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Heart: i20 ASTA 63 79.75%
Mind: i10 Sportz 16 20.25%
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Default Heart (i20 Asta) vs. Mind (i10 Sportz)

Guys I am in a big dilemna. Its the heart and mind battle that is making me go crazy. I have zeroed down to two cars after an almost year long research. i20 Asta and i10 Sportz. I know I know both fall in different categories but this is where the problem is. I am a complete fan of i20 Asta as you can see my signature. But then there is a question of going sensibly with i10 sportz since it is much cheaper and fuel efficient. We all know that i20 Asta is a bit pricey and a bit less fuel efficient. At present we are 3 in the family. The car wont be traveling much. So the running will be very less.

: Go for i10 idiot. That is what you need and be sensible
Heart: Go for i20 and that too Asta. It is a dream isnt it?

All the things that i want are there in i20 and just love that car. i10 is also a great car but then i dont get ABS or Air bags which is an essential requirement. I dont want to go for the i10 Asta model. I just dont want to spend so much for i10. So here we go..
Heart says i20 Asta
Mind says i10 Sportz

So considering the monthly running of less than 700-800km which car should I go for guys. I am very confused so please help.

I will look forward to the advices.

So guys mind or heart. Which one?

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It's not about heart or mind but its about the co-ordination of both. Here I am not talking about i10 or i20 but about heart and mind. Mainly I will choose to go with mind.

Now about cars, I personally love the i20's design than i10's. Think using your mind and choose i20.
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Well, It depends upon... One a hand you are accepting that it won't be used much. On other hand you'll be spoiling money in garage only..

However, if you do not mind spending a bit I would suggest to listen to your heart and go for i20
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Go for i20. Unless you are certain that if you go fo i10, you won't regret not going for i20. Buying a car is a rare occasion. Dont make any compromises.
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No point buying the i10 and sighing every time you see a i20 on the road!
Besides, it's not like we buy a car everyday... enjoy what you buy.

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When there's a conflict between the heart & the brain, let the heart be followed - Swami Vivekananda.

So now you know what I've voted & what you should be doing.
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i10 Sportz would cost about 5L on road.
The Asta i20 would cost you about 6.5-&L.

Question for your Mind: I wont ask, are you OK to pay the difference.
But would rather ask, how you plan to pay the difference.

It would good to go for the Asta i20. There is only one reason. Once in a while when you go for a long drive, you will never repent the choice you made. Thats because, during the long drive, you always feel comfortable with more space.

Though you go out rarely for a long drive and its only for these times, you feel the need for a good car is'nt it ?

Go for the heart and plan you finance with your mind .
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No brainer, got $ ? Get i20; its a far bigger, better,luxurious hatch than the i10.
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Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
No brainer, got $ ? Get i20; its a far bigger, better,luxurious hatch than the i10.
I was bowled over by the i20. Have money, then please go what your heart says. No regrets whatsoever.
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I'd say if your pocket is friendly enough just go with your heart, the mind will surely understand. It might not be the same the other way round.
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Originally Posted by gemithomas View Post
I'd say if your pocket is friendly enough just go with your heart, the mind will surely understand. It might not be the same the other way round.

Else, i10 Asta.
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Default buy a car you will not regret buying...

would you regret if you did not buy an I20? if so buy it,After all how much more need you shell out? it is small price to pay for happiness
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No brainer,the I20 it is! Its the best hatch out there if you ask me. When you've made te mistake of putting it amongst the choice of your prospective cars,take the leap! I remember the smile I had plastered across my face after the TD!
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I can tell you one thing, we were in a hunt for a smaller car then we first saw the i20 everyone looked at each other.i20 is in a different class altogether. I had a stretched budget for Magna version but later over stretched that to Asta.

My wife said, its our first car, book the Asta and i'll contribute the difference amount through installments . Its truly a Luxurious car in its segment or a step above.

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There are many situations in life when one faces this heart vs. mind dilemma. Usually we all go with the mind and are happy in retrospect.

However, when it comes to cars it is always best to go with the heart because when you look back in time it is always a big 'what if' ! and this will happen every single time you look at the car that you bought listening to your head.
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