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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

Incredible customer service by Skoda. For them to absorb a significant portion, forget 100% is incredible. Taking up the entire bill - unbelievable!

Your story just reinstated my faith in the law of averages!!

/while we're at it, Dear God, Sachin, can you please finish your 100th? Now even the LAW (of averages) is on your side
//Does a single cylinder misfiring in a 1.2L petrol engine run up a 1.25L bill? The costs are huge in my limited understanding - though thankfully you bore none of it!
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

First there is no reason why a car maintained well and run only 11K kms to incur such damage to head/cylinder . Second even if it did 1.25 lacs is huge for what the work has been done .
The best part you did not become one of nearly all who bought a Skoda to be in tears :-)

truthfully i read the post title twice , since i couldnot believe my eyes LOL
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

This post sure did take me a couple of pinches to believe. But, having heard it from the horse's mouth, we ought to believe this. Being a Skoda owner myself, and happily so, since 9 months and 9000 odd kms, and since TAFE is my closest service center, this post sure re-instates belief in the ode that ALL CAN BE WELL.

Good going, TAFE. And better yet, great going Skoda !

This is an experience that ought to be heard by all the foreign players in the Indian Automotive scene. When you can build good cars after all those historical years of R&D, why not put in a little more into fixing the SERVICE aspect of the vehicle. That, in the long run, is what brings in more SALES without pitching in much on MARKETING. No personal attacks, but that's what MARUTI lives on and gets by.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

Agreed with the comments above. I too did not believe the high cost initially (guess we are all built that way) till the Service Engineer asked me to sign the documents that listed the parts replaced and it was nearing INR 100K + labor and other consumables. And Tafe Access Skoda made no fuss about it either.

It seemed like a manufacturing defect that took a long time to surface, nevertheless its a step in the right direction for Skoda to have owned up the issues and fixed it at no cost.

As much as we bash up Manufacturers for poor quality of product and service, I wanted to make sure that we did give credit when due.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

What was the need to change the head just for a misfire, unless the head was warped. And 1.25 lakh for a head is way too high.
The usual suspects are a chocked injector or a clogged spark plug.

Can valves be a reason engine misfiring?

With Skoda bearing the entire cost, Was there a recall we don't know of?

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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

The courtesy and all cost exemption is appreciated and accepted as a goodwill effort to regain trust.
But as mentioned by other fellows the engine misfire can't cost this astounding figure even in wilds.
What it appears to be is that they realized the problem can be solved and won't cost much technically, why not exploit the situation by taking it to a different level. First give the costumer a fit by giving him a good huge estimate and then giving a capsule of relief by not charging him at all for the service.
This way the costumer's problem has been resolved and a step moved to good will making by merely spending few hundreds or little more.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

Even though I have been a happy Skoda owner and consider their products to be very VFM (class-leading tech and build at not-so-class-leading prices) I would NOT get too excited with this particular experience.

1. This failure is due to a design flaw and TAFE should have immediately told you what the problem is instead of putting up a show to 'diagnose' by checking ignition coil, etc. Basically, this engine has a design issue and the middle cylinder valve seating gets screwed prematurely resulting in misfire, compression-loss, unburnt fuel in exhaust that damages the cat-con.

2. This is a common problem in this engine and Skoda India acknowledges it (not admitted though) and they offer to ease the repair burden - to what extent - depends on case to case. Dealers have been told by Skoda India on what should be done for this issue (repair-kit for this problem exists)

3. It costs 1.25L because all Skoda owners should be aware that while their cars are cheaper to buy (purpose of Skoda brand in VW group), they share parts bin with the likes of Audi. So for instance 1.8TSI car is cheaper to buy in Skoda guise but it is an engine that will cost like Audi TSI or Merc CGI, etc. to own. Coming back to 1.25L - maybe the OP can give the breakup - but it includes cylinder head and cat-con both imported from czech.

4. This is a case of Skoda taking 'care' of a known product defect without a recall or admitting they are indeed selling such product. BTW, current Fabia/Polo 1.2 doesn't suffer from this. IMHO, TAFE may not have played any role in earning you this benefit - your mileage, etc. qualified you for this benefit as per Skoda guidelines.

