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Good Pumps around Central Bombay

Navroze Petrol Station: HPCL Ambedkar road Parel
Uganda Petrol Station: BPCL on R A Kidwai road wadala
Amar Auto: BPCL on Kings Circle
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I consistently fill up at the HP pump on WE highway at Goregaon. 'Cause it's conveniently located on the trip back home. Haven't had any fuel related issues here yet. Though do not trust the tyre pressure gauge one bit.
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Been filling up at the IOC COCO (company owned company operated) pump. Location on the LHS (immediately upon passing Siddhi Vinayak Temple on the RHS). No issues at all.
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I used to fill up at Shell on the way to electronic city, Hosur road. Sometimes on the way to hosur road BTM HP outlet. Nowadays its Shell on the way to Lalbaug gardens.
Sometimes, at the one opp to IBM banerghatta road. I take atleast one local guy along at this pump who can answer all the questionaire thrown at me during the course of the fill

In Pune, the one opp the RTO is very popular, and safe (is/was). These are the best places to fill IMHO.

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Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
Now million dollor question is-Which button did the honda owner press to get the correct reading?
OMG!! I am going to google it right away. How is this possible, and if it really is, will be trying it out on next refil and let you all know the trick if I manage to.

Originally Posted by Switch View Post
I stay in Noida and want to know which is a good company owned fuel station near Noida but in Delhi as Delhi prices are cheaper then Noida by Rs 2 per litre.
At noida you can try the BP pump at sector 39/41 road. Have heard of quantity and quality fuel from this pump. Else you can try the Indian Oil pump on Noida to Kondli road, behind vasundhara enclave.

PM me for the location.
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Can any body guide me regarding coco pumps or any other good pumps in kolkata (esp. south kolkata)?

Thanks in advance.
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Godrej Petrol pump at Vikhroli W is really nice, I have always filled up there.
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Update on the Sector 35 NOIDA COCO pump (the one opposite Sec 51). This pump used to have the best fuel I have experienced anywhere. My Palio 1.6 GTX used to regulary return 10.5 to 11 kpl in summer (A/C always on) and 12.5 kpl in winter (all city running).

Here is why I have become suspicious of the fuel quality of late:

1) Over the past two months, mileage went down to 9.0 - 9.5 (summer)
2) Density reading at the pump shows 825 instead of the max limit of 770.
3) At current rates, earlier I used to be able to pump in Rs. 1,800 worth of fuel in the car. Now the bill is regularly Rs. 1,900
4) I got the car checked out thoroughly with the FIAT Examiner. Everything checks out. Lambda readings are bang on target. There is no deterioration in the car's characteristics.

I have filled up at a non-COCO pump today. Would update on the change in mileage. Posting this info so that the other BHP-ians can also monitor the Sec 35 pump.

More than the change in mileage, I hate to put bad fuel in my car and being cheated.

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Came across this page. Click on the state/city and search for "Coco" on the page to find the location of Coco outlets.

Oil Companies
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Default Best Petrol Pump near Mulund, Mumbai

I'm looking for recommendations on the best petrol pumps for residents of Mulund in Mumbai... Please suggest based on your experiences.
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Default best n worst


i fill up at the BP pump (Ram Service station) next to Pragati Maidan (mathura road/opp national stadium).

had real bad experience with the pump opposite Engineers' Estate in Patparganj. I'm sure it's rigged.

Are there any good/company-owned ones in/around CP?

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In Cochin BPCL COCO pump at Irimpanam( seaport-Airport road) has the best fuel quality in my opinion. Also IOC pump near International Airport has acceptable quality.
Dilip Kumar
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Delhi :
I have tried 4-5 different pumps, the best mileage I get (17-18) is from BPCL's company owned pump at Vasant Vihar, its immediately ahead of an IOL pump which is not company owned. You will have to skip the new Munirka flyover on the outer ring road to get to them.
The receipt there is computer generated, so they cant cheat you, info is fed directly from pump to the bill machine. Always insist on the bill.

I would recommend not filling from the IOCL pump in Dwarka sector 2/6 bus stop, one which has Nirula's in it also and is in front of the fire station. Had bad mileage from them 2-3 times before switched to BPCL.
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Guys in bangalore, of the 3 bunks on New Bel road two of them are 100% cheats. The HP pump near Ramiah hospital signal is day light robbery. Observed many times, the meter read RS 7/- the moment he dispenses fuel. I usually fill up for Rs 200, it runs for 220km. My bike gives a constant 55kmpl. Give or take a litre. But every time I fill here, my bik goes into reserve at 200km. And the Indian oil next to this HP is also a cheat, inconsistent fuel quantity. The one near the bridge, right next to MS Ramiah advanced study is really good. Been getting consistent mileage.
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Originally Posted by f1head View Post
Delhi :
The receipt there is computer generated, so they cant cheat you, info is fed directly from pump to the bill machine. Always insist on the bill.
I also go for newer pumps that have a computer-generated receipt

But is this foolproof?
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