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madhukar_n 15th July 2009 11:03

Which Automatic Hatch?
I am looking to replace my 2002 Zen with a Automatic Transmission car. AT is required for my dad(who had a surgery) and my wife(who is more comfy in AT). Well my options are limited:

1) i10 Magna AT - on road about 5.14
2) Santro AT
3) Wagon R AT

I did go over a few posts on the three cars and i guess i will have to knock off Wagon R from the list - mainly bcos it is a 3 speed AT.

is A-Star coming up with a AT ? Is maruti coming with a 4 speed AT ?
What about Spark ?

I can wait for a couple of months and in no hurry.

Let me know guys.

abhinav.gupta88 15th July 2009 11:05

I think the i10 will be your best best.
Its new, its comfortable and looks cool too.

i20 not in the consideration?

*VT* 15th July 2009 11:16

Thats right.
Go for the i10 without considering anything further.
Its the newest AT hatch currently available in this segment.
i10 has got very nice interiors and cute designing from out side, I wouldn't suggest the Santro as its old and i10 is its new "avatar", so why not go for it?
WagonR is nice as well but personally I don't like its boxy looks esp. when its compared with the i10.

All the Best,

JVH 15th July 2009 11:19

What's your budget?

Of the list, i10 it is. A no brainer actually.

If you can stretch the budget, you can very well go for the new kid on the block - i20.

sgiitk 15th July 2009 11:22

I have used both Maruti & Hyundai ATs. The Maruti 3-speed box is no competition for the Hyundai 4-speed (actually 3+1, but de facto 4 speed). I must add by modern standards these are all rudimentary with no torque lock up etc.

Go for the Kappa-AT you should be happy.

madhukar_n 15th July 2009 11:22


Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 (Post 1384923)
i20 not in the consideration?

nope. i20 AT comes close to 8L. preferably around 5L.

Tejas@perioimpl 15th July 2009 11:29

We have a i10 AT and are quite happy with the performance. However, the initial FE is disastrous. Keep that in mind. Do a search for i10 AT fuel efficiency thread and see the results.
Also, in my opinion the i10 will need a tyre upgrade immediately to improve handling. So factor that in your budget as well.

ashthedivx 15th July 2009 11:36

Indeed i10 AT seems to be better choice, it is not only latest in the lot but also the plushiest. It do contain the same AT box that of Santro but still newer is always better. However, do not look at Wagon R AT, it is horrible from the LOT. I wonder if you might get some dealer offering test drive for wagon R AT.

Ramsagar 15th July 2009 14:32

You can blindly opt for I10 AT,its new entry with a refresh interiors.else look in for used Honda city CVT may work out little cheap(big car with small price).

ravibhat 15th July 2009 15:46

i10 AT is best AT hatchback in India. Still no one can compete with it. i10 is very good car too, it has very nice space. I suggest change tyres to Michellins no need to upgrade the tyre size. You will get best ride and balanced handling by Michellins. I am not selling my Alto just because of Michellins.



dhrishikesh 15th July 2009 16:07

Hyundai i10 is the best AT hatchback. i10 AT + (efficient) Kappa Engine.
WagonR AT is also good but personally i don't like its box shaped profile as compared to Hyundai i10.

madhukar_n 15th July 2009 19:31

Thanks guys. Pretty much on the expected lines.
ramsagar, I am not keen on used honda city.(did not like its shape).
i personally liked A-Star/Ritz but it does not have a AT and god knows when they will release one.
Let me now convince everyone at home and also see how much my zen will get.
if anyone of you/your friends looking for a 2002 zen.. let me know. will also post on classifieds soon.

Tejas@perioimpl 15th July 2009 22:48

You will get a pretty decent used honda accord AT (even a V6 - compared to the i10 AT Asta), corolla or civic in the same price as a new i10AT if you wish to consider it.

FlyingSpur 16th July 2009 10:22

A used Corolla is what I would suggest. Loaded, and returns good FE as well (refer to vasudeva's thread on his Corolla A/T ownership experience). If you're strictly looking for a new car though, the i10's your only option unless you have 8L to spend on the i20. And as Tejas rightly pointed out, initial FE figures will have you believe you're driving a 500bhp+ monster.

madhukar_n 16th July 2009 10:29

corolla is definately a good car... no doubt.
but the issue is the size. both my wife/dad are reluctant to drive my baleno. so i dunno if they will be willing to drive a corolla.

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