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Having driven both, I would any day pick the Spark if I have the buck. Like many others mentioned here, apart from FE, the Spark does everything better than a Nano. Nano is a good car in it's own right, but no comparison to the Spark. And it is a real good urban runabout.
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jeevmenon, the 60k figure might be a bit inflated since it includes some accident repair bills, but i care about my car obsessively, and yet there are issues, yet TML refuses to fix, while my friend almost abuses his car ( I feel sorry for it at times), and GM are always running after him to bring it to service ( even if they dont get any money from him out of it). the nano is a very competent car no doubt. I've driven it and my dad likes it too, but a buying a car is somewhat like an arranged marriage. The family also matters see

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@sridhga: I own a spark too. You have mentioned your expected use of the car very clearly which is very good. Helps others understand your idea behind buying a car.

Since i own a spark, i (personally) do not think it should be compared to nano. I would really want to know your thoughts on why you think spark can be compared to Nano. Is it the shape that is confusing or the size of it. Do let us know this as this will affect your decision.

Coming back to this topic, i would say go for a spark.
1. For a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) this gives you nice space inside to move + it gives you an extra boot space to put those groceries bag / anything else. Nano doesn't provide you the boot.
2. You cannot compare 1ltr spark engine with 624cc Nano engine.
3. The fit and finish of spark is very good.
4. Handling is superb (I have taken the spark on highways and it handles well)
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Well I own a Nano but I have driven both so here are my views on both:

1)Both the cars are good for the city, compact and easy to drive.

2) As you are going to use the car for daily routines and nothing else, power comparison makes no sense at all cause the max speed you will touch will be around 50-60 which I found the Nano reach easily.

3)Last long, well I cant say anything about that (but the way I drive a Nano and the amount of torture it can handle I guess it should last longer than you expect)

4) well you can get the top end model of a Nano at the price of a base model spark so I guess that is your decision to take.

5)Comfortability, well about the Nano I know best, I am a 6ft tall hefty person so if i can sit in the car without banging my head or knee then its comfortable enough. Well about the spark i found it to be too cramped for my liking.

6) Well as you said the Nano may be used by women too, the only small issue here is that the Nano doesn't have power steering like the spark so if there's no problem regarding that then your good to go with the Nano.
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I'd bet on the cute looking Chevy any day.
What you get from Spark over Nano?
1. No maintenance / service costs for 3 good years.
2. Proven track record. (The number of Sparks you see on the roads)
3. A decent engine 1ltr engine.
4. The extra goodies that you get - PS, power windows, 13" wheels and a big bum (When compared to Nano)
What you don't get from Spark over Nano?
1. A big grin on the onlooker's face. People will follow the Nano, wherever it goes. An Indian Beetle

Nano is a masterpiece and hats off to Mr. Tata for making his dream come true. Having said that, poor marketing strategy has let down the baby and she did a meager 509 units this November.

So, I vote for Chevy Spark!
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With ahmedabad temperatures - excessive aircon use, i would def suggest the spark. Especially in stop and go traffic.
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I had driven my friends Nano for a short distance and was surprised at the level of crudeness (with respect to engine response, clutch, gears etc). What ever admiration I had developed by looking at the exterior styling of Nano quickly vanished.
Spark on the other got be generations ahead (I had owned a matiz which was in another leaguecompared to nano, and Spark is an improvisation over matiz)
Personally I don't think we can compare these two vehicles and if the budget allows, it has to be Spark.
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I will agree strongly with Guna.

I use an i10 1.2 as my daily commute.
Agreed that's very easy to drive and all, but i drove one of my friend's Nano, the top end one. Trust me, its not as refined as you would like.

First of all, the brake pedal feel is quite different to that of the normal cars, the bite comes very quickly, no progression (maybe its a one off case, but still).

Also, the steering was awfully hard. I know the EPS of today's hatchbacks are way too light to use, but trust me, I have driven the 800 too, and the steering is a thumbs down.

The fuel efficiency benefits and all are all good, but even the Spark is not that bad in its mileage figures.

Also the refinement levels would be tremendous. Not to mention ride quality and handling. Space can't be enjoyed without the refinement. Then there is the glove box, rear tailgate, bigger wheels etc etc.

One more thing to add is the 3 year hassle free service package offered by Chevy.
Trust me, the engine oil, filter, brake oil etc also amounts to 6 ~ 7 grand in a period of 3 years.

Overall, my advice would be to stick to the Chevy Spark, if it falls in your budget.
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Old 5th December 2010, 13:04   #39
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I don't think there is any comparison here; if you can afford the Spark, it is indeed the better car.

Quality : Though either car is built to a cost, the Spark's overall quality is twice as good.

Performance, handling, braking : Spark

Ride quality : V IMP. The Nano has an extremely bumpy ride. The Spark is compliant by segment standards

I wouldn't consider the two cars to be direct competitors, yet if cross-shopped, the Spark is undoubtedly the superior.
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There is really no comparison. The Spark it has to be. Better interiors, better engine, better drive-ability,.... better everything. Plus, the fantastic 3 years maintenance package from Chevy. Go for the Spark blind-folded.
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Old 6th December 2010, 10:40   #41
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Better comparo will be between nano and Spark non PS basic version. Still Spark wins if you can afford the extra amount.
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If this is going to be your only car, then you should go for Spark. If you already have a car, and this is going to supplement the first car as a city runabout, then the Nano makes sense.

You may not need the additional features/power/boot etc right now, but a person's needs do change over a period of time. It is always better to buy the best car you can afford since it is going to be used for a long time.

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Why dont you convert this into a poll?

My advice would be to go in for spark.
During marriage or festive season, you would find nano to be practically useless in terms of space.
Spark would have much more to offer in terms of space, distance traveled per refuel etc.

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If you arent too fixed at these two cars, why not consider a pre-owned Santro Xing. Its should come within your budget. One of the best small cars with good interior spacing and legroom. Also with hyundai service, maintainence expenses should not be a big enough concern
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Default Re: Tata Nano Vs. Chevrolet Spark

Hi BHPians!

My first post here! I am considering getting a Spark for myself - I am a lady who is still practising driving, by the way.

I hope I am bumping the right thread and not hijacking somebody else's! (Did not want to create a new one since there seems to be many for Spark already, but MODS - please move as appropriate if needed).

I would like to pick your brains to understand if this is the right car for me. I will need this to drive to work everyday (around 20 kms in total). It has to be easy to drive as I am a novice (my husband is gracefully and oh so patiently teaching me and letting me practice on our SX4 ).

So, I was wondering how easy is it to handle Spark in terms of its dimensions, maneuverability, turning etc. for a new driver?
Also, I will be parking this outside our home as we can only park one in our porch and husband's SX4 will definitely get the upper hand , so would white be a good choice? (I have my heart set on this color)

We are going through my husband's office (which has a tie-up with a leasing company) and on-road cost comes to around 3.7L for 2011 model of Spark 1.0 PS non-metallic (includes CPCO, body color paint on the bumpers and two OVRMs, floor mats and no insurance as this is covered by the lease guys). We are dealing with Kropex, Bangalore - the one on Hosur Road. Is this a good deal?

Please let me know what you all think!
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