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i20 is a much safer car than the i10 and th Getz. Even at 70+ one needs to keep safety in mind. My next car seems to be the i20, if they plonk a larger engine (preferably petrol) and an auto tranny. Anybody has any idea whether Hyundai is going to launch an i20 automatic?
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1) Getz has a very powerful diesel engine. Bottom end torque is quite good, but then there is turbo lag too. The power deliver made after 2 K rpm is almost insane for city driving and this might be irritating for your dad. It was irritating in bumper to bumper traffic even for me. I20 is linear in comparison to Getz CRDi. Yes its not as powerful, but the linear power delivery will not be an issue in congested streets.

2) If you are able to consider I10 that itself is successor to Santro, I suggest you go for I10 1.2 Automatic Transmission. Your father is already 70+ and your query seems that the car will be asked to climb steep inclines in 4th gear, etc. I suggest if a lot of high speed highway driving is not involved, ask you father to have a look at i10 1.2 AT. This will reduce the stress of driving and no worries about gearshits.

3) This thread should be in Hatchbacks - Team-BHP section.

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He is hell with the getz CRDi

Get him the i20, looks very nice, and for an elderly person the safety on the car is awesome. Check if you spend some more and get the 6 airbags with abs/ebd on the asta

Actually, now that I think about it, buy him an automatic i10.

Edit, wrong board

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I would not suggest the i10 automatic purely because of the FE factor which is way too low for a small car (8kmpl max??)
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Considering your dad's age, the i20 Magna makes more sense. It has a light steering and an absolute breeze to drive in the city. I would recommend that you take a look at the i10 1.2 as well. It's low end response should be even better than the i20 as it is a lighter car with the same engine.
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Also think of Getz 1.3.

Better engine than i20.

Diesel will definitely have initial turbo lag at low spped.

In city petrol is definitely better.

i10 is a segment lower than i20 / Getz.

So, Better stick to Getz 1.3 petrol, (price cut even more than Getz CRDI).

5000km / year not worth for Diesel cars.

For AT cars, Santro / i10 will definitely have poor FE.

The best FE giving AT car is NHC CVT. Try to get a well maintained used NHC CVT.

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From your Requirement what I could gather is
1. Annual driving of 5000 Kms (Petrol car would be more suitable)
2. Dad is 70+ (More comfort & safety needed)
3. Current car is 1998 Santro which is 11 yr old. (Latest generation car needed to maximise the resale value at 10 yr mark)

Keeping above in mind I would say i20 is the best bet. You can also look at i10 Automatic version. As pointed by others fuel efficiency is a concern for automatic i10. But considering the automatic mileage as 8, the max difference in operating cost over i20 would be 10-11K in a year as it is only going to run 5000 Kms. IMO that is a small price to pay for the comfort in driving that it would provide your dad.
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Default i20 CRDi

1.4 CRDi Diesel Engine
With 4 cylinder DOHC 16 V it spits 90 ps power and 22.4 kgm torque at1750 rpm. Diesel lovers, go ahead! Your weight is over.

A hatchback with all 4 wheel 14" disc brakes.
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I guess if your hell bent on haveing diesel car then .. or else pertol makes sense .. Moreover Getz must be in its last lap.. i would have got a i 20 petrol.

Cheers !
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