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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by anjanravi View Post
I finally decided that I would ask for a spare car. Anything with 4 wheels. To this the Manager replied with much cheek saying "Sir, if you wait for 3-4months, then maybe I can put some request for a spare demo car. Otherwise I can't".
This really takes the cake. I am automatically offered a spare car by Maruti if the repair job is going to take more than three days. And it is not a demo car. Why can't Nissan do the same?

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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Cannot comment on the service. But I can second the comment on the brakes. Not having an ABS is one thing. But locking up the wheels under the slightest amounts of pressure is downright dangerous.

My cousin brother replaced his I10 with a diesel Micra XV premium [need I mention why!]. So when he brought it over to our place, my father took it out for a spin to put it through its paces. At one instance, a slow moving car quite sum distance up the road pulled into your lane. Baba had to brake to just a bit harder than you would have to under normal circumstances. To my surprise [I was in the front passenger seat] the front tyres immediately locked up and it wasn't exactly slowly down quickly. The deceleration wasn't even quick enough to throw us forward. Our own swift also doesn't have ABS and the car isn't exactly known for its braking abilities. The car is running on Yoko ES100 195/60s. In our car, everyone gets thrown forward under emergency braking much before any locking happens [I don't remember us having ever locked up our front wheels].

It just to even out the comparison, the Micra was running on 175 cross-section Maxxis tyres. I was truly very disappointed with the braking.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

My friend was about to buy a Nissan Sunny, but instead bought the VFM Manza. Now i feel that he has taken the right decision. These manufacturers do not think of the harassment to the consumer due to their ignorance. You should have been given a replacement car from your dealer and can write to Nissan directly for that.
The costs are unbelievable and extremely high. A fog lamp for Micra no where costs 15K and seems they are trying to make a quick buck through your insurance.
The point here is that, this kind of service is not at all expected from a reputed car dealer selling cars worldwide and looking for a good share in the Indian market. This kind of behavior is not going to do any good to the sales of Nissan in India.
This hows the reason why the manufacturers that give good A.S.S. are hugely successful in India. Nissan should learn from the maruti's and Honda's which have always set an example for the Indian car market.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

As Mac suggested, seriously write to Nissan India. Either e-mail them or a proper letter with a strong language. Supply all the the details of the behaviour, costs and delays. Also tell them you have started blog/thread on the matter on the net.

We had some issues in 2006 with Ford, during buying of our Fusion. We sent a letter to Ford India, and within a week the executive was at out house begging an apology and the whole experience just reversed. We have got excellent service at Ford ever since. Sometimes even better than Maruti.

If Nissan is concerned at all about their product and reputation in India, trust me, a letter will make a lot of difference.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Nissan has a name, and its well known for quality cars and service. Frankly in India this does not seem to be the case. Nissan needs to do more to ensure their reputation does not get tarnished. They need to understand that just being Japanese isn't enough quality benchmark these days.

Thanks for reporting, my BIL is looking to buy his first hatch this year and this will surely help in narrowing down the choices.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

It is Hover Automotive India or HAI who are incharge of sales and after sales for Nissan in India. They are based here in Mumbai.
A bit faraway for you. Suggest you look up for their no. and call them up.

There was some Mr. Roy in 2009/10 who was in charge for after sales. Please let us know what is the outcome.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear all - that's why I buy what everybody buys, eyes closed. At least the door will be available, if not at the dealership, at least in Chor Bazaar!

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
For once, i went and bought myself a Ford Fusion soon after it was launched in 2004 end.
Once bitten twice shy, they say and am for one, a firm believer of what you say Behram.
I am gonna buy what really sells!
Sad to hear about your issue though Anjan. Hope it gets resolved soon.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

I wonder if the parent company Renault is also run like this in India. This incident has put doubts about buying the upcoming Duster from Renault.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by starter View Post
Absolutely! For once, i went and bought myself a Ford Fusion soon after it was launched in 2004 end. Once bitten twice shy, they say and am for one, a firm believer of what you say Behram.
I am gonna buy what really sells!
Dear Starter - thanks. An idiot rammed my neighbour's standing A-Star, smashed it to smithereens against a tree and then came and rammed my Alto's rear right door sometime in December last year. I calmly told my painter to go and get one door from the friendly neighbourhood Chor Bazaar, fit it and repaint my car. It was silver. Now it is Ferrari Red with black door sill panels. Problem solved, I did not even bat an eyelid. Go to a dealer? Forget it! I don't want to deal with people who are trained to fill forms for everything and because this training does nothing to actually help them, they give blank looks and crazy replies to customers! HaHaHa! .

