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If you are looking for a used hatch at this price kindly avoid palios. Ofcourse the GTX is a tempting car but if you have to have a GTX buy a new one. The most maintained GTX are from users that love it and so won't sell it generally.
Still if you need a used GTX then keep aside some VitaMIN-M to be on the safer side. Also TASS is not all that hassle free. A used Maruti/Hyundai will be a safer if not very exciting bet.
Even on our forum I have seen very happy GTX owners and most of them bought it new. Owners of used palios (all variants) are generally not a happy lot. Yes there are a few of members who bought the 1.6 but then they have shelled out fair enough immediately after the purchase just to restore the car to immaculate condition. (See Mr.Raveendra's thread).
So if your budget is restricted please look elsewhere, if you have spare cash and are sure that the car in question is in good to excellent condition, go ahead and enjoy. Fingers crossed.


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Hey Guys - Thanks for all the wonderful advice. Doc - Your post was esp. helpful and I will keep these points in mind. I will check out the car, report back here before I commit to anything.

As for some of the other suggestions, I dislike the esteem and the ikon so then I will need to increase my budget to accomodate a WagonR or an Alto, again two cars that are not very appealing.

I shall update you guys tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday night, gents.
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GTX, Esteem and Icon(1.6) are considered as performance cars.
WaganR and Alto won't be eonugh for you,You might get a good Alto VX 1.1, which has better power to weight ratio.
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Default Be careful with low cost second hand cars.

Originally Posted by vcash View Post
Hey Guys - Thanks for all the wonderful advice. Doc - Your post was esp. helpful and I will keep these points in mind. I will check out the car, report back here before I commit to anything.

As for some of the other suggestions, I dislike the esteem and the ikon so then I will need to increase my budget to accomodate a WagonR or an Alto, again two cars that are not very appealing.

I shall update you guys tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday night, gents.
I do not know about this particular car mentioned but I suggest you stay from cars that have not covered at least 10000km a year. The meter must have been reset in false lower mileage car unless the owner has 3 to 4 cars to begin with. Also stay away from cars that are quoted well below market price. Only a lover of the GTX is going to maintain it and he definitely is not going to give it away for a pittance. Only cars that have been abused, had a major accident or have gone through many owners are going to be given at throw away prices. I have reluctantly accepted advance for my car today at a good final price knowing fully well I will never ever get such a trouble free and rock solid hatchback ever again in my life. Fiat Bravo might match it in solidity but trouble free for 6 years like the GTX I have; it never is going to be especially with TATA servicing it. When you first see the car see for the paint quality. If it shines like as if its just been just out of the showroom you can be sure the owner is a fanatic like me. It may be dusty but if the paint shines you have got yourself a good previous owner. The engine bay too should be spotlessly clean with no tell tale oil leakage signs. Other than points mentioned in previous posts luck too should be with you.

If not for the college management who want me to buy a bigger sedan ( I have booked the CRUZE) I would have kept my GTX for many many years to come since I now know fully well that it is the authorized service centers that spoil the car during routine service. As long as you keep away from authorized service centers your FIAT products will be trouble free for many many years especially in Kerala.
The only thing I did for my GTX is change all fluids on its birthday and engine oil and filter change every 5000km and in return it has proved to me that the GTX is a better car than the Cruze I booked last week.

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Hi Guys,

So I checked the car out and here were my observations:
1) The car had no paint work or dent and for a Mumbai car was surprisingly clean and free of most dings and scratches.
2) Interiors were not so great with one broken power window switch (Rear Left) and a very eroded gear lever knob and a tear in the steering wheel.
3) Drivers seat had some play but once seated would not move back and forth.

So when I sat down to drive, the car would not start - the owner said that the car was last started 3 days ago and was surprised that it is not starting because the battery is only one year old. After some fiddling around we saw that the connector was lose and some carbon (acid?) was corroded on one of the points. Some sandpaper later, the GTX sprung to life.

Upon starting, the squeaky fanbelt chirped a little and then she was quite idle at start with no engine noise coming into the cabin. I managed to do some versatile driving and hit around 100 kmph quite easily.

