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Note from Moderator

To make this easier to read, we have deleted various posts encouraging, congratulating. At the time of writing, there were 493 posts and we have deleted close to 200 posts. The ones retained contain points of view, advice etc.

Thanks a lot for your support on this. After reading the whole thread once again , this guy went through a lot!!!!
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ajmat: I think we can close this thread and reopen to SS for posting the pics.
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@ shivasuma...

Finished reading just now! Great job
BTW, we would like to see some snaps of ur crashed car.. if u dont mind..
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@TomRider - Thanks for digging the thread out.

Whoa!! It was one hell of an experience for you. I have to say you have been very patient and maintained that fighting spirit for that long. I doubt I would have done that.

If it was the US, the consumer would have sued for millions of dollars and the court would have passed the order to settle the consumer within a month. But what to do, this is India and things are like this here.

Anyways congrats for your new car and May good bless you with happiness with the new car.
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Uff what an ordeal, i really admire your patience. These kind of incidences have to be dealt with in such a manner.

Even my uncle faced such a situation with India Garage, because of their service goof up the Scorpio toppled, there was a fight for a couple of months and then they finally replaced the car out of court.

All such dealers have to learn a lesson and not mess up with customers as they have to respect hard earned money and time.

I just came across this thread as it was the same time my uncle to faced such a situation.
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wow man you have lot of patience how is car doing do post some pictures of the crashed car
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Read the whole thread at one go! Congrats on winning the court case and on the new car. Did you get your case published in any newspaper? Do post pics of your 'old' and new car, if possible.
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fantastic that justice prevailed finally !

But I would suggest you to not even think of going back to their service station again . Once bitten ..twice shy..
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Great to know about your win over such kind of situation.

Its still advisable to go to the same service centre as they will be doubly careful in handling your car for services.

As the saying goes.....
Once bitten so damn hard, always shy.

(i meant metro ford is so damn hard Bitten)

Hats off for your determination, enjoy your new ride now.

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Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
Its still advisable to go to the same service centre as they will be doubly careful in handling your car for services.
Well, it is subjective, but in my experience having interests in the Retail sector, domestic consumers are quite forgiving & forgetful, things are changing but have a long way to go given the painful process of redressal.

IMHO, we decide on a known offending service centre due to the convenience or lack of choice available. If the same service station is patronised, just be careful.
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Congrads!! better try at Lathangi Ford for your future services.
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Default Re: Metro Ford suck!! They totalled my Fiesta while testing EDIT: WON the case in cou

Congrats on the verdict.

Originally Posted by shivasuma View Post
Hey guys,
Have some good news. Finally received the orders today. According to it Metro Ford has to give me a new car + Rs5000(as legal expenses and other agonies I guess) or refund the whole money with the interest I am paying to HDFC + Rs5000.
Is that it? Rs 5000 for the year of everything you went through. Maybe Iím missing something, who paid the lawyers? Who pays for all the time you and your dad spend at court? For all the hassle you had to endure for this period of time? If itís just Rs 5000 Ford had to compensation other than a car I bet they will do exactly the same as they did to you if ever they have a similar scenario. Why would they care? Give it a shot at court and if they fail another Rs 5000 which they charge to service a Figo I guess.

Wish our courts learnt to punish these conglomerates in a way they learn to respect a consumer rather than mock him.
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Default Re: Metro Ford suck!! They totalled my Fiesta while testing EDIT: WON the case in cou

Success breeds arrogance - truer words wouldn't have been spoken, especially if one referred to Metro Ford, St. Marks Road, Bangalore. I'd gone over today for a TD of the Ecosport and the receptionist palmed me off to a person called Shankar. Ab initio, he seemed quite uninterested and while filling some form that he has to, I suppose, asked me the other cars I'm considering - I said none, he just went ahead and ticked the Duster! I made him cancel it but he then went on filling some other data points that the customer is supposed to provide! I honestly couldn't care less beyond a point as I wasn't signing the document.

Anyway, the TD started and so did Mr. Shankar in his true elements. First, started off saying there's a 1 year waiting (which is fine, except that he'd repeated this for the 3rd time!). Second, the TD route he insisted I take was the shortest possible one (for Bangaloreans - left at Koshy's and another left at Hotel Airlines) - when I said this is too short and my earlier TDs of the Ikon and Fusion were much longer, he said 'this is what it is - not a bit longer', those times are gone! Finally, and this is the clincher - he got a call during the TD and he started abusing the other guy in hindi; and I mean ABUSING - atrocious behaviour and should have at least been avoided in the presence of a customer, but no, our man couldn't have cared less, even when I gave him a dirty look (my dirty looks can get quite dirty ). When we reached the showroom, I stopped the car, got out, asked his name and walked away - he didn't even bother to say / ask anything.

The point of this rant is simply to show that Ford's dealers (atleast this fellow) have become absolutely arrogant, riding on the success of the Ecosport, to the extent that they treat even a Ford loyalist like an unwanted vermin they have to bear for the long duration of 5-8 minutes. Forget about Ford working on their A.S.S., it would behove them to have some ego management classes for their Sales staff as well.

@Mods - was unable to find a better suited thread, please re-route if required.
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