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Default Re: Diesel Hatch - Considering the New Skoda Fabia Diesel 1.2 TDI

Good Morning Everyone,

My post comes when I am still recuperating from yet another blow of Steep Price Rise for Petrol and possibly Diesel's will happen too, anyhow with all this maddening Fuel Prices I am again wondering whether or not to go for that New Diesel Car or should just stick to driving my OHC - CNG, (Driving Costs are almost negligible but long ques to fill her up) .... Anyhow My main query is regarding the Fabia Classic (Diesel ofcourse) version,

Q - Can we or can we not Fit a 'Power WIndows' Kit in this model? IF Yes, then how much would it cost me tentatively? And will it end up voiding the Warantee? Can I also get the Rear Window Defogger fitted? If yes then again how much is the cost implication?

I have almost made up my Mind for the Fabia but my true Love still lies with the Skoda Tdi ... I have been looking for a Good one in the Used car market but haven't been able to locate 'The One' and my 'To Be Wifey' has almost put her foot down to NOT buy a Used Car, however I am all for the idea of a Used Car the only glitch is if I end up buying a lemon ... she'll not spare my life, so taking the safe way out and going for a Fabia!!

However I am going for a TD of the Polo, but I am not very convinced with it except for the Looks part.

Arindam Ghosh
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Default Re: Diesel Hatch - Considering the New Skoda Fabia Diesel 1.2 TDI

The main problem with the European cars lies on electrical reliability and high cost of maintenance. Same goes for the fabia/ polo twins. Now, fitting the so called rear power window from aftermarket may have an adverse effect on warranty. Instead of fitting the defogger, buy a car with a factory fit defogger. The quality of factory fit is unbeateable because the wiring harness is adapted accordingly. Yes, the fabia has a high quality build, fit/ finish and great interior space, but its 3 cylnder polo motor (and for that matter on the polo itself) is its biggest letdown. It has turbo lag, plus its noisy at high rpms and doesnt have the smooth balance that the 4 cylinder motors give you. The amount that you will spend on the classic version, maybe spend a bit more and consider an i20 magna (AC cooling plus steering rattles notwithstanding...yet you can check for yourself), punto emotion (great engine, but less than stellar interior space and finish plus service quality..though skoda is no great either) or a figo TDCI (OK..its an old school but should tick most of the boxes...) If you can give a chance to the vista, take a TD and let us know (knowing Tata's shortcomings but still its underrated).

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01 / 02

Hi Everyone,

Firstly regret not being able to post on the thread for a while now. Work and travel has kept me a little busy. I have been using my Fabia 1.2 TDI Ambiente since early Dec 2010 and must admit I am very happy with my purchase. The car feels solid and has given no reason to complain so far. I have however still not been able to take the car out of Mumbai and plan to do so in the next weekends. Will write a detailed ownership report in the next few weeks. One thing I should mention is that the rubber on my wiper blades began to peel off - however JMD Skoda replaced the wiper blade set free of cost.

The in city performance is very nice and the car has been returning a fuel average in the range of 12.8 - 14.5 Km/Ltr. Please keep in mind my running is largely in bumber to bumber Mumbai city during peak traffic with the AC switched on around 90 - 95% of the time. So I assume highway figures should be significantly better.

The sound is significantly lesser compared to the older 1.4 PD engine


Good Bits

1) Illuminated dual glove box

2) Large and practical boot

3) Gear shift indicator : helps fuel efficiency

4) Height adjustable driver seat : Steering also adjustable for reach and height.

5) Hand brake on warning light and warning chime : Very useful

6) Power windows practical features : Auto up/down, can be operated even when car is switched off and can operate them while locking the car from the outside too.

7) Powerful AC

8) Conviniently located lever to flip front seats backrest forward: Access even from the rear seats.

9) Rear AC vents : Not the as effective as a dedicated rear seat vent but does help in air circulation near the rear passenger seats.

Not so good Bits

1) Spongy brake feed back :The brake works fine but the pedal response does not feel that it bites the brake as well as a old Honda City or the Ford Ikon. Not sure if its just my car

2) Aircon circulation swich fiddly : The circulation switches to the other mode the moment you rotate the thermostat dial.

3) No grab handles above the passenger doors : Practical and useful touch

4) Fuel filler needs to be opened with a key: Primitive.. why?

5) No manual locking pin to lock/unlock doors from the inside: Just a matter of habit I guess, but I still miss it.

6) No rear power windows and rear wiper wash even on car costing 6.8 Lakhs on road in Mumbai

Hope this is of some use.


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Default Re: Diesel Hatch - Considering the New Skoda Fabia Diesel 1.2 TDI

I really don't know if this is ok with the rules and with the moderators but find below a link to the New Skoda Fabia 1.2 TDI forum I started on

New Skoda Fabia Diesel 1.2 TDI - Page 1 | Indian Cars | Car Forums - CarWale

It has over 36 pages of user experiences, tips, and comments from current and potential owners of Fabia.

However if it is inappropriate to post another website/forum on team-bhp than please delete this.

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Default Re: Diesel Hatch - Considering the New Skoda Fabia Diesel 1.2 TDI

I would not recommend the Fabia diesel as the engine is the worst in the segment.
All the other diesel cars in the segment offer much better engines. The Polo/Fabia 3 pot motor is the worst. It has such huge turbolag and is neither that refined as well.
The engine is the heart of the car and one should be satisfied with it before considering any other crietrial
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