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Default Re: Dealer SCAM : Service the car *more frequently* than required!

This kind of scam is very common.

Happened to me with My Scorpio.

I do not know if the below call was from the company Mahindra or dealer Sireesh Auto

Service Executive: Sir its been 6 months since you serviced your Scorpio

Me: Yes I know. The service interval is 12 months or 10,000 kms & I have done just about 6,000 kms and its been about 6 months.

SE: No sir the it is 6 months or 5,000 kms. I have the manual in front of me.

Me: I too have the manual in front of me & for my Scorpio it says 12 months or 10,000 kms.

SE: Are you sure sir?

Me: I am very sure.

SE: Sir but....

Me: Thank you Madam I shall service my Scorpio as per my manual & you can service yours as per your manual.

SE: Ok Sir. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks you have a great day!!

Just last week I went to the service station after taking appointment to Sireesh Auto Magadi Road & the Service adviser Mr. Sudarshan asked me to leave the vehicle and come back the next day. I told him as I wanted to stay and get it serviced, I had taken the appointment and there is no way I shall leave my Scorpio & go. He then showed me dozens of vehicles and told me it may take hours and also the washing can not be done. I said that was not my problem and since I reached the ASC by the time I had taken appointment, my work was to be done as soon as a slot was open. He finally agreed. He was quite a rude guy and I have lodged my complaint with Mahindra in this regard. He was speaking as if he was doing a favour on me by servicing my Scorpio.

Some scams they try and do.

1)I was told the brake pads need to be changed. The life of the pads were not over even by half. According to my visual measurements, the pads had at least 5-6 mm of life left.
2) I was told all the filters need to be changed every 10,000 kms. But the manual says something else. I had got it changed earlier at 10,000 as well as 20,000 kms like a fool just because the service adviser told me. Fuel filter change is 30,000 kms & Air Filter is 40,000 kms according to below manual.
Below is a snapshot of the manual from Mahindra website.
Dealer SCAM : Service the car *more frequently* than required!-scorpio.jpg
3) I was even asked to change the air filter which was changed 10,000 kms ago, I just refused and told them do what the manual says do not do anything more or anything less.

I just realized that maintaining an automobile is actually cheap but since we are fleeced like this, we feel it is expensive. Had I left my car there, my bill would have been inflated easily beyond 10,000 INR. Since I stood there and got it done, my bill was 4,515 INR. By spending half a day at the SVC I saved almost INR 5,000. The happier feeling was saving on the waste of these items which would be otherwise thrown away (mostly) causing unnecessary pollution & wastage of useful items.
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Default Re: Dealer SCAM : Service the car *more frequently* than required!

I have also experienced this scam from Popular Hyundai, Kottayam. I have a late model Eon which needs service only once a year (or 10,000 km). Despite the Popular Hyundai guys highlighting this when I purchased the car, the service guys call once every 3 - 4 months and claim service is due.

I just tell them the manual specifies once a year and tell them not to pull a fast one on me. Once they hear that, they say "sorry ,sir" and get off the phone as fast as they can - haven't heard excuses of a "new circular" and similar "surprises". To date, these calls, however, have become less so either the scam isn't working for them or owners have got more aware.

In short, I think owning a car does not simply mean driving it and forgetting about everything else. Read the manual thoroughly and understand the vehicle completely so you will not be a victim of scams like these.

To be fair, I service my Bangalore cars at Trident, Adugodi and not one person has called me with this kind of scam.
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Default Re: Dealer SCAM : Service the car *more frequently* than required!

My experience was kind off weird, I own a sx4 and at 90k wanted to do preventive maintenance of changing timing chain etc, I had pre-ordered the required parts as I wanted to do a complete replacement. After opening they told me they can't change the cam sprocket as there are chances in cam shaft breaking due to torque required to open. Sadly my cam sprocket was worn out and it would be pointless to replace chain with a worn sprocket. I had to then call a mechanic in Mumbai and ask him the procedure while I sat in goa with the head mechanic. After that the head mechanic was confident and told me they never replace cam sprocket but with this new idea given by Mumbai guy he opened mine very easily and was happy to have learnt something new.
If I wasn't present they would have replaced all parts except cam sprocket and what a waste it would have been.
Sadly they ruined the rubber vacuum pipes and taped them with insulation tape. I had to tie them down with zip ties and I plan to replace all of them soon.
With mass and critical repairs its best to take leave from office and sit with them or else you are bound to be left with improper repairs.
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