The fact that even such basic service ethics are rare in India, and especially such a gesture coming from the likes of Skoda is still commendable and the credit must be given where it is due. Also I am very impressed with 10-day repair time and the quality of customer friendliness at TAFE. Not bad at all!
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

I am not sure whether this is a crooked move [to build reputation] or indeed a sincere one from Skoda! May be it's that I have been reading ONLY horror stories about them then this incident refuses to get registered into the brain. Had a wild thought - If one cylinder replacement costs 1.25L, isn't it almost 25% of the entire value of a brand new car? If one cylinder costs that much, what about the cost of rest of the equipments? Crazy thoughts I know !!

But if indeed they are sincere and if this is a sign of things to come, great on Skoda!

Edit:: Some one on the previous page stated that Skoda makes good cars and servicing is where things turn ugly. I beg to differ! If they make good cars, servicing should be a piece of cake! If the mechanicals are good & reliable, all it takes is to keep the car healthy is to change the fluids & filters right? How complicated can that get? And a greatly maintained, periodically serviced petrol car clocked just 11K conking off shows the level of reliability, isn't it? And I believe the only GOOD car Skoda ever made was the Octavia - Have to admit that I have NOT heard nothing much wrong about the engines, except for the exorbitant service costs especially after 75K kms.

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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

I've had a lot of interactions with Jose at TAFE both for purchase of vehicles and for service, he is one decent guy who trys to figure out solutions not excuses to problems. Goes to prove that if the head is straight the body will follow!

Great to hear this about SKODA and TAFE.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

This one is a rare good move by skoda. It looks like they are finally getting their act together in supporting the customers with fixes they deserve (even though under a different disguise).

More such moves and instances will go a long way in building the trust which is most essential in any car purchase. Good job Skoda.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

Tumbler, thanks for sharing the experience. Good to see that Skoda is taking efforts to clear the ASC woes associated with them
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

I think team-bhp should promote a rating system to cover service centers for all brands across the country so that people can easily get to the best ones! Here I really feel this happened due to the efforts of the dealer and not Skoda as such since a good majority of Skoda A.S.S stories otherwise is really unimpressive. Even with Tata we know some rare A.S.S ones have done good jobs.

Though overall, your case really sounds horrifying to me. Really unfortunate that this happened to a 11000kms odd run 'PETROL' car! Before being really happy, please notice that you have just spent 20% of your original car price on repair (which sounds quite rare to me).
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

AFAIR this 'Head Replacement' work on HTP Fabias is due to a design flaw in the old, pre VW engine. This should have ideally happened like a proper recall and not like this. Anyways, 1.25lac for engine head replacement due to a misfiring cylinder is outrageous. What if all 3 were misfiring , a new Fabia would probably cost less to buy(ex showroom, without octroi, Classic trim.)

Anyways, Skoda *** is trying to earn brownie points. About time they ended the harishv fiasco as well.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

Though a very good gesture from the Dealer and Skoda and really appreciated, still IMO an amount 1.25Lakh seems too high for me to be taken care of by the SKoda on a goodwill gesture.
As @Androdev mentioned, Skoda's engine design is faulty and they are admitting it, though in whispers.

But still after a lot of horror stories, this came as a pleasant surprise and now I only wish, pray and hope that Skoda should take one step further and resolve Harishv's and other's issue as well.
Come on Skoda, it shouldn't be so difficult.
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Default Re: Outstanding Customer Service by Skoda

I wouldn't really go gaga on the Skoda "courtsey". As a few here suggested it should really have been a design flaw for some one to straight away consider a cylinder head replacement (which as per most technical write-ups, is the last resort). Also, they might be just inflating the cost (if one cylinder head costs 1.25L, how much would the engine itself cost!!!! and not to mention, the entire car then!!!) and then trying to earn brownie points from the customers.

Having said that, really happy that you got a swift response and your problem is sorted. Happy motoring :-)

Just wanted to add my recent experience at a Skoda showroom. Went there to check the Rapid but I really had almost the entire Skoda range (except the Fabia) in my consideration set since we were in a dilemma on which car to replace and for which member of the family the new car should be bought (and hence depending on the requirement would ultimately zero down on the exact vehicle).

I checked the Rapid, was not impressed and moved on to see the Laura parked next to it and felt happy with the interiors, quality of fit and finish and space. Before I could enquire more on the Laura pat came the response: "Sir, first let me know which car you are looking for". I told him the dilemma and also that I would like to have a look at the Laura and the Yeti.
He shot back " They are all very expensive, are you sure you want to buy one of those". I just shook my head and came out, need I say more....

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