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dsrins 2nd November 2004 15:27

Hi there,

I want owners feedback about Corsa 1.4 GSi and Sail 1.4.
How good is the car in terms of maneuverablity, performance, cost of maintenace, after sales service, and the experience of owning a Corsa 1.4GSI
So all the corsa owners please provide me your inputs which will help me in deciding

sAP 8th August 2006 15:32

To hit the ground running
For starters, you can check out a review of my Corsa SAIL 1.4 at mouthshut:

There are other reviews there as well. You can also try using the search function on this site (team bhp) for say, "corsa review" or "corsa performance" (without the quotes)


S@!l_-oR 8th August 2006 17:47

This thread started almost 2 years back ... and the member hasnt visited the site also since long , anyways for other members...corsa is a great car...its got power which u can even feel while driving it hard... its strong and sturdy...bikers and rickshaws have banged my car manytmes...all it caused was a scratch which was gone within15 minutes of cleaning...and im talking about banging...its tooo smoooth...the only problem is its fe and thats mostly because of its heavy weight . you wast alot of money on gas but then you dont have to bother about minor dents , etc , etc . you guys want proof then just use your thumb (just thumb) and press the door or rear of a corolla a and ull feel the metal going in when used a little force and try doing the same on a corsa .

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