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Default The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

So there are many reasons not to buy a VAG car. For starters they are unethical, as they have shown the world with their emission norm cheating. In the early 2000s they were notoriously unreliable (Skodas and Audis at least).

But specifically for India their after sales has always been the biggest negative. It was at its low point a couple of years ago, after which things picked up. But it seems to be things are on the way down again.

There is no doubt VW, Skoda and Audi make some great cars. VW and Skoda give you great build quality, good engines, fun to drive cars and loads of features at a price much less than the luxury marquees. Audi holds a place of its own amongst the marquees, its got clean designs, great interiors and loads of feature innovations.

BUT the after sales has never really been good. Yes there were the so called 'horror stories' of when Skoda dealers (Audi and VW weren't properly present here at the time) swapped fake parts in to someones car. They used to swap parts from cars in their service centres, etc. These kinds of practices have now stopped, without a doubt. But there are still major issues with the after sales service. And that is in terms of the people being competent, and majorly an issue of part availability.

If your VAG car has any issue outside the purview of a normal routine service, and the part is not in stock (if a part is in stock then please thank the gods for your good fortune) expect to wait at least a week if the part is in stock someone in India. If it is not in stock in India then expect to wait at least a month, if not two for some rarer parts. Your car may be motorable, or it may have to be parked at the service centre, but it makes no difference to the VAG group.

Anyway, I have held off from writing this for a while. I've had a few incidents which I have brushed off as one off incidents, but in the last 2 months I've been frustrated by the service given to me, and I've decided that enough is enough. So let me share a few experiences of mine with Skoda service (or the lack of). I know I have mentioned VAG group all along, but the scene is the same at Volkswagen, and even at Audi (where they dress better and speak better, but the end result is the same).

For the first 2 years of ownership, my Yeti and vRS didn't give me any issues. Also the service standards at that time were better than they are today. The vehicles used to be returned to me at the promised time and in good condition.

I'm going to list out the issues I have had with the after sales for each vehicle separately :

Skoda Laura vRS

I love driving this car, the lovely 1.8tsi and the 6 speed manual together are sublime.

Autobahn workshop in Sewri, Mumbai :

- First major issue with after sales was at the end of March in 2014. A cab had managed to hit the front bumper, which needed to be replaced. The part was not in stock (no surprises, the vRS was rare), and they said it would have to be ordered. I got no commitment from them on the date. The best part was that from the start of the new financial year, the full company was shut for 8 days, and no parts were being dispatched. I found this quite idiotic. Anyway even after that there was no news, and then a member here helped me escalate it to the MD. After that wheels started turning and the part arrived in 2 days. This was after a wait of 2 weeks for just a front bumper.

- Days later the vehicles temp gauge shoots to the red mark. I ask the driver to park it and get it flatbedded to the workshop. Turns out it was a lose connection. Something which obviously happened while they were working on the front bumper earlier.

- A few months later, while I was driving the vRS I had an accident with a trailer truck, due to which the left side panels were dented and would have to be replaced. Also the left passenger side glass had shattered but was held up with my sunfilm. There was no mechanical damage. Got the vehicle flatbedded to the service centre where I expect a wait time of about 2 weeks for the new panels to arrive, and be painted and fitted. The vehicle was with them for 6 weeks. First they got the vehicle inspected once, and ordered all the body panels and got them done. Surprisingly when I took the vkool chap to the service centre to put the same film on the new window, he noticed the film missing on left side rear window too which was totally fine earlier. After investigating I found out they had managed to crack that glass and had replaced it. Nevertheless I made them cover the cost of the film for that glass.

So after all the body work was done, they then told me they had to now get the mechanicals inspected by the insurer. I was wondering what kind of a place doesn't get the full inspection done but inspects the body parts and then the mechanicals. Some suspension joint was found to be bent, and the part was ordered. This too took a while to come, and it was then fitted.

