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Chevrolet Beat LT 103 48.36%
Maruti Suzuki Ritz 84 39.44%
Others (i10 1.2 Magna / Estilo /.... ) 26 12.21%
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Old 18th January 2010, 18:34   #1
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Default Chevrolet Beat or Maruti Suzuki Ritz

I created a thread few days ago, comparing i10 / Estilo / WagonR.
I have stretched the budget a little bit.

Which car to go for?
Chevrolet Beat LT or Maruti Suzuki Ritz VXi


1. Would be used as a secondary car.
2. Would be used locally, average running 5-10 kms a day.
3. Would be used by parents, driven around by me or Chauffeur.

What I like about Beat (LT):
1. New car, looks are subjective, but i like the stance.
2. Interiors are ok, blue backlight effect and black inserts are cool.
3. ACC on LT model.
4. Integrated music system with USB.
5. Rear defogger, wiper/washer.
6. Three year maintenance package.

What I dont like about beat:
1. A.S.S
2. Rear leg room is not that great. Rear seats too felt a little cramped.
3. Boot space.
4. Speedometer.
5. No keyless entry.
6. No wheelcaps, I did not like the metal rims.
7. Extra premium of Rs. 5500 for metallic colors. (Only White, black and silver are non-metallic)

I went to the showroom for a test drive. But they did not have the car ready yet. So, I cannot comment on the drive quality and engine performance.
Thats why I am creating the thread to get a general idea on how good or bad it is when compared to Ritz's. Ofcourse, I will be test driving the car before buying.

What I like about Ritz VXi:
1. Great engine. Good power, great mileage.
2. Keyless entry.
3. 60:40 split rear seat.
4. Good average.
5. Better boot than beat.
6. Good interior quality and design is not too bad either.
7. Maruti's peace of mind.
8. Good resale.

What I dont like about Ritz VXi:
1. I was not a huge fan of the car when it was launched, but now, I have gotten kinda used to it. I find beat a better looking car than ritz.
2. No music system.
3. Black ORVM's and door handles (No biggie).
4. No ACC.
5. Costs Rs. 24255.65 (ex. showroom) more than Beat.

Which car do you think is a better overall package.
Please do not suggest cars higher in price range than these two.

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If its for rear seat passenger go with Ritz. I sat behind and 2 kms itself was torture for my 5.1x foot frame. Shorter people would be more comfy though.

I love the Beat otherwise and to be honest we are going through the same dilemma right now, only thing we are debating between LT Option pack Vs Zxi. Should decide by feb 1 week.
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Since the car is for your parents and will be chauffeur driven, it would be best to go for the Ritz Vxi. The Beat's rear seats are a bit claustrophobic.
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Beat is more "flashy" whereas the Ritz is "practical".
Though Beat is a great package on paper, the rear seat is cramped and there is no airy feeling in the car unlike the Ritz and very like the A-star.
Ritz on the other hand even though a better engine, would not love the corners as much as the Beat.
If practicality is on top of your mind, go for the Ritz. Otherwise Beat is a fantastic VFM as well.
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As others have pointed out, Ritz is more practical. Suzuki K series unit is very good and overall Ritz has more spacious cabin. Also the rear seats are more airy than Beat whose rear seats are a bit like A-star. If you are buying the car for your parents, then go for Ritz. Its cabin is more airy, space good enough.

The wider after sales and service network is also a positive point along with peace of mind.

Beat somehow falls short when it comes to practicality.
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You have pointed out the pros and cons of each car very well. But just think of it this way; No music system, black ORVM's and door handles (No biggie), No ACC and costs Rs. 24,255.65 more than Beat!! Then you have the sexy looks of the Beat. But if your parents are going to be chauffeur driven, I'd recommend you to look at the Indica Vista as well. Otherwise, pick the Beat LT(O).
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the Indica vista a good option and the rear space is much better compared to the Beat and the Ritz.
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Neither of the two are good when it comes to rear seat comfort, its just that Ritz would be a bit more comfortable. If rear seat comfort is the criteria then you need to look at a third car.
Between these two I would plonk my money on the Beat simply because its cheaper, is better built and looks a whole lot better. To sweeten the deal, it even comes with the 3 year maintenance package. Tremendous VFM!
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Well I think I have a totally different opinion on the comparison

I had gone to the showroom near MG Road in Bangalore to test drive the Beat . Though I had to wait long , in the end me and my friend could get into the vehicle for a drive .

