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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

I have had both the cars- Ritz is still going great at 1.6L kms. While getting a clean car should be an important yardstick, Ritz is a better proposition. It's big on inside, has a great petrol engine, is very low on maintenance and spares are readily available. Surprisingly, it doesn't rattle as much as say a Swift or Dzire.

If I were to point out any negatives, the notchy gear shifting albeit sure slotting will come as first adjustment which you'll have to deal mentally with Ritz. And the ride on rear bench is bouncy. Shift to 185/70/R14 profile good tires as soon as possible. It relieves the situation to an extent. I have Michelin XM2 and they have been really helpful to soften the ride. Again, all these are minor adjustments which will just help you to sweeten the experience.

As Shashi mentioned, nothing like if you get a sorted Ritz Zxi. Good luck.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Close your eyes and get the Ritz.

I bought mine used and I just sold it after 7 years of ownership. I only sold it because we needed a bigger vehicle and because I don’t have two parking spaces.

The car is an absolute gem. As someone has already pointed out to you, the build quality is oddly un-Maruti. Solid feel when you open and close the car. Solid curb weight. I have actually dinged and danged the car around quite a bit. Most of the dings and dangs only scratched the paint. No sheet metal damage. The impact had to be well above average for the sheet metal to get damaged. All parts in car are tough. Someone once told me that back in 2012-2013, if you went to buy a Ritz, the salesperson would try to persuade you to buy a Swift instead because Maruti’s profits were higher in the Swift. The higher build quality of the Ritz costed a bit more to produce.

The car is so quiet in the cabin with all windows closed, and it offers an amazing view of the road. Very SUV like. Ergos are spot on. Just walk up to the car and slide in. Sweet.

Most importantly, that engine is a gem. Because of the car’s build, the engine does feel a bit weak in the Ritz than it does in say the Swift. But only a little. Overall, the engine is quick, quiet and work-happy.

In the looks department too, the Ritz is a sleeper. The styling of the car has aged well. It doesn’t look dated at all. The front looks dignified and those flared wheel arches in the back lend the car a stocky masculinity that the i10 simply lacks. The i10 is a good car. But it’s no Ritz IMHO. My feeling is that the Maruti got it right in the first pass. But Hyundai needed a couple of iterations. The subsequent generations of the i10 (Grand i10) have a more settled styling that is both mature and dignified.

While I was shopping for my next car, I test drove many. I remember the Baleno test drive in particular. I drove it and then I got into my car to go home. That’s when the decision got made. I stopped on the side of the road and called the salesman and told him that I am not interested. My car felt premium compared to all manners of road noise I heard inside the Baleno. I actually told him, “My 7-year-old car feels better than your brand new Baleno.” He told me, “Sir, I am not surprised. I too would have thought the same thing.”

I had a similar experience when I TRed the SCross. For that car’s build, the 1.3 MJD felt WEAK. My Ritz felt quicker. Space in the SCross was more or less the same as my car, what with that huge transmission tunnel in the second row. Better built than my car, but it had a smaller PWR and similar space compared to the Ritz. No point in an upgrade.

Next came the Vitara Brezza. I took it for a long drive. My mind went, “this car looks good; has slightly more space than the Ritz, but it feels underpowered, and build quality is meh. Not worth handing over 11 lacs of my hard-earned money. Move on.”

Bottom line - it took me almost 4 years to settle on an upgrade. The Ritz just kept knocking every contender down.

My advice to you is to not stress the mileage. It doesn’t matter in the long run. Get the Ritz and be happy. My wife just broke down when the car was being driven away.


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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

I have bought & lived with 3 cheap cars in the last 5 years, 2 Zen & 1 Swift. I would say the condition of the car matters more than the make, model, color of the car. Here's the link to my thread - Zen & Swift story (My experience with cheap pre-owned cars)

Though if every parameter is similar, I would lean more towards the Ritz. It should be slightly more reliable & cheaper to maintain. The old i10 is a good car as well, we have a 2010 i10 with 80k km on the odo in our family. The car has been fairly reliable all these years, only recently it has needed some maintenance. First the silencer developed a leak, which cost around 8k to replace. One of the rear wheel hub needs replacement, the left rear wheel wobbles a bit. The suspension needs overhauling as well, which is fair since it has done 80k km on stock suspension. The AC cooling is a bit weak as well, AC system would need overhauling. All these issues are common for a 10 year old car, except for maybe the silencer leak & rear hub going kaput. The i10 received a minor facelift in late 2010, I would suggest going for that model if possible since the engine was upgraded here. Clutch is light in both the cars, gear-shifting is more sleeker in the i10 & steering way lighter in the i10 (though for highways a heavier steering is better).

The Ritz is a very good car as well, peppy & fuel efficient K12 engine, good build for a Maruti (supposedly doesn't rattle as much as gen 1 Swift). Look out for steering rack sound, the Ritz (along with Swift & SX4) is infamous for steering rack rattle. If the rattle isn't that bad, you can live with it. Though replacement is very expensive at 30k (price is high because the EPS motor is mounted on the rack in these Marutis). Rest of the suspension parts are cheap (relatively) to replace.