So delivery was due, but guess what? They discovered a rim was bent, so I went across to see it. And looking at the size of the bend in the rim I was wondering what kind of inspections were done that such a big bend in the rim was missed out. No prizes for guessing, part not in stock. 10 more days go by, and finally the rim comes.

I get delivery after 6 weeks and all seems well. But I did have to send the car back for minor issues like 2 noises, a door which took too much effort to shut, and a small leakage from a door beading. All were sorted out, but it seems to be the norm to have to send the vehicle back to the workshop for small issues.

Autobahn workshop in Kurla, Mumbai :

- Fast forward to August this year. After using the vRS in Bombay traffic for a while, my driver puts it off and goes to a shop to pick up something. When he comes back out to the car it starts, and when he moves it, the engine just dies. After that the vehicle refuses to start, it just keeps cranking. After an hour of waiting it starts up as though nothing happened. Forgot about it, until it happened again a week later. Sent it to the Kurla workshop this time, since there was no way I was going back to the Sewri one. They kept the car under observation, didn't find any error codes and sent it back to me after 3 days. They did no checking based on the issue and symptoms described to them. At the same time, they diagnosed the tie rod ends were worn out (not in stock as usual) and were ordered. Also the instrument cluster had to be replaced since the lighting had gone bad, and the head unit since the CD changer wasn't functioning properly.

The cluster and music system were going to be paid for partly by Skoda, which was nice. Approvals were received for the part to be ordered, and I was told everything would take 2 weeks to come.

2 days after receiving the vehicle, the same issue happened again. This time my father was in the car, he said it may be something to do with the fuelling since it seemed to him there was no fuel going in. After a while the vehicle started up again, and I got it sent back to the workshop. Again they kept it under observation, and this time managed to get an error code for the air diverter valve. I told them to check the fuelling system, and to consult Skoda and check according to the symptoms and the issue described to them.

They kept trying to replicate the issue, which I told them would happen only after the vehicle was used in heavy traffic conditions for a while. Needless to say it could not be replicated, and they went ahead and just cleaned the air diverter valve. It was mid September now, and after them having the car for 2 weeks I got the vehicle back. Thankfully the new tie rods had come and they were fitted, but no news of the cluster and head unit inspite of the 2 week time frame being over.

They were very confident the issue was solved, based on some random error code from the diverter valve. They had no explanation how the diverter valve affects the starting of the engine. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and take the car back

2 weeks later, again the same issue. This time it was close to the house, I went myself and got it on video. Except this time the vehicle didn't start after hours too. Got it flatbedded to the workshop as usual, and didn't hear from them for a few days. It was Early October now. After a few days I heard back that it was the fuel pump (which I had told them to check a month ago), and the part was ordered. This time again I requested the same member to raise the issue to the MD, which he did. Though I didn't see that making any difference in the dealerships speed or working or the part arrival.

Finally in the first week of November I received the car back, with all the new parts (yes even the cluster and head unit). Its been working fine since. So 2.5 months spent on this.

Skoda Yeti

The issues I've had with this have been less compared to the vRS, but what the heck.

Autobahn workshop at Sewri, Mumbai :

- The Yeti was reliable until this point. One day in October 2014 there was a coolant light. The level was lower than it should be. I topped it up and continued to use it. The next day the same light. I knew something was up so sent it to the service centre. Now when I had bought the vehicle (it was a year old and done 6k kms), I sent it to Skoda for a check up and service and they confirmed extended warranty had been taken on the car even though there were no documents. Now I was told the water pump had failed and would have to be changed, and that it would be done under extended warranty. A few days later I was travelling, and was told that it was not approved under warranty since there was no extended warranty on my car. LOL. So as usual I had a word with Skoda people, who were apologetic and claimed it was a system error which is why the dealership told me that my car had extended warranty. This just cracked me up.

