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Default Feedback on the Ritz & Swift. EDIT: Booked a Beat. Further EDIT : Got a Figo!

3 years after the FIAT Palio Adventure I might be in the market for another car. (I know this is going to be a shock to those who know me.) And this time the requirements are just the opposite. I need a "no frills" car with maximum fuel efficiency and least maintenance.

The only cars i am looking at are the Swift and the Ritz both in "LDi Mode".

The Reason?

1. Grande Punto MJD: Beyond my budget and also not very sure if i want to get into another FIAT ownership relationship. I'm a dad now and i just don't have time to spend at the service centre. Moreover unlike in the adventure i see nothing unique in this car. Those who remember would know that i bought the adventure coz it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me at that time. Times have changed and now i just dont have time to spare for services.

2.Vista Q-Jet: Well. This is the REAL car i would like to own. I like the space, the looks, the comfort, the ride. Almost everything except the ugly steering wheel and more importantly the doubt back in my mind on how stress free the ownership would be. I now need a car that would not require my time at the service centre trying to ensure they are doing a good job. So this one too is OUT. ...Sadly.

Now the BIG question. What car do i buy among the Swift and the Ritz?

The last few days i spent looking at threads that mention about both Ritz and Swift. To be very frank i am left very confused. Lots of things said. Some by owners, some by people who have test driven, some from what owner friends have said, some hearsay. I really cant make up my mind or decide which one would be better.

Could the people who have driven Both cars (in any mode) help me out here.

PS: Test Drive experience of Ritz VDi will follow.

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My close to 2 years of Swift Dzire ownership was trouble free. I am sure that you can find plenty of long term swift ownership reports here. Ritz is still relatively sold in fewer numbers in the market. If i had to choose, i would still go for the Swift.
(PS: i have not test driven a Ritz)
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Considering you are a family man, i would say go for the Ritz LDi. Also, why not look at the Petrol version ? Is your running too high? Some more inputs from your side would be appreciated
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Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
Considering you are a family man, i would say go for the Ritz LDi. Also, why not look at the Petrol version ? Is your running too high? Some more inputs from your side would be appreciated


Between Swift and Ritz, I suggest Ritz. But do think about Petrol version and considering the Premium you pay for Diesel version vis-a-vis your average usage per month

Regarding Steering Wheel of Vista - It can be replaced with after market one and of your choice - Not a big deal. But your other fears - No body can guarantee.

Swift - You'll enjoy the driving thrill, but your other family members will not enjoy with cramped interiors. But Ritz, even though it is not bigger like Vista, will have the feeling of airy, because of its height.

So stick to Ritz - No matter whether it is Petrol or Diesel.
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Having driven both the Swift VDi and Ritz VDi, here is my thought.

Looks - Obviously the Swift, but you find it so common that you will not be seen uinque. Ritz looks like a banged one from the rear but the interiors are more roomy, airy and better looking than the Swift
Ride - Swift is more sportier, Ritz loses due to the tall boy
Drive - Give it to the Ritz (BS4) due to the linear power delivery compared to the Swift which throws you back (BS3), but BS4 compliant from Apr means both will be same. The gear shifter is clunky, but I find the Ritz more easy to park/reverse and has a better view of the road (less blind spots)
Build - Ritz is better build any day, my Swift annoys everytime it passess over potholes
Efficiency/***/Spares - Same, should not be an issue. But dont expect all Maruti dealers to treat you like a king

Intial cost - The Ritz diesel didnt sell in good numbers (unlike the petrol due to refined nature and lower cost compared to the diesel), so you can bargain hard on a Ritz LDi and get good offers. The Swift still sells with a waiting period or pay the premium

Resale - Always good for volume sellers, so expect slightly better resale for the Swift. But if you are holding the car for a long time, guess it doesnt matter

Okay my recommendation goes to the Ritz!
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Ritz it should be. I drove one a few months back when it was launched and it drives the way a small car should
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From my experience
Ritz - more spacious, better visiblity, cheaper, better availablity.... BUTTTTT Ritz was unstable at 140+ speeds, especially while manouvering, forget cornering. even crosswinds made it nervous. BSIV engine tuning was a bit funky - very linear. I liked the nitrous boost like effect of the swift motor . Plus the centre gear console kept fouling with my knees, was very annoying
Swift - a bit claustrophobic, low visiblity, But better performance, stability, resale. My choice
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Swift anyday for solo drives - I'm assuming the adventure will do family duties.
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I have driven both,
Swift VDi and Ritz VDi.
If you are ok with the rear looks of Ritz , then go for it.
Both cars have same engine+ almost same specs.

If your main concern is performance+ high speed stability, then go for Swift, coz swift has low CG when compared with Ritz. Obviously cornering will be pretty much ease in Swift. Swift is a mod friendly car + lots of after market products are available for exterior mods.
But Swift looses in uniqueness, coz loads of swift cars are on road.

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Seems like Maruti has tweaked the suspension of the Swift along with the recent engine change. ACI states that swift now rides better with less bumps filtering into the cabin
Originally Posted by phamilyman View Post
Swift anyday for solo drives - I'm assuming the adventure will do family duties.
gemithomas: Are you going to keep the adventure, or planning to sell it?
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Iíll keep it short & simple.

Ritz is a more practical (Family) car while Swift is more a fun (Individual) car.
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Default Swift it is!

Hey gemi followed this thread from PUG, We both come from the same school of thought, I can very well understand why you need a hassle free car now . I also own S10 so I know how it can disturb your budget in a second.
My suggestion would be to go for Swift as there is no major difference between Ritz & Swift . But in addition you get better resale with Swift.
have bought mine few months back (Petrol) and loving every moment of ownership. plus *** experience is awesome with free pick and drop facility.
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I would definitely vote for ritz here. Its a very practical car if you have a family and also the height really gives it a sense of being a much bigger car than it actually is.
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I would definitely vote for Swift.

Great handling capabilities.
The car is super stable at high speeds.

Not a big fan of Ritz. I don't like the rear shape of the car.
Swift is very common on the road. So, if you like to get noticed, get a Ritz and get a good set of alloys.
Engines are the same.
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why not try the new Polo 1.2?
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