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Seems the subject issue is more dealer related. Since Pulse is from Renault the situation could be different.

Maybe Renault owners could pitch in their service expereince.

yup - the situation could be different. What I was saying is, like @DieselFan says, we better do an evaluation of the spares availability and dealer attitude before we decide of the Pulse D - after all, it is not a fast moving product -It is better to be safe than sorry

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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Anjanravi- very sorry to hear about your accident and hope your car is restored to its pristine self very soon.

The incident narrated by you raises some important issues:
- Nissan's decision to strip the TOP END diesel variant of a basic safety fature like ABS is absolutely reprehensible. In today's fuel price situation, opting for a diesel variant is virtually a no-brainer and to not offer ABS even as an option is seriously shortchanging the consumer. This accident could well have been prevented if your brakes hadn't locked.
- The overpricing of Nissan spares is astonishing, and a bit of an eye opener for those who believe that it is only the European carmakers who do this. It makes little sense to offer a hot hatch at an affordable price and then fleece the consumer on spares.
- Withholding spares from paying customers or locking them into A.S.S rather than procuring stuff from open market. This is being extensively discussed here .
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by anjanravi View Post
Sherif Nissan placed an order for the LH Front door on 31/5. Today is 2/7 and to this date, Nissan India has not shipped a door! Sherif says the order is on 'backlog'.
Seems like Nissan is more keen on clearing the back log of sales rather than spare one door from their production line for service. This is a pathetic response from a new company on the scene. Did you try speaking/mailing directly to Nissan with this problem ?
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

@Anjanravi - Glad to know you and your friend are sound and safe. It must have been a traumatic feeling to know you are going to end up ramming into the truck and yet there was nothing you could do.

While the build quality of Nissan can be commended, the lack of ABS shows Nissan in poor light. No airbags either in a car sold by a global car maker. The Micra has been around for some time and yet Nissan does not realize the importance of safety. Idea is to keep costs down and offer a stripped down car year after year. To make it worse, even Renault does the same thing with the Pulse. Its a good thing they are not selling in huge numbers.

The repair costs are appalling for a Japanese car. Nissan will not win any customers with this approach. I hope everyone has access to this forum and are well aware of the perils before buying a Nissan.

Your case maybe dealer specific but with limited dealers across India, Nissan does not have any margin for error with such 'lemon' dealers.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Its disgusting enough that Nissan are delaying this fix. If there is an issue with logistics or the part itself, it would only be fair to offer a replacement car.

Now the dealer attitude in this case is also open to flak. If he were customer friendly in the first place, his response would be that he would try. Not that you might get one if you wait for 3-4 months!

I would try to contact some higher up in Nissan. At least to get the true story if not a replacement car. As an owner, you should have an email id you can escalate such issues to? If not, then it says even more about Nissan. And not in a positive way.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Originally Posted by anjanravi View Post

I don't blame Sherif that much. They are just like the 'middlemen' here. Hence I have posted the thread in the ownership area and not the dealer area. The problem lies with Nissan India mainly. The dealership could probably be a bit more polite and a bit more concerned rather than giving me random instances of worser cases.
First of all, glad that the car withstood the impact and the passengers were unhurt... Kudos to the car structure for the same.

But I am not sure I agree with you - I had a terrible experience with Sherif Nissan when I booked my Sunny XL with them. You will find my dealership experience at I had to go through a really painful period of 1.5 months before I decided enough's enough and cancelled the booking. Went to Jain Jubilant Nissan and it was a very pleasant experience.

What I gather is that Sherif Nissan does not enjoy good relationship with Nissan, sort of being in the bad books, if I can put it that way, which results in delays in despatch of cars / spares by Nissan to the dealer. So whilst Sherif Nissan might just be a middleman, they clearly mislead customers (incl potential customers) in every way possible and falter to deliver. They, in fact, know on day one that they will not be able to honor their promise. A Sherif Nissan salesman confided this to me after I had a had my horrible experience.

I suggest you write to Nissan India on what you are going through and I expect them to react.
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