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Originally Posted by drpullockaran
There is a serious design flaw in the steering assembly of the i20 which requires you to change the unit every 3 months or 10000km. Its a common issue which only recently is being divulged to the general masses by the owners. Please talk to owners with 10000km old cars and better still take it for a test drive on bad broken roads and feel the jarring of the steering rack on your palms. Hyundai has not found a solution to it as yet but are trying their level best. There are a few other threads that have surfaced in the recent past about this issue.
I know people who have i20 doing almost 30k+ and a few of them at around 12-15k KM and none of them is experiencing this problem. Are you sure its related to steering ?

2 - 3 people i know are having some problem as there is less damping at i20 wheel arcs which causes a lot of noise inside cabin when going through uneven patches.
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Originally Posted by classicselva View Post
spyking, best wishes.
In which showroom are you planning to book one. I got loan processed from SBI and got 8% for 1st year and 10% for 2nd & 3rd year. I all depends on how much of time you can wait for.
Looking at V3 Hyundai, good bad? And SBI, yeah, Might just go with that! unless can get a cheaper interest rate elsewhere..

Originally Posted by darksoul View Post
Agree with everyone here - in this case, the i20 would be the better choice. YOu get a car with more toys, better comfort and much a better support ecosystem.

However, do evaluate the Punto 90HP too.
Thats on the agenda for tomorrow!

Originally Posted by Rodeo View Post
I am struggling with my i20's steering. Sent it 4 times and they claim to fix it but i am not satisfied. I dont enjoy the "silent" drive that i enjoy in my Magnum TCDI or Palio D. I hate the steering noise which is worst when you drive to non smooth tar road. Its not that bad on mud roads.

In fact when i sent the car for 2nd time to fix the issue, in next 3000 kms my tires got worn out. After fighting a bit , they replaced my both tires for free but still the problem exist. They also claim that they hv fixed the A/C but i will have to wait till next summer to find it out. My i20 CRDi A/C absolutely hopeless in summer. Even now its hot but the A/C is effective in this time of year.
Oh, that's a little bit of a concern to hear, is it the newer bsiv or the bsiii model?
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Originally Posted by noopster View Post
That seems to be quite a sweeping statement to make. Are you seriously suggesting that every i20 owner has to change his steering assembly every 3-6 months? Care to substantiate this with some evidence?
Just input #steering hyundai i20# in the search field and get ready to be surprised. Google also should give you answers.
Every i20 owner who has driven on roads similar to the ones we have in Kerala, has to change the assembly every 10000km. Not kidding. One can live with the noise and tak tak feel on the palms but some of us are more intolerant of such things.

Now for another sweeping statement though this time about my Cruze. All Cruze cars released till December of last year have a design flaw or metallurgy issue with the brake caliper assembly and specifically the caliper pin which GM will replace free of cost if the issue is mentioned to them. The clanky noise from the front suspension is there only in a cold car and reduces greatly when the calipers have heated up.

Another one is that all Cruze cars released till middle of December 2009 have turbo lag till 1700rpm which can be rectified by a software update. After the update there will be reduction in fuel efficiency when driven in the city but turbo will be on song from 1300rpm.

Originally Posted by abhibh View Post
2 - 3 people i know are having some problem as there is less damping at i20 wheel arcs which causes a lot of noise inside cabin when going through uneven patches.
Its got specifically to do with the meshing of the rack and pinion and Hyundai is trying to cover it up by putting in the the Yokepad and spring. Have a look at the last answer in the link.
I20 Steering Wheel Problem - : Hyundai Forum

Unless Hyundai does not re engineer the assembly i20 owners will have to live with it just like Palio1.9D owners lived with the fear of fuel injection pump settings going awry with the slightest amount of water creeping in through diesel fuel.

Below is another i20 link. Hyundai knows about the issue and are trying hard to rectify it but not the right way.
I20 Steering Problem - : Hyundai Forum

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Aah! I need to check with few ppl I know who have i20's about the steering issue..

This ,
is particularly worrying!


Just an update, We booked a silver Asta Crdi today!

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Default Re: Figo tdci vs i20 Crdi, help!

My friends i20 has developed a steering issue too. He tried to sell it off after a workwaround fix, but it looks like the preowned user market has also woken to this fact and he is not getting the expected price; this would be used as a reason to reduce used 120 rates as there could be the possibility of steering issues later. so much for after sales expectations.
word will only spread further, and Hyundai need to fix this soon, else they risk losing grip over a niche market, and spoil what is otherwise an excellent car IMHO
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Default Re: Figo tdci vs i20 Crdi, help!

We have the i20 1.2 Petrol and the Steering rattle issue is there. On my last visit they confirmed what people at team-bhp knew for quite sometime, that they are clueless on the fix. But the A.S.S is decent and the whole set is going to be replaced. Speaking to some i20 owners at the service station I found that the steering issue is almost non-existant amongst people who drive mostly on good roads, so I think if most of your driving don't involve patchy roads you should be fine.

Also try to get the extended five year warranty. The AC is not good for Indian summers but installing the Garware Icecool Shield on the windscreen makes a lot of difference.
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