Looks :-
Well this is again subjective as mentioned here , but for me the front looked really fresh compared to any other car currently in the segment . Rear , well I dint quite like the silver outlined lights . Found it to be too flashy ( May be some smoking or stickers can make me happy ) .
Tyres defintely need an upgrade 155 r13 is a real let down .
165 can enhance it .

Comfort :-
This is the most comfortable car that I have drove till date in that segment . ( read as ritz , swift , I 10 ) .With the steering adjustment you can reach a real comfortable riding position . I feel that the small steering wheel and the position would be best for a highway relaxed drive .
Rear , again i found it to be roomy , the shoulder room , the head room as well as the leg room was more than a Ritz or I10 ( I am 175 and my friend is 178 ) .
To compare , we sat inside the Cruz rear seat , and trust me the seating inside the Beat was far better ( space and comfort ) given its dimensions and cost .
Yes as pointed out here , one would need to drool through the rear windows for a view outside . It might feel a bit claustrophobic ,thanks to it real small windows and absence of glass in the last quarter glass .

Quality :-
The plastics looks top notch , the gear nob is worth mentioning . I havent seen that good plastic in any car of that class .The gloss finish strip of plastic in the dash and door pads gives a classy look .
Door pads werent that good in quality and it looked flimsy . The pads were going in and out when pressed also there were gaps .

Ride :-
The best part - the sound of the engine .. guys it really Wrooooooomsss!!
I loved it ! . Decent amount of power , could reach 60 in decent time . ( we test drove and there was a small strech in a pocket road wher I could push it ) . The gear shift is slick . I love the short throw . ( Just have a comparision with Aveo UVA , you will feel the difference ) Its as good or more than a swift / Ritz . AC is good , doesnt suck much power as the regular petrol cars .
Power steering is responsive , its not light / dead as the I10.
Visibility is not as good as other cars , but would get used to it in no time .

Blue light looks great , though I dint find the new instrument cluster very good ( looks = subjective ) .

Well GM should be offering the 3 year warranty and recently their *** has improved . If you are looking a car to use it for 5 / 6 years . Yes you can go for it , as the depreciation wouldnt make you very sad if its for a longer period . Mileage is decent , ratings say 17 /18 for a litre of Petrol .

This will be a car that has the capacity to make things merrier for GM in India .Hope the sales and service guys would help them reach there .

I am sure that no man would feel bad after buying a Beat - The prophet in me think so :-)
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If the car is bought for your parents and back seat comfort is your primary concern both these cars are below average. Why dont you consider the Wagon R. It's the right car for you.
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For the Rear Seat i think you are looking at the wrong cars.
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For rear seat comfort Indica vista is a good contender. Very spacious and the soft ride helps swallow any road undulations without causing discomfort to the passengers. Its not a very bad car to drive as well.

Between the 2 you have shortlisted, for the rear seat alone, you can look at Ritz. The Beat is better when it comes to VFM though rear seat might not be the best.
Else the best way to go about it is to take your parents to the showroom and have them sit in the Beat with the front seats pushed all the way back and also have them sit in the Ritz. Choose whichever they are more comfortable in.
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@rejoycjohn: Rear seats are not at all good in Beat, absolutely puny lumbar support. Moment driver decelerate one slides off! Seat belts are also of not much help. Very unnerving place to be, especially for elders.

Ride yes its good for a small car but thats just it. Ritz is overall better in this aspect (rear seating). I did 2 test drives of Beat and each time sat behind for sometime. Second time rushed to the MUL showroom and did a back to back comparison just to double check. Not only me but my brother for whom we are looking at these cars confirmed the same.

Spark had better rear bench and i was checking if we can swap the rear bench of spark with beat.

Claustrophobia was least of our concerns when we sat behind coz we anyways will have sun control installed in the car we buy and make it claustrophobic

From a drivers perspective, that too if you are of average width, beat is terrific. If you are on the heavier side the front seat can make the car lil uncomfortable.

EDIT: Yes we both loved the Beat otherwise, since its a second city car for my brother who will be chauffeured most of the time, we are in this dilemma.

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I would have gone for the Beat. I don't like the rear-ended look of the Ritz. But the engine and the mileage of the Ritz is terrific
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I'd personally choose the Ritz for that engine & gearbox combo alone. The 1.2 petrol is sweet. Engine aside, the Ritz does come across as a car that is overall better engineered than the Beat. The interiors (especially back seat) are more airy, the Ritz is a better performer on the open road, is a tighter handler than the Beat (though Swift is king here) and again....I just love that engine (by hatchback standards).

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