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Default Chevrolet Spark Warranty not given at Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

Although GM offers warranty for 3 years, the Trident Chevrolet people at Kalyan Nagar short changed me on the Oxygen sensor which is used to calculate the amount of petrol going to the engine.

One of the instrument panel light having to do what I thought was the catalytic converter was getting turned on and off periodically in my Chevrolet Spark. I took the car to Trident Chevrolet at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. They told me that as long as the light was not on all the time, nothing need be done. I reported this a year ago.

Recently, I showed this to another service center and they tell me that the O2 sensor is not working properly and that the cost of replacement is Rs. 4000. Since the warranty period got over 6 months ago, I have to bear the cost of this.

So, not only the Kalyan Nagar Trident service people made me lose about 2km/liter of petrol for the last 1 year, they are also making me pay for the O2 sensor.

An identical thing happened for my silencer, for which the cost is Rs. 3500, and which had been having a leakage for almost the last 2 years. In this case, both the dealers in Bangalore are to be blamed. I had given my car for servicing to both the dealers over the last 2 years, and either nobody saw it or nobody told me about it. But I was not even aware that my car had such a thing as a silencer, nor that it had a leakage because I am not very knowledgeable about cars, I am just a software engineer who is partially deaf. My brother who is more knowledgeable about it, did mention this to me two years ago, but I just trusted the dealers when it came to servicing the car. Now when I gave it for servicing, they are telling me that the silencer was also under warranty and could have been replaced earlier. In this instance, I must take some of the blame since I was told about it, but did not follow up on it. So I am not complaining about this too much.

Even after my last service at that Trident Chevrolet Service Center at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, I was not very happy with them, since they unecessarily changed the brake pads, which might have lasted more time. I know that it could have lasted more time, because my Dad's zen had been driven around with a much louder squeak than sounds made by the Spark. And my Dad did not get it repaired till much later. I regret having agreed to let them change the brake pads, but again I simply trusted them. But once all was over, I had my misgivings about the change in brake pad. But with this O2 sensor issue, I know that they cheated me on all three things to varying extent: completely robbed me with regard to the O2 sensor, and partially cheated me on the brake pad and the silencer.

Anyway, now I know that these people are not interested in giving value to the customer. They are interested only in making money out of the customer and that they are not trusted and must be treated with extreme suspicion.

I want to complain about the Trident people about the O2 sensor. For that, they deliberately lied to me, and did not honour the warranty, and made me spend all that additional petrol. There has to be some way of getting back at them. Can anybody tell me the email address of the GM people to whom I want to complain to? And also any other easy way of getting back at these guys?

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Default Re: Chevrolet Spark Warranty not given at Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

If all conversations occurred only via word of mouth, I'm afraid nothing can be done and they'll just claim that you're telling lies to defame them.

BUT, if you have proofs (maybe written documents where you requested certain work to be carried out, proof that the problem occurred one year ago, etc) then go ahead and wait for replies from other members as to whom to contact. Meanwhile start accumulating evidence against the company.

PS: I suggest using your smartphone for recording any conversations with SAs when you give your car for service in the future. Better, get one of those Spy-pens which can record a video of the entire incident. This can help in catching them red handed.
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Default Re: Chevrolet Spark Warranty not given at Trident Chevrolet, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

If an o2 sensor and the silencer is kaput after just 2.5 years, i would be more worried about the car rather than the warranty issues.

But if you reported the incident and they have written it down, you can go back and push for warranty claims.
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