One more thing to consider is used car prices, here in Guwahati a similar vintage (& condition) Ritz will be around 30-50k more expensive than a similar vintage i10. So keep this factor in mind as well. If you want Airbags & ABS, you will have to look for the top end variants. Ritz ZXi might be easier to find than an i10 Asta, i10 Astas are very rare.
Originally Posted by brainchutney View Post
The reason I narrowed it down to these two (based on reviews) is that I have back issues and good seating is important for me (heard swift doesn't have great back support ?). Total people in car usually would be 2. Rarely 4-5.
I upgraded from a 01 Zen to a 06 Swift, the Swift front seats are comfortable with good back support.The Swift though not a tallboy, isn't a low slung car. Forget Zen, it's taller than the likes of Polo, old Figo. Swift sold way more than Ritz, so finding a ZXi would be more easier. The Swift till 09 had a 1.3L G series engine, which though high on fun (& power) is a bit down on refinement & mileage. In 2010, due to implementation of BS IV norms, Swift received the K12 engine from the Ritz. The Swift is also known to rattle more than the Ritz.

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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

This is coming from someone whoís grown up with a ritz.

The Ritz is from a time when Maruti Suzuki had a better build than he i10. The i10cannot last as long and well as the Maruti.

The i10 will start feeling old as soon as you get it. The ritz on the other hand has dark solid interiors which will look beautiful with just a good wipe down. The quality on the interiors and the ergonomics are beautiful! The high mounted gear shift, the amazing shift quality the PERFECTLY CONTOURED seats and the huge ORVMs make it close to perfect for driving. You sit high up and have great visibility. Unless youíre a Lilliputian, i donít think youíll have problems driving. The only issue being, you need a test drive to gauge the clutch hardness. You NEED to do this yourself . We upgraded from a ritz to an automatic i10 grand because of knee problems that my mother was facing. Except for the clutch, thereís no need to worry if you want to choose a Ritz. I would love to own the car again. Just keep your mind open for a diesel ritz. Itís very torquey and easy to drive and gives amazing mileage.

Happy driving,
Welcome to teambhp
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Hello brainchutney,

Both these cars are good options for city only driving. With your requirements, Ritz seems to be a better fit considering an occasional 5 people travel, fuel economy and low maintenance cost.

In my opinion, I think you should consider looking for both of them since you have a budget of 2L and choose your fit based on how good the car's condition is. Since your driving will be around 6K a year which is around 500kms a month, you can overlook on the fuel economy part as there wont be much of a difference when driven within city. I have owned an i10 MT before (2011 - 2016) and can surely say it was a breeze driving it. Light steering and smooth gear shifts make it comfortable to drive in city.

Service/spares availability is not a concern for both these brands as they are well established in India. From maintenance cost perspective, hyundai is on the higher side definitely.

Have you thought about having an external back support cushions or some accessories which can make your seating comfortable? If so, you might have a chance to look into a few other car options as well which will fit within your budget.

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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Having extensively driven both cars, I can tell you to blindly go for the Ritz!

I had myself picked up a 2009 Ritz Vxi for 2.45L with 52k Kms on the Odo. A 2013 i10 was bought by my sister with merely 8k kms on the Odo. I let go the Ritz after 3+ years of use with 135000+ kms on the Odo.

Where the Ritz shines over the i10 :

1. Big Car feel at small car money.
2. Fuel Efficiency. I used to get 12 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on highways. Word is that the 2013 face-lift with VVT engine got even better.
3. Extremely peppy Engine. Won't disappoint you either in the city or the Expressway
4. Absolute fuss-free ownership. Dirt cheap spares and easy serviceability
5. Fun to Drive! It's extremely stable even at triple digit speeds inspite of its height. Braking and Handling of even my non-ABS version was satisfactory

Where the the Ritz lags behind i10
1. Ride Quality & NVH. i10 absorbs bad roads better than a lot of sedans Inspite of its puny tyres
2. Interior and overall build. Feels premium against Ritz
3. Light steering feels better to use in city
4. Slightly easier to park in tight spots

Why I hate the i10:
1. Extremely B-O-R-I-N-G to drive. The engine feels heavier and outdated. The steering at highway speeds in vague and the soft suspension which is a boon in the city becomes a Bane on highway. Sustaining triple digit speeds or take sharp turns without slowing down will make you and the passengers nervous

2. Big Car fuel efficiency at small car performance. Never could I manage to get more than 9-10 Kmpl

3. Hyundai Service, although nice, is still far from what Maruti offers. Plus the spares are relatively costlier

I sold my Ritz and bought a Jazz which felt like a huge upgrade in terms of how the car felt and handled. The Jazz Odo is at ~120000 kms and has aged far better than the Rits. However, I still miss my Ritz everyday purely due to its peppy nature. To sum it all up, It's basically a Swift in a WagonR stance with the economics of an Alto.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

If you ask me to give a straight up answer I would say Ritz, dot.

I have driven both i10 and Ritz extensively as many among my friends and relatives had both the cars. i10 feels a bit light, whereas the Ritz feels like a solid strong car comparatively. Obviously the steering is lighter on i10 and the car feels more airy due to the light color cabin, but the Ritz is not that bad either and feels more durable in black.

