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Default Ferrari New Delhi! Official Dealer for Ferrari in India.

Note : I do understand a review of this may not exactly be of much help to anyone as I do understand anyone and everyone who buys a Ferrari will be least bothered to check an online review of a dealership to make a decision on their purchase of perhaps one of the most desirable brands in the world, but do read on incase you need to know of them.

When you have to wake up early morning at 5 A.M to catch a flight to attend someone's wedding in another city is not exactly pleasing, nor is it something I look forward to and have always ensured as long as possible I take a night flight or something post lunch but due to reasons I choose to take the 7 A.M flight from Ahmedabad - New Delhi.

Believe me I have a hard time waking up, even harder is the journey as my brain is still asleep but some how the body tends to move around and reach its destination, and once I land all I am looking out for is the driver who will pick me up, and back to crashing in the back seat to catch up on that last bit of nap I could get until I reach the hotel. Having been to Delhi very few times in my life time I was a little curious to look around with my half open eyes, and while some parts were fascinating others not so, but soon the car entered in what perhaps was the cleanest and greenest areas I have ever encountered in this country within urban limits, and slowly I start seeing the greatest buildings ever made including our presidents own house and soon the driver tells me we shall be at the hotel in about 2 minutes, and a bright flash appears as the driver pulls over towards the hotel gate and I keep rubbing my eyes as right adjacent was a huge white showroom, red carpets, 2 gorgeous cars inside, Ferrari New Delhi.

Honestly every bit of sleep was gone now and was only looking at the beautiful cars but then the car entered the hotel ramp and my beautiful view gone, but then it came back once I got into my room and I see it right from my room window and sent a quick message to the owner if he is there? While he was in Mumbai he said just go in and I should get back in touch with him if I had further queries.

I could not make it that day due to the wedding, but the next morning before I left for the airport at about 10.30 A.M decided to take a quick walk to the showroom, and believe me the experience was one of the finest I have ever had in an automotive dealership not just in this country but across the world.

I walk in, and honestly while the showroom has not been done in an extravagant manner, the location and the layout is brilliant, it does not intimidate you, and at the same time comforts you unlike a few showrooms where the staff will make you feel a little uncomfortable but at Ferrari New Delhi, you are left alone to explore anything you wish to do so, a gleaming 599 and a california were on display and after I sat in both and looked around the manager came to greet and what has to be the quickest ever meeting for a car started like this and without any introduction I asked why no 458? to which he politely said they have one at their stockyard, and we could check that one out, now I was running out of time but to not miss this chance agreed to follow him in my cab, and we landed at another hotel where they park their cars and he quickly grabbed the keys to the 458 and was absolutely helpful in every way possible.

Not once did he make me feel surrounded or uncomfortable considering he is selling such a high value product, in fact was helping me out at starting up, setting up the car etc. and after revving it a little I had to end my experience as I was running a little late. I have to say the manager is truly one of the finest people and asset Ferrari India has, as sometimes I have not bought cars if the staff annoys me and this manager is someone you would want to be able to speak to for a while and keep in touch irrespective of buying the car or not, and besides being humble is also a very honest person, few who would speak well for competitors and absolute respect for that.

In this short meeting all the price lists etc. all was taken care of and I have to say this dealership will in coming years define how cars like this need to be sold. While it is hard to speak on after sales, with no experience as of now, but one can assume with the attitude they have it will be nothing sort of brilliant.

I would rate this dealership 10/10 for now.

Disclaimer : I have not mentioned any names or locations being a public forum, and I am in no way associated with them and all my views are personal without any bias.

P.S : The same group also owns Maserati and a lot of them were in stock to view when I saw the 458.

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Default Re: Ferrari New Delhi! Official Dealer for Ferrari in India.

Wow! You revved a 458? That's your day dude!
It is nice to see the way the Ferrari guys treat customers (prospective or not and absolutely NOM) whereas the VW folks are partial with their customers (Polo vs Passat)

And where are the pics? I am all eyes!
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