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Old 31st December 2008, 13:37   #1
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Default Getz CRDi or i20

I know people have been over and over with the diesel vs petrol which one is right for me kind of scene..

This is my story. Been looking for a new car for close to a month now. When I sold off my Zen (my baby ) I had almost decided to go for the i10 Automatic Sport version. But then on the day we go to the showroom to book the car, dad stands in front of a demo vehicle.. Sits in.. Tinkers around.. Stares at the auto gear and Comments.. "I don't need this automatic car"..

He's taken advice from some old timers in the family; who have not even been seated in an automatic, let alone drive one, and come wiser stating that an automatic is not for indian roads.

Okk.. So the hunt begins again.

This time went around for my next preference, the Palio MJD Sdx. Was getting a beautiful deal on it, 5.01OR included with the HU and 2 front speakers that TATA is giving. Dad didn't like the interiors of the Palio. So out you go..

Now he is hooked on to the i20 without even seeing it. Just because some of the old timers told him that it will be good. So that brings us to my point..
(I know, a damn long way to get here)

I took a TD of the Getz CRDi, loved it outright. Its got a beauty of an engine. Personally I don't expect the i20 to be any kind of a scorcher especially with the 1.2 Kappa engine. But gotta admit it, I liked the interiors, albeit in the pics on Tbhp, and the exterior also looks good. But if you have a budget of 6L. which one do you go for?

PS: On the diesel vs petrol front I can only say that if I have a diesel, I might as well go to work in the car (35-40 kms daily). If its a petrol it would be a strictly family car for the weekend outings (60 kms a week). I kinda feel even the PS is going way too big. So, yours truly, awaiting your replies...
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Well, your father rejected the earlier choices so the first logical question would be : Does he approve of the Getz CRDi? Between the i20 & the Getz, I'd pick the CRDi purely on the engine. Powerful cars never go out of style (even after production ceases) and it will be a heck of a better drive than the 1.2 petrol I20. Plus, the Getz is a pretty competent hatch. Good room + big car road manners.

That said, Hyundai is definitely coming up with a diesel i20. How long can you wait?
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Only if you are in dire need on a diesel then go for the Getz CRDi or else the i20 is generations ahead of the Getz. Just take a look at the cars interior and exterior design as well as the features it offers, you will be blown away.
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I had a similar discussion with my friend today. Both the i20 asta and Getz crdi ex-showroom price is around 5.4 in hyderabad. Anyways both have their advantages and disadvantages. i20 has safety features but has compromised on the engine. The crdi however has a stonker of an engine but compromises on the safety. How good is performance without the safety?. Both have equally good space inside.

Since you said if you have the diesel you can take it for work everyday which translates that you would be loving the drive and performance of the car everyday, IMO you need to go for the crdi. Besides driving in a 2 wheeler for 35-40 kms everyday is not a very good idea especially if the drive involves travelling via highways. If you decide on the CRDI please be aware that you are compromising on the safety.
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Default hello

I am proud owner from1 year of Getz CRdi and the odo meter it has clocked 35000 kms.I will only say I have n't tried i20 but this machine getz crdi if you like power ,than in this segment this is the best choice ,a test drive of this vehicle itself will bring you to the final choice of your new car.
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without any doubt its GETZ CRDI
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CRDI for me too. However, the mating of a similarly powerful engine to the better looks/better space etc. of the i20 would be the ideal situation, so I guess the thing to do would be to wait for a while till that happens.
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waiting puts me in a kinda crazy situation..
1) I don't have a car now.. (this point should usually suffice) but then,
2) When will hyundai come with a better engine for the i20?

on another note.. I guess only a TD of the i20 will tell.. Any ideas when we can get one for TD's?
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i20 - It has all the safety features you want and is a new gen vehicle.
Getz CRDi - super power, good driveability, fun to drive in highways with its raw power but it is old gen vehicle.

I would recommend you TD i20 also ask your dad which one he likes better (as I feel he is the deciding factor) and then put your money on that.
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I would like to say that first of all test drive the concerned vehicles.
And if the car also has to do duty as an effortless highway car, then forget i20 again go for Getz Crdi.

Hyundai and Maruti are acting slightly weird IMO when it comes to positioning. It is as if i10 was to replace Getz, and i20 with that 1.2 is overpriced. So I dont think that the diesel i20 will be priced slightly above Getz Crdi. It will above that.

I20 with its present powertrain wont be happy hauling family on highways. Its a good city car, but then get the car out of that role and IMO, as compared to Getz Crdi, it will not be a good performer.

