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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Originally Posted by phamilyman View Post
They are ALL the same man. In any place if you don't stand on their heads or don't have a relationship with the big boss, nothing gets done. Same set of grease monkeys in each workshop. its the processes and the people enforcing them, that matter.

After 4 years of peace of mind with Apra, I will now move away simply because their GM has left, and the current crop inspire zero trust. They are ivory tower managers. On a side note, BMW guys can now enjoy personalized advise and attention !!
I remember different treatment at MSIL service centres - in Bangalore and in Bombay - where I used to take my 800.
As much as I agree with your practical take on this, it still feels pathetic to be treated as such.

Not to say that I haven't tried the building relationship with GM Service & Body shop bit. In Chevy, even that doesn't seem to help.

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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

The first side of story would be that the SA at the chevy dealers are not provided proper soft skills training. I myself own a Chevy and have seen the attitude of SA who work at the dealership. No matter what the customer writes or says, they will have their own style of working. Most probably the SA are under tremendous pressure to perform without proper training.

To narrate an incidence, i had written to Karl Slym about the lax attitude of Regent automobiles in New delhi and the service manager was quick to call me to the workshop on the pretext of solving my problem and instead demanded an apology from me. Really shocking!!!!. Instead, i took back my car and again wrote back to Karl slym. Luckily for me, the dealership in delhi closed down.
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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Real sorry state of affairs. What is the latest? I would agree with you that going to the police is a waste of time. My suggestion is send a written complaint through registered mail to GM and the service center. That way they will have to acknowledge you, whether they like it or not.

I was contemplating on buying a Chevy Beat diesel for my wife, but now have serious doubt that I will go forward with it.

Keep us posted and do let us know if we as a community can assist you in any way. All the best.
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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Whoa.. so I wasn't plain unlucky yesterday. This particular dealership do have it in them to make the customers feel like a beggar. I am starting to wonder.. how do americans (Ford / Chevy) short list their dealers? Guess the first parameter has to be who can get arrogant(est) of all. lol. how else do you explain such endless tales around these dealers .

I just posted an incident with the same dealer which you can find here
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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Originally Posted by AbhishekB86 View Post

EDIT : This was because the gentleman wanted a prolonged conversation. It wasn't possible since I was in a formal atmosphere and told him I could excuse myself for 5 minutes. He asked me if it was okay if we spoke tomorrow morning to which I agreed.
Hi Abhishek

Since i see no new updates i suppose things are settled and the dealership has apologised
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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Update & Closure :

Hello All,

Thanks so much for your support and suggestions. A lot of points made by our forum members helped me write my mail to Chevrolet.

I was contacted by the owner of Metro. He apologized for the behavior of his employee and said he is taking certain measures to ensure this does not happen again. They are putting a few things into place which will ensure employees are monitored at all times. They are as of now penalizing the employee financially.

He has invited me for a cup of tea at his office as and when I am around the Vasant Kunj area and made a few gestures. I am not inclined towards anything or how things may be different next time. As of now there is no concept of 'next time'. I will do my research based on the service booklet and might get my car done outside.

The next day I was contacted by Ms Harpreet from Chevrolet India Management. I haven't blown off so much steam for a while now and the conversation lasted for almost half an hour. I told her that such experiences will ensure that Chevy isn't a brand I would ever consider when it comes to the next purchasing decision. Also, the people associated with my plight on various social platforms were equally critical on what happened on 22nd April. I went on to state that such a case in any other country would have easily taken them to the court and the contact between a customer and a brand does not end at the point of sale and there might be several other instances across dealerships which go unreported. I went on to state that Chevrolet is for me the people who are there at the service/purchase of my car. I used Soumyajit's example of his family opting for a WAGON R to not go through hassles every few months.

After my last post about the email not being acknowledged the next morning I had an email from Chevrolet India.

She apologized and duly acknowledged it was a failure at many levels. She condoned the behavior of the SA and said the Zonal officer had launched investigations into the matter
She said my email was not acknowledged and although there isn't any valid excuse for the same they were awaiting the findings of the Zonal officer. She was overall apologetic, had empathy to offer and was patient to all my concerns (some of them repeated several times through the conversation)

All this time I was waiting for someone to 'listen' and this lady FINALLY provided that solution. Since I was doing most of the talking she did address all the above concerns raised and gave solutions via apologies and acknowledged this was only damaging to the company and no customer can ever be treated in such a manner.

Positives out of this conversation with the said lady was that I did not hear any of the 'mechanical jargon' which we're used to when addressing concerns to higher management of any product/service brand. She assured me that this isn't acceptable at any level and they are looking into it very very seriously.

To be frank, by this time I was exhausted. I expressed the same to the lady and told her that I want just *one* point of contact to make communication easier and avoid having to talk about the same thing 4-5 times a day.

This was followed up by a mail by Ms Harpreet stating that my feedback has been taken up strongly with all concerned and this shall not be repeated ever again.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Team BHP and all our members who participated in this thread. If I can tell you one thing from this bitter experience that it wasn't the master of all social platforms i.e. Facebook that made the difference but our community. I knew team BHP had a powerful impact but never knew it could deliver a knock out punch where all conversations start with 'in reference to the concerns on team bhp'. We aced it

I am not lodging any FIR's as the employee did personally apologize to me.

I want to forget this experience and move on. I am satisfied with their response and frankly speaking this is the end of this episode for me. All I needed was someone to 'LISTEN' to my concerns and acknowledge them not in a defensive manner but in a matter of fact manner which has happened.

P.S : I know a few people might have done something different but I am personally satisfied with the responses which came through. I do not want to drag this back and forth conversation for even one more day with anybody at the dealership or Chevy. There's no point dwelling on negativity when a solution has satisfied my concerns.

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Originally Posted by AbhishekB86 View Post
Update & Closure :
Sigh !! Finally a relief. Good to hear that you got someone from Chevy listen to You - A Customer.

The first and foremost thing in Customer Service is 'Listening to Customer'. Good that Chevy is learning the hard way. Only if they pass on a strong message out to all dealers pan-India. I can only hope that my next service visit would be a pleasant one.

And btw, I am still waiting for that travellogue of your's and Samarth's HP Trip. LOL :-D

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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Abhishek, good to know that somebody at GM was gracious enough to assign a person to listen to you. I have been in several situations like yours and I understand it pretty well when you say you are satisfied with the response for, sometimes all it needs is a good listener. One thing I have observed is 9/10 times, a female is assigned to address your issue, if you are a male (I suppose it a common strategy).
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Default Re: Metro Chevrolet, Delhi : SA ready for a fistfight

Good to know that the issue is closed and you are satisfied with the outcome. As in your case most of the time it only takes a patient hearing and acknowledgment of the mistake and amends to make even the worst incident better but companies are so reluctant to do it. Maybe something to do with our national psyche. Alls well that ends well
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