Autobahn workshop at Kurla, Mumbai :

- Sent the vehicle here for a scheduled service. My Yeti is a 4x4, which uses a Haldex coupling, for which the oil needs to be changed every 60k kms. Anyway having heard its not usually in stock, I decided to call the service manager and request him to make sure its in stock when the vehicle reached. He said it would be. Dropped the car off, and was expecting to get it the next day. I then am told that the Haldex oil is not in stock, and has been called for from another dealer. That would delay the delivery by another day. On the day of delivery I am told the wrong oil was sent (inspite of me providing the right part number taken from threads here) and they returned it. I was then asked to wait 2 more days for the oil to come and for the vehicle to be delivered.

So I waited the 2 more days, I was told the oil still hasn't reached them. It was coming from Aurangabad. They promised me delivery the next day come hell or high water. The next day my driver went there in the morning, and sat there the full day. At 630pm they said the oil still isn't with them and would take another day. Having had enough I told them to give me the car now, and that I would sent it back later for the Haldex oil change.

So basically, you can see how the VAG group operates. I am sure that Lamborghini and Porsche are different. But for Skoda and VW, and even Audi in some cases this is the story. Do keep in mind I was in touch with the service managers and even regional managers for all of the above instances. Isn't it nuts that I know the last 4 regional managers of Mumbai by their first name? Its even worse that the regional manager has changed 4 times in the past 18 months.

While all the Skoda officials keep saying things are improving, I only see things going downhill.

There are many other instances friends have faced with Skoda and VW which are similar to this. Maybe I'll list them out in subsequent posts.

Some questions which come to mind are -

1) Why does VAG sell vehicles here for which they don't have parts in stock?

2) Why is the dealer not made to keep stock of routine service consumables? (eg. Haldex oil)

3) Once a part is ordered what kind of transportation is used? Bullock cart? Aurangabad to Mumbai isn't a huge distance, yet the parts take days to reach. And the time frames given are always wrong.

So I would advise members here to think twice before picking up a VAG car. Yes I know I have recommended them to many of you guys, but I'm not doing that any more. I have to eat my words about the service being fine, because it most definitely is not.

I would think a person would need the following qualifications to pick up a VAG car in India -

1) Patience and cool temper
2) A spare car for when the VAG one is waiting in the workshop for parts
3) Pockets which allow selling of the vehicle in 2 years
4) More patience

I'm sorry to write such a long thread, which is not even composed very well. But I have lost my patience now. And after I am done with the vRS and the Yeti there is no way in hell I am going near any VAG product in India nor recommending any to my friends or members here.

To conclude - VAG makes some good VFM cars, but until they can sort out their service its just a NO GO.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Sometimes it scares me reading the way VAG group works. My current cars are Jetta & Rapid and I have been lucky not to have any issues with the cars (touchwood!). Is it really that hard to get fun to drive cars and good A.S.S? Unfortunately, in India you have to choose either of these in most cases. When I was buying a D-segment car, the choices I had were Jetta, Laura, Corolla & Elantra (well there was Fleunce too!). I still chose the jetta but somewhere I was a little worried how the after sales would be. As I said, I have luck on my side. Hopefully someone from VAG group is looking at this thread (and innumerable other threads) and learns that buying a car is comparatively easier than living with it. This is one of the reasons why Maruti sells. Their cars might not be the best, but living with the car is usually painless.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
To conclude - VAG makes some good VFM cars, but until they can sort out their service its just a NO GO.
We've had various posts and threads about VAG horror stories. And thanks to those, I've never been one to seriously entertain thoughts of one of their cars.

However, when I read a thread like this - one from a member with an active history of contribution, a distinguished BHPian to boot, one who has a "Skoda Yeti TDI 4x4 | Skoda Laura vRS" in his garage alongside other high-end cars - and see the travails he has faced over time, it hammers the message home even stronger - the company's internal systems are rotten. Its not a problem of an occasional lemon here, or a dodgy service centre there. The problem is endemic. Thank you Akshay.
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Very true Akshay, the dealers should be made to store the commonly used parts and consumables. I was so close to purchasing a Vento a few years ago and a Superb last year but at the last moment pulled out due to the thought that i do not have the patience to deal with repeated service station visits. So glad i did not purchase either of them.