The few things I found while driving:
a) In third gear between 2000 and 3000 rpm, the car missed a little which felt like a blocked injector.
b) The AC would not cool, only the fan worked. Could be an issue of gas needed charging.
c) Brakes felt a little weak. Might need some recalibiration or brake fluid change.
d) Carr did not pull to either side and took the potholes quite well. Also no execessive reving was required in traffic at lower rpms.

Upon returning and some more inspection revealed the following:
1) The door sills show some minor rust where paint has been chipped in places. Silencer was rusty but no rust in the spare wheel well, Firewall was clean as well.
2) Rubber nuggets on the clutch pedal quite worn out for a car only driven 24K but accelerator and brake pedals were okay. Could be a case of riding the clutch.
3) Tyres - Running S322's however, two tyres from Aug 2004 and two from October 2004. Spare wheel from September 2001 and looks like it has never been used. Owner said that some tyres have got cut so thats why he changed.
4) Car was bought in 2002, but VIN plate lists it as L 01 (The L could have been a D - Could not really make out indicating a Dec 01 buy)
5) All electricals work but power windows are slow
6) Left headlamp does not work and has muck inside it - Might need changing or new bulbs or a connector at the very least.
7) Suspension is perfect. One bounce and it comes up.
8) Took the oil dipstick out after the hard test drive and no smoke or fumes. Tailpipe did not emmit any dark fumes as well.
9) Front two doors creak - Needs greasing.
10) CD player did not turn on - Owner says that fuse might be blown.
11) Air intake hose had some bandaid work done.

I also talked to the owner about the car and this is what he had to say:
1) There has never been flood damage or accidental damage.
2) He has not driven the car much since 2007 when he bought his Skoda Laura.
3) He is migrating to the US and does not want to leave many cars in India (Claims he has a CRV), so he is selling this one.
4) Claimed that the car was "lucky" and thats why he never got rid of it. But now its too much of a burden espescially since he never drives it.
5) Says always serviced at A.S.S and last service was 4 months ago.
6) The owner is no where close to an enthusiast. He just likes expesnive cars but has no clue around them: Atleast that was the image I perceived.
7) Has PUC, LTT and all other upto date papers.

That was pretty much it for the drive and inspection part. We negotiated down to 1,07,000 and he insisted on a token but I resisted since my mechanic will check out the car tomorrow so I told him to wait till tomorrow evening for an answer from me. He told me that if he gets another offer he would sell and I told him that was fine and it would be my bad luck if he did. But I think by the tone of his voice, that he is not selling this anytime soon.

So based on this, I am pretty sure that the car is clocked - The tyres and the clutch pedal nuggets give it away. By how much - Not sure but lets keep 25K as an estimate here.

Also the car will need some work:
1) AC gas recharge
2) Injector cleaning.
3) Paint touch up on scratches and polish and door sill rust touch up.
4) Left headlight assembly needs to be changed.
5) Change all essential fluids.
6) Brake recalibiration.
7) Door Greasing.
8) Interior cleaning and gear knob change.
9) Rear power window switch needs to be changed and check switches to see why power windows are slow.
10) Might need a new battery
11) Some cosmetic stuff - like missing 16V badges on right fender and rear of the car.

So guys, after going through this information, what do you think?

I figure if the list of stuff to fix is genuine, I am looking at a repair estimate of about 15K - Please advise if I am under estimating here?

So at a final cost of 1.22L, does this car make sense? Any red herrings noticed? Please advise and I will update tomorrow with my mechanics opinion as well.

Many thanks,

P.S. I really had a blast with the GTX during my short drive. It is addictive. Reminds me of the same pleasure provided by my City 1.5 in Jamshedpur!

Here are some pictures for your reference:
Attached Thumbnails
1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009233.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009234.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009235.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009236.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009238.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009239.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009240.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009241.jpg  

1L Budget: Palio GTX or something else?-25102009242.jpg  

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The missing can be because of the broken air intake hose. Will put you back by Rs.2500.

The pedals, steering wheel and gear knob show extensive use. The car has clearly run more. I think close to a lakh. I will send you pictures of my T.mist GTX that has run 110000km and a grey GTX that has done 44K. You will agree with me immediately on seeing the interiors.

