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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

15k for a single foglamp (which is just a reflector and a bulb) is crazy!!

You can get premium aftermarket LED foglamps(set of 2) for 22k!!

And I'd suggest getting paint quote from a dedicated paint shop just to compare!
Even high end paint shops dont charge more than 5k for a panel!
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Many many New palyers (VW / Nissan / Renault) in Indian Markets & their excellent cars like Micra, Vento, Polo, Sunny, Pulse, etc have started marking good numbers in their Sales figures. "All is Well" until there is real situation like this. Undoubtedly amazing products - but when it comes to "After-Sales"???????

These "Indian Newbies" whose reactions are still not clearly known on such SOS situations really gives us the frustration.
In another known incident, where a friend of my friend owns a Polo top-end had a repair bill of around 2.1 Lacs when his car toppled because of an Air-bag trigger while hitting a speed-braker at 80kmph! Bill is just one part, the major impact was that he had to hand around with the dealers for more than 3 months for getting things in place. Car is said not to be pristine even after spending this much!

God only knows when they would "ACTUALLY" stabilise well and provide good service after sales to Indian Buyers.

These same players (VW / Nissan / Renault) do an excellent job in their relatively much stabilised European / American markets in such similar situations. Irrespective of the bill costs, atleast in most cases you get good commitment & service. Alternative cars during such "long time" repairs are quite common too.

If I were to start a new Business, I would be very keen on customer feedback & take good care to rectify reasonable complaints. And so would be the mind-set for many Folks out here. It is quite pinching when Multi-National brands forget this basic good-will when they extend their business into new Markets.

For instance Skoda could be a much better player if they had realised this very point of "good-will" instead of taking its customers for granted starting from their Sales, After-Sales and even at many cases where they have the mistake in their part!

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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

First of all thank you bhp-ians for your support! Really appreciate that you guys could leave some comments. I'm going to quickly update you guys on the status:

I'm the Editor of a Car Magazine myself. Its still upcoming in India. Cannot disclose the name of the magazine as I respect the forum rules of T-BHP. Because of the nature of my job, I knew the Director of Press and Communications of Nissan India. However, I did not want to use this contact at the very beginning. Reason being that I did not want to blow things out of proportion as I had faith that Sherif Nissan would resolve the problem like it was expected to do. However, yesterday, after my convo with the Manager of Sherif, I thought it would be wise to make some calls.

Today morning, I had a change of thought once again. I thought I should use the customer care 1800-.. number and place a complaint and get things done without involving higher officials. I was disappointed after the call as I was told it would take 72 hours for Nissan to get back to me.

Enough was enough. I shot a very strongly worded email to my contact in Nissan India. 15 mins later, a senior official by name Mr.Gupta from Hover Automobile (*** of Nissan India) called me on my phone. He was extremely apologetic in his call and told me that he would resolve things amicably. I had informed in my email, that this issue would be published in my magazine. He requested me not to take any such decisions as the matter could be resolved amicably. He apologized on behalf of the Manager of Sherif and told me that was not the reply expected. He asked me for the name of the person though and told me things would be set right. In fact, he has promised to call again by tonight with a firm answer on the exact delivery of the car and assisting in a spare car if more time is needed. I'm awaiting his call and would gladly update you guys.

Now a bit regarding those foglamps. Made some enquiry in a car accessory shop (Chennai people will know G.P. Road!!) Cost of foglamp for Nissan Micra without wiring is 600Rs!! Add about 200bucks for wiring (haggle and it could be free!) 600 vs 15,000. I really don't know what to say. I have told Sherif not to add foglamps in the vehicle. Its never foggy in Chennai anyway but thats not the reason for me not wanting them. The price.

Even though its an insurance claim, foglamps are plastic components and that means only 50% is covered. That means I still pay 7,500Rs for a small bulb.

Originally Posted by aroonanand View Post

What I gather is that Sherif Nissan does not enjoy good relationship with Nissan, sort of being in the bad books, if I can put it that way, which results in delays in despatch of cars / spares by Nissan to the dealer. So whilst Sherif Nissan might just be a middleman, they clearly mislead customers (incl potential customers) in every way possible and falter to deliver. They, in fact, know on day one that they will not be able to honor their promise. A Sherif Nissan salesman confided this to me after I had a had my horrible experience.