Unfortunately we are left with limited cars to purchase if we rule out VAG.

Only Corolla left, with no Civic and in the lower categories only Maruti, Honda and Toyota for which you can safely assume good or decent levels of after sales but the cars are not as sturdy and safe as the Germans.

Even Hyundai service is terrible. Yes they store consumables but my i10 seat knobs which we pull when we drop the seat have not been available with any dealer or any shop in Opera House and no one wants to even order it for me. I have given up on this matter after pursuing it with Hyundai India for over a year now.

Lets hope VAG fixes things quickly. i fail to understand whether VAG is unable to deal with the customer service and they did not anticipate all this or whether its a problem of indian employees who are inefficient or whether VAG just assumed that they could get away with any rotten after sales and not care a damn.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

I think part of the problem is Autobahn's competence.

My Jetta went in yesterday as Bangalore has murdered the front suspension control arms.

The first did a check and found that not just the bushes but the entire control arms need to be replaced. This would take 10 days for the part to come by road. They were about to return the car but VW have offered to fly in the parts so I should get the car by Monday.

Remember, the dealers have tight margins. They have all the service parts on hand but rare stuff, will take time. For them, the volumes of Jetta and Passat do not justify holding too many parts. However, when my water pump was leaking, they had one on hand (it might be a standard part for the Polo/Vento as well)

When my odd ball vRS water pump blew, they did not have it in stock but one was flown in and I was on the road in 7 days. Again, when my Jetta had an accident, the parts were there, it was the dealer who was so incompetent in ordering them in.

Things are just as bad with a honda, when my City had an accident, requiring new alloys, subframe parts, it took 2 months to get parts in to repair. Once again, it was the dealer taking their sweet tiime
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
To conclude - VAG makes some good VFM cars, but until they can sort out their service its just a NO GO.
Perfectly depicted in single line . Whenever I get the thought of buying a new car, Vento comes to my mind.

The car has so many +ves like classic lines, clean design, one of the best diesel engines, solid build etc.,
Its just that fear of ASS which makes everyone to decide against them. I am pretty sure even within our forum (with highly informed team) lots of members would have avoided VAG for that very reason.

I have gut feeling that VAG is underestimating the buying power of Indian customers and considering our market as third world (Atleast for VW and Skoda).They should have learnt it from the sales of Polo which is very consistent and decent, considering the +ves offered by its segment competitors. Its better to merge all the Skoda outlets into VW's and start providing better ASS experiences.

Everybody do mistakes. Not learning from those mistakes is the biggest mistake.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

I guess most of the problems are due to the dealers, or rather lack of them. Too few dealers creates arrogance among the existing ones as they know that customers have to come to them no matter what. We never had trouble with our Rapid, first at Vision Skoda, then at Pinnacle Motors. They are 80kms from my place and they always offered pickup and delivery(and we always refused too). We once had a minor issue with the fuel lid and we told them its not practical to drive 160kms just for this. They called back within an hour and told us to head to the nearest VW service center(10kms away) and that someone over there has been informed about our vehicle. Got it fixed in 3 hours. So far, I am far more happier with Skoda/VW service than I ever was with Maruti's.
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

I think it is high time VAG group stops trying to improve their After sales (i.e. assuming there was an effort in the first place) and instead starts profiling the customers when they enter their showrooms. Maybe hand them out a comprehensive form and try to gauge if a person with such a profile would be able to withstand the after sales.

I mean, if you cannot improve the service, at least you can do this much for customer satisfaction.

I would think a person would need the following qualifications to pick up a VAG car in India -

1) Patience and cool temper
2) A spare car for when the VAG one is waiting in the workshop for parts
3) Pockets which allow selling of the vehicle in 2 years
4) More patience
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

It isn't just Skoda Autobahn, but the group in general.
I believe there was a very recent incident with Senator Skoda taking money, and not delivering the car as they shut shop over night!