Getz is a not a bad product at all and rather with the diesel it is a good hot hatch. Space is excellent and also ride quality is good.
There are no NCAP rating available for I20, but here comes the real cnofusion. I20 has more passive safety equipments as compared to Getz. If you have budget of around Rs. 7 lakh, then its worth waiting for I20 crdi. Hyundai will definitely be coming up with crdi, but again positioning can be an issue.
Final word : If you are ready to wait, wait for I20 diesel. And if you are presently traveling 35 kms on two wheeler and in need of a car, go for Getz Crdi.
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I have been having the similar discussion with my friend over the last few days. If your dad rejected the palio based on its interiors, then I dont see why he would want to go for the getz crdi based on its interiors. Tobe honest the getz crdi is a real rip off from hyundai. I cant even call it a bare minimum car. The interiors are uninspiring, albeit spacious. and its almost as if your going to be paying 6lakhs just for the fun that the engine provides. I'm not sure if that is such a great investment. And as per my salesperson at hyundai chennai, the prices are expected to go back up 3% in jan, which is around 15 to 20k more on the getz, which makes the car all the more a useless buy IMHO. Also, you compromise big time on safety. The crdi does not even come with an abs option which i think is needed for that engine. I bought the verna crdi sx and I insisted that we get the ABS version and I have no regrest on that.
The i20 (i'm yet to go take a test drive, maybe this weekend if its available), seems like a fantastic buy. The engine is dissappointing and clearly hyundai is pricing it based on all the accessories and safety features it offers. THe interiors seem decent from what I see in the snaps and looks like a good buy. As of now no idea about when a crdi i20 may be released. If your not in such a hurry to buy a car, then perhaps you could wait for sometime to see if any news on that is out. If your not particular about the petrol vs diesel thing and are looking for VFM, then the i20 seems like the way to go.
To put it straight for you -
GETZ if your willing to pay 6l for the engine and be dissappointed otherwise
i20 if you want value for money, and an ok engine that may not be as fun as the getz.
Hope I've helped! Happy New Year!!
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getz if you want a driver's car. i20 if you want the features etc
if you want both , then wait for the diesel i20.
being a dieselhead, and having driven the Getz CRDI - I'd say get the crdi/wait for the new one any day!
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Ok my freind you have asked a lot of enthusiasts and petrolheads which car they want to choose between a practical safe runabout and an old low on safety scorcher, what answer do you expect?

However decisions like these are not made on the only factor as wto which car is fun to drive. Unless you are super rich, most car buying decisions are based on practicallity, else everyone in US would be driving a Mustang Shelby GT. However if a car is practical as well as fun to drive, thats an ideal combination but tough one to get. If you are not driven solely by adrenaline of a powerful engine, here is my practical advise:

1) Buy a car thats new as it would have a longer shelf life -> i 20

2) A new car would have better resale value thus offseting the initial price -> i 20

3) Getz might be discontinued in the future, even if not it would get a step motherly attitude

4) Getz is a generation old and the interiors would remind you of gen old cars like Palio

5) Getz has great engine, but it deserves ABS and Airbags even more than Kappa 1.2 considering the speeds and accerlation its capable off

6) Ppl take Santro on highways in India, so Hyundai i20 is quite capable of doing the highway duty. It would actually do a better highway duty than Getz as it will keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether it takes 15 seconds to reach 100 or Getz takes 10 is academic.

7) i 20 has more space

The only thing going on for Getz CRDI:

1) Fun to drive
2) Diesel cost of running

If the above two factors are deciding factors for you. Than a car that can deliver both the above points + safety = Swift Vdi with ABS. Ask your dad to take a test drive of all 3 cars, but my vote would go to Swift Vdi ABS and if not that than i20.

I would never recommend any bhpian to play with safety. The roads of today are not as good as they used to be some years ago. We should all consiously adopt safety features over a little thrill (spcly if it comes at the expense of safety). I am not against fun to drive cars, however for me safety equipment in these cars is a must. Airbags or ABS should be standard at the very least. Spcly if you are shelling 6 lakh rupees.

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CRDi for me as well. The Car is a LAND ROCKET. I recently drove one and it flies, plus the diesel economy. Put the hammer down and still it returns a double figure FE.
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hey guys, I went to check the i20 yesterday.. IMO,
the interiors are very well done.
The chocolate brown on the dash looks good in the flesh.
You get all sorts of features, ABS, Airbags, Steering Wheel controls, USB Port, Blah,blah,blah..
and.. I drove it in the compound of the dealership. It seems like a very good city car.
and yep.. Dad didn't like the CRDi interiors and its absence of features didnt help either. I also seriously doubt if the i20 CRDi is gonna come out anytime soon.
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