The owner seems to be in a bit of a rush to sell it off, considering token advance and other things. Bargain hard. The seat fabric looks old too. Also, one of the pictures that you have posted, it looks like masking tape had been stuck and removed from the side beading on the door.
The seat belt locks have faded way too soon.
These are things which I can see as of now.

All the best.

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I concur with Beejay. The car might have easily done more than 80K kms. The interiors need quite an amount of work.

Please have a look at my GTX's ownershp thread. I have written down every penny I have spent on acquiring it. My car was in a great mechanical condition except the brakes.You can take this as reference to calculate approximate costs.

If you decide to buy it, you can work out the the mechanical things first. Cosemtic stuff including the paint can came later.

Ask your mechanic to drill down the engine bay and see for any clues. It looks quite dirty to me.
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Stay away from the referred car.
The gear knob has almost peeled off, it must have done more than 100 k am pretty sure.

You would find far better specimen for the same money.
Have patience.

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Kindly stay away from it. See if you can get in touch with any of our bhpian who own's GTX & set you a good deal.

Even mechanic is not reliable enough unless & until he is well know to you from man years, they can make you cough more money while restoring it.

Finally it seems to be a Lemon
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This car is worth 80k max.
Definitely a tampered odometer.
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Thanks Guys - I have already called the owner and told him that I am going to pass on the car. The hunt continues and I will keep updating this thread as I come across beter GTX examples.

If you guys do come across any well maintained GTX's in Mumbai, please give me a headsup (Thanks KD for my first reference already!)

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This is the first time i've come across this kind of red color GTX! Was there such color in GTX?

I've usually seen this color on a 1.2 Palio!
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yes i have seen a few in mumbai.
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Update! Update!

I came across a well maintained GTX - July 2002 run about 65,000 Kms. The owner was a very nice and genuine guy who is also a car enthusiast. The car is very clean in and out. Serviced by Fortune A.S.S; No accident, flood or rust damage.

He is selling to upgrade to another car from the Fiat stable.

Tyres are uprated Michelins and one year old and battery is a little more than a year old.

Took a short drive and everything seemed sorted, except that it felt a little sluggish and definetly needs a good servicing and her fluids change (Last service was pre-monsoons).

No tacho meter dancing at idle or black smoke fumes. Rubber nuggets on all pedals are not worn out.

He was very candid about the following:
1) Had a BEST bus graze his right side fender a few months ago, which he got changed and painted.
2) Speedometer is not working - Said he had this problem last year and had someone fix it for him. However, when he went to Fortune, they wanted to change his ECU for this problem - he felt this was not the solution and is looking to go to guy who fixed this problem for him last year.
3) The front suspension makes some noise and the bush might need changing.

I could not make anything else that was wrong except:
1) the car had some rattles inside (Something expected of a 7 year old car?)
2) The front bonnet had some stains - but it looks like a good wax job is all that is needed.

Also the car is Pune registeration, so I would need to get the NOC from there and get the registeration in my name.

The price is near my budget and I am getting a full diagonstic done at Fortune tomorrow morning.

I would appreciate any feedback before I commit to this deal if the diagnostic checks out fine.

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From your account - the main thing to worry about is the speedo. Several owners have reported that repairing a faulty speedo is extremely problematic in the Palio. In most cases replacing the entire instrument console is the only way out.

If the odo reading is genuine - there is little to worry about. Front suspension noise will probably take much more than just replacing a bush. You might need to change the lower arms as well as struts and springs.

When you say it has rattles inside - do you mean inside the cabin? In which case - not much to worry, just look for loose change or loose bits in the cabin, also the rear parcel tray and rear high-stop light - easily rectified. If the rattle is from inside the engine bay - then it would be time to start worrying.

When you say that the car is sluggish - what exactly do you mean. Is it lacking in pulling power throughout the rev range, or is there a flat spot in the acceleration. Or is it something that the engine kind of misses a beat, does the engine sound laboured, or does the engine revv without matching movement from the wheels. Also, you mentioned that the tyres are uprated, what size are the tyres - tyres of a larger dia. will make the car feel sluggish at low speeds.

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