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Default Is a FIAT worth it ? With regard to the after sales service and customer care

The only thing putting us off from buying Palio is the reputation for aftersales service from the Tata dealers.

There have been a lot of people who have told my dad that they receive second class treatment at the Tata service centres only because they are not Tata owners but own Fiat cars.

Can anyone help me out here ?
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Well. It depends on the particular service centre. Here in tvm, the "treatment" is good but the "knowledge" is terrible. But after TVS, it feels like heaven.

If you are worried about A.S.S, stick to a Maruti or a Hyundai. Atleast you would have many options if one A.S.S is unsatisfactory. I dont think anyone else is better than FIAT. I've heard amost same stories from all A.S.S. The only thing is that with a maruti or hyundai you can change your A.S.S without ending up travelling two digit kilometers to find an alternative.
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While the after-sales is dependant on the service center, parts supply isn't. And we have had far too many Palio owners complaining about spare parts availability in the ownership reviews. This is something that you might want to factor in too.
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It all depends on the service center around your town. I too am a Palio owner from Bangalore and recently, my car was rear ended. I had a trip on the anvil and I was stuck with a badly damaged car. It goes to Concorde Motor's credit that I was able to make my trip. They did a real good job with accident repair and paint matching, but goofed up when they connected my rear wiper in a reverse manner. I was so excited because I got my car in time for the trip, that I did not watch this mistake of theirs. Only when I operated the wiper did I notice that it was cleaning the metal piece instead of the glass. Upon complaining, Concorde rectified their mistake and also touched up the portion which had the mild scratch.

All in all, my opinion about this particular service center is that they did a good job, but they should remember to make those subtle things right.

But, I have heard far too many complaints about the car being stranded because of non-availability of parts. So, take your call.

In my opinion, Concorde has by far exceeded my expectations. Not that I expected much from them after my experience with the erstwhile Sundaram Motors.
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Ok... Thanks for the replies. Will talk to my dad and see what to do.
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It depends regarding the A.S.S.The car is good but the A.S.S need not be thatt good at your place.Even the sales guys behave as if he is working in some govt office.I have heard dealerships were if you bribe the supervisor you can get you parts exchanged with new car.Horrible hearing such expieriences.
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I've been owning a Palio since Oct 2007, been to the Service Station twice (First Service & a minor rattling issue). Both times I've been treated like royalty by the Service team.(Prerana Motors OMR, bangalore).

I've been to the same servive station before with my Indica & was treated decently.

But the Fiat experience has been far better.

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Fiat services have improved by leap years after they have changed to TATA. It might not be the best in class service but still its better and better in all ways than the previous service centres Fiat had.
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Parts supply is still a problem (in this part of the world atleast).
Normal service parts are fine. But suspension, body and critical engine parts like pulleys, belt tensioners etc.. are very hard to find here. Once the order is placed, it may take upto 2 months or so.
This is what I experienced with our Petra 1.9D. It's been running with some major suspension rattles from last 2 months or so. The parts are yet to arrive.
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Default FIAT service...

My experience with FIAT has been both good and bad.... although I dont have a Palio but an Uno, so my experience is limited to local garages....

In Delhi, i managed to locate a good mechanic and garage quite fast and since then, (2 years), i never had to face any problems with service. However, parts were still a major issue as avaliability was scarce and sometimes dealers asked for exorbitant prices.

Coming to Mysore, last 1 year, the local garages took me for a ride for about 6 months, almost forcing me to sell the car. Timely information about a FIAT only service center saved me from the decision. This garage and owner are simply superb in their knowledge of FIATs! So, for the last 6-7 months, my issues have been readily resolved and parts, although take a little time to arrive, but do arrive.

Take for example, 3 weeks ago my hand brake cable snapped, and I got a replacement done yesterday, when the part arrived from mumbai.
So, IMHO, if you can get a good garage and parts procurer, service and parts are not a problem.
However, like speedzak said, I'm not sure about the availability of critical parts and once such damage/replacement required may keep your car in the garage for almost a month or more.

Anyways, i'm pretty satisfied and if given an opportunity, will go for a FIAT again.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
While the after-sales is dependant on the service center, parts supply isn't. And we have had far too many Palio owners complaining about spare parts availability in the ownership reviews. This is something that you might want to factor in too.

I agree with GTO. This is true with all the Ex-Stile Palio's. I had to wait for a week for the alternator of my 1.6 Gtx to be delivered, since this was supposed to be imported from Spain (it was 90 amp v/s 80 amp used in the 1.2).
But with Stile 1.1 or 1.3 D, you should not worry much since almost all of the parts are locally procured and shouldn't be difficult to get. Previously, parts were all imported and hence not so easily available.

For peace of mind as regards the A.S.S., Go for Maruti/Hyundai, as knowledgeable people as regards a Palio are far and few with the service centres.
If you were thinking for Diesel, then Swift is wonderful plus Hyundai is also planning a Diesel variant for i10. But not sure when the launch is.

BTW, which Palio are you thinking to go for. The only one that appeals right now is the Palio Stile 1.6 Sport. The Diesel isn't that great as compared to the Swift with the same heart & the 1.1 is underpowered but the price tag is appealing. The interiors are nothing new. If you have time to wait for another 6 months, then the Grand Punto is a wonderful option, as also the Hyundai i10 Diesel.
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My 2 cents.

Afer having owned a OHC and nor a fiat....the factor which is worrying is only spare even that is getting better as fiat is waking up...atleast this is what i heard from the Tata service guys..

About tech knowledge i agree, they see stars when questioned! i think its all about the service center and the service advisor...i have had few funny instances when i owned OHC too
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A.S.S is very subjective to each individual. Personally, the worst after sales experience I've had is surprisingly with Maruti.....yes cut a long story short, they very conveniently forgot to tighten the front shock absorber mountings on my previous 800. If I had driven any further, the mounts would've gone straight through the bonnet metal or maybe worse, this was a major negative exp I had, there have been various other's with Maruti. But all said & done, you will definitely find a Maruti workshop at every nook & corner in India

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Depends on the TASS your place has.
I bought by Petra when in Pune and never understood the Fiat bad *** part at all.Servicing was a breeze while in Pune with BU Bhandari and I knew my car was in safe hands with Sameer(Works manager) around.
Since my shift to Chennai,its a different story altogether.I am being told that Concorde at ECR does a good job.Havent given the car for servicing yet there.Tried MyTVS at coimbatore once and I would say its a OK experience(Not good nor was it bad).
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i never had a bad experience with TASS in the last 5 years. but my experience was with Tata cars.
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