rider.... because VAG has priced them quite aggressively but maintenance over 10 years will be far cheaper for a Ford.

And always remember in city you will be enjoying torque, and only on open highways you will feel bhp. The massive 215 nm torque will give you sheer pleasure with its punch every time you start the car from a standstill. And you will get to enjoy it everyday every moment.

My opinion just go for the tdci.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.0 TSI vs Ford Figo 1.5L TDCi for an enthusiast?

It seems like Freestyle is winning this poll with 2/3rd majority. However, not much was known about the new 1.0 TSI when this poll started. Now with the Rapid reviews out, and the buzz about the performance of the TSI (The Skoda Rapid 1.0L TSI Petrol, now launched at Rs 7.49 lakhs), do you still think that the TDCi will make more sense than the TSI? I have yet to drive the TSI, but eagerly waiting to get a feel of it.
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