Fuel efficiency and maintenance will surely be better in Ritz. Some of the i10 parts come at a cost and time. Except for the body panels, almost all the remaining parts of Ritz are shared with it's siblings.

So like GTO said, start searching for both the cars and compare according to the results. If you get at well maintained i10 for the same price of an average Ritz, go with the i10. Otherwise pick the Ritz.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

I own a 2010 Ritz ZXI. I haven't regretted buying it a single bit since the day of purchase. As people have mentioned, it is easy to maintain, gives good mileage, have great space and overall gives a decently comfortable ride. Looks are subjective and if that's not an issue for someone, Ritz is a great car. Given that spares will be available till 2026, maintaining it will not be a problem.

Similar to your dad's Zen, I have also just done only 30K KM in 10years and many a times I wonder what should I do with my car as my running is low and whether I should sell it etc but then I just don't feel like selling it just because of the experience it has given me so far. Go for Ritz !
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Here I am going to tell you to buy the Ritz, because you have clearly mentioned you want to use it for 5 years. Even I started out with a used car with the same price range, but I eventually realized theres a lot to play around in the used car market and ended up with buying a higher segment sedan. But it did teach me some valuable lessons.

You will not go wrong with either the i10 or the Ritz, so just buy the one that your heart wants. Only colour will be that you wont be able to choose.

I have been in the i10 and the Ritz quite a lot and I will just point out the difference that you will eventually face. Given that you are young and on a budget, End of the day you want a car to have fun in, travel and not be worried about it and be cheap to own.

1. Fuel Efficiency: i10 givens a fuel efficiency of around 10 and the Ritz around 13-14. So given todays fuel prizes its makes sense to buy the Ritz. So save around 30% on fuel costs alone.

2. Maintenance: Both are cheap to maintain no doubt. But Marutis are just cheaper to maintain. And there are more FNGs doing marutis than hyundai. Given you will be buying something which is more than 4 years old, some components will start to show age. With a Maruti it wont pinch your pocket.

3. Since you mentioned you are in your hometown, make sure you dont buy your car there, always buy in the city you live in. Cos if state registration is different that will pinch you too.

And the most important thing make sure whatever you are buying make sure you are getting what you are told. Underclocked cars are everywhere and you just cannot make out if a car has been underclocked or not. Absolutely trust no used car dealer blindly, and when you do, verify.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Since budget seems to be a primary constraint, go for the Ritz my friend. Cheap to run, easy to maintain, and generally more reliable than an i10. But do get the car inspected by Maruti service/FNG.

The i10 is not unreliable, but some older cars can be a little pricey to fix. Ritz is a lot more abuse friendly.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Hey Neighour(close-by cities) first of all congrats on deciding to get a car and putting the effort to learn driving. Practice regularly and stay safe.

My preference would be Ritz without a doubt. Reasons for the same are -
1. Itís relatively easier and simpler to get a Maruti serviced. Routine or Breakdown.
2. Both offer high seating position however, Ritz is just a bit better in this regard. It definitely aids in learning.
3. As mentioned earlier the steering on i10 is dead and has absolutely no feel at all. Ritz steering is much better.

Both have blind spots but are not too much of a problem. Every car would have some disadvantages.

Hence, in the learning stage, according to me Ritz would make a better choice then i10.

One can get really great deals on Ritz since itís a discontinued model. I sold my Ritz Vdi 2011 model with 70k on odo for 2.3 lakhs. Petrol ones should be even cheaper. Just a suggestion if u are getting a good deal, diesel would be a good option too. Great engine super reliable and exciting to drive.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

I would say Ritz VXI or ZXI eyes closed. I owned this car for 10 years (given it to my friend for time being and will come back to me in sometime). There is no other car in this segment and price range like this. Mine is a 2010 Ritz VXI still drives like a King on highways at triple digit speeds. Refinement is top notch, I just love the engine note.

It's a much better car to drive and to travel compared to i10. We also own a Grand i10 2014, bought for my wife. It's nowhere close to Ritz interms of handling, comfort and refinement.

We have decided to keep our Ritz for another 10 years atleast if not more.

Take a look at my 10 years old Blacky. Still a good looking car right?
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

It's been great owning a Ritz. Comfortable family car with good fuel economy. Compared to esteem I owned earlier reversing was slightly difficult. Split rear seat was a thoughtful feature. Engine is same as Swift(in later models) but easier to get in and out.
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

I do own a Ritz Zxi for the past 10 years. Still goes strong at 80k kms! Only issue I find is the ride quality which totally sucks and the FE numbers arenít too impressive at about 10-11kmpl, also the usual rattling from the door panels which is there in ever other Maruti these days but other than that, the car surely rewards you back with great steering feedback and the sweet punch from the 1.2L motor. If you get a good deal, just grab it!
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Default Re: Used Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Ritz for 2 lakh rupees?

Having owned a Ritz for 11 years, I will happily endorse it. 1.8 lakh Km and going strong. Amazing ride for a small car as well. The backseat is a revelation
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