I suggest you write to Nissan India on what you are going through and I expect them to react.
Some news for you. Sherif Nissan ceased to exist from yesterday. I was told by the Manager that it is now Avenue Nissan and there is a complete change in management. I guess your experience with them clearly highlights this.
The Manager gave this management change as an excuse for not arranging for a Spare car.
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Default Re: The Nissan Experience=Horrible!

Update 2:

As promised, the National After-Sales Head for Nissan contacted me once again a few hours ago. This was the brief:

1. All spare parts necessary will reach Sherif/Avenue Nissan workshop by 5th July.
2.Workshop makes sure that car is ready by July 9.
3.Spare vehicle will be provided!
4.Nissan India will be in constant touch with me and the workshop until the car is ready.
5.Head of workshop will call me tomorrow regarding the details of the spare car.

I'm impressed with the speed and the attitude with which Nissan India acted. The people from Nissan India also acknowledged that the replies given to me by the workshop were completely baseless and could be considered arrogant.

Will keep you guys updated as things come by.
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Default Another really bad experience from Torrent Motors (Nissan) Mumbai

A really bad experience I have had with Torrent Motors (Mumbai, Nissan dealership)located at Andheri West. I have as of now cancelled my booking due to this experience and proceeded to book another vehicle yesterday.

The story in brief:

I book a car (Nissan Sunny Special Edition) with Torrent Motors on 17th. April, by paying the booking amount of 50000 to a representative of Torrent Motors
Two other representatives, namely Gitesh and Pooja, start calling me to proceed and take forward the booking process.
I insisted that I want the car on the 13th. May and am told that while every effort will be made for the 13th. a commitment for delivery can be given only for the 15th. May.
Am told that to get the car on the 15th. I have to complete the entire payments for the car by the 11th.
Am told that the car is to land at the Vasai yard by the 10th. latest and I can do a PDI before registering in my name
Since payments were insisted upon pre delivery, I sell my current car on the 5th. May and issue cheques on the 7th. May for the full pending amount
My cheques totalling 10 lakhs + and personal details for registration are collected by Torrent Motors representative
This is the story till the 9th., i.e. Thursday morning.
Thursday evening, I call the representative to check on my promised PDI.
Now I get a shock, am told that the car has not come to Mumbai, was never on the way, has not yet left the Chennai factory, and is still being assembled
Am understandably livid, and go to the Torrent Motors showroom on Saturday 11th. morning to enquire on this discrepancy.
Now I get a bigger shock; am told that my booking does not even exist with them, but, somehow, my booking has come to them through some other DSA in Ghatkopar (which I have not even heard of). They are to enquire and get back.
I wait till Tuesday, and the GM wants to meet me. I meet them on Wednesday, i.e. 15th. morning again. They continue the game of hide and seek, claiming not aware who did the booking, collected the documents, etc, when the very same documents are lying in a file on the Branch Managers desk.
They also tell me the car is not in production so cannot really commit when delivery will be
Fed up, I cancel the booking and ask for my papers, cheques and paid amount back. No one bothers to reply, then am told to send a separate email, which I did yesterday night, but still no response till I write this email.
I call Arylene, the CRM, who checks, calls back and commits that the booking has been cancelled and the documents and money will be refunded. But they seem very reluctant to put this down as a simple reply to my email.

Escalated this to their corporate communication head, who in turn tok it up with their regional saled head(west) Got a call from the Sales head today, who was extremely apologetic (for once from Nissan) and looked like he really wanted me to buy the Sunny and not cancel my booking....

Really bad experience, and I have now decided to go in for what the heart desires, i.e. the XUV 5oo W6. Caught a phrase by one of the BHPians and it sticks in mind "What the hell, you only live once"

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Default Re: Another really bad experience from Torrent Motors (Nissan) Mumbai

Originally Posted by Driiive! View Post
A really bad experience I have had with Torrent Motors (Mumbai, Nissan dealership)located at Andheri West.
Hello Driiive!,
Hope you have got your dream car by now. Torrent and nissan do not deserve your money after the ordeal they put you through.

That said, my friend had booked a sunny dci xv model with them. Overall, he had a smooth experience. They came to his home for multiple td's he requested. Only hiccup, was a delay in registration of vehicle (delayed by 2 days). It was resolved when we escalated the issue with the senior management.

I'll be putting up my experiences with regarding to the nissan workshops here in bombay, soon. I have visited all of them during last 6 years. Even the now closed orion, and aquest auto.
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