In our case, we have had 3 VWAG cars at home: The Octavia Combi, Laura TDi DSG, Audi A6 2.0TDi. By and large, the cars have been reliable (except the Audi which has had a lot more niggles with the AC, Air Suspension, etc. which are typical german car issues - now solved and running faithfully!)
In the past, we have owned and own cars from other 'notorious' brands such as Fiat, Ford, etc.; as well as 'premium experience' brands such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes.

Honestly - the quality of service across all these brands isn't all that different, though there is no denying that VWAG takes last spot and for a good reason:

- The car's aren't the most reliable with small niggles. Unlike Toyota, which also has not so great service advisors, Skoda's give a lot more niggling issues.

- The Service Advisors are useless at dealing with complaints
a) The Audi had a broken IRVM, which our driver put back in place. However, it couldn't be adjusted. Asked the Audi SA to look at it, and he said it's fine and that's how it is in Audi's. Had to literally ask him to sit in the car, adjust the mirror himself and not go by looks. Apparently he comes back and tells me that Audi IRVMs are like that. Either Audi has a serious design flaw, or I should just stay away from adjusting the IRVM. Interestingly, while I came off in my hand the first time, the second time it came off in the hands of my ex-boss who has both, the current and previous gen A8s in his garage. Clearly - he didn't know about it either.
b) The Skoda Laura rattles continue to exist even after sending the car to them specifically to fix the rattles! Poor build quality, and even poorer service.
c) Again with the Laura - I had to send the car to them 3 times just to fix one bulb! First time, they disconnected the junction box so the DRL's won't work and the error won't come. Second time, they did some jugaad and the bulb worked - until I was half way down the highway heading to Goa, after which it went Kaput. Honestly - made it easier to be recognized by my friends as I had only 1 DRL working.
I can go on and on with this list!

- Spare parts! Everything takes close to a month! Be it the Octavia's rubber door lining, the A6's side window, etc. What is even more infuriating is that Windshield Experts managed to get the same part within a day!
What's worse is that you have to continually follow up with them! The Ford experience was much better in comparison - they even wrote a letter apologizing for the delay, and requesting an appointment as the part had arrived.

- Time for general servicing - 3 days for a regular 4th year service on the Audi. 2 days minimum if anything on the Skoda needs to be replaced under warranty (assuming of course the part is in stock!).

On the bright side - not only have the extended warranties paid for themselves, but in a year once the warranties on the A6 and Laura expire - I hopefully won't have to deal with them as much!
Perfect time for VW to launch the GTi, as I'll have time to get annoyed with VW servicing!
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Totally agree with you Akshay, VAG seems to be breaking their own records for the sub standard service they are offering to their customers. I am so thankful to god that i own only 1 VW car - a 2012 Vento TDi which has clocked 47k kms and the car has been unreliable + the service support has been down right pathetic.

At 12k kms, the car had issues with brake juddering which is a well known issue with Vento/Rapid but these unethical VW people never issued a recall for their sub standard brake rotors. I was asked to pay 9k for brake overhaul since brake warranty on VW cars is 6 month/10,000 kms. Our Ecosport was showing slight brake judder at 19,000 kms, i sent a mail to Ford and they instantly approved both rotors + pads under warranty.

To give you a reality check, the suspension warranty on VAG cars is 6 month/10,000 kms which is the least i have ever heard. Every one offers 35-40k kms warranty, shows how much belief they have in their products. No wonder that i had to get my suspension overhauled at 35k kms, engine mounts have been changed, horn pad is not working from one side, strut mounts got blown, car sounds like a tractor during cold starts and such things are not acceptable when you spend over 11 lakhs.

Then the famous 1.6 TDi injector issues, 2 out of 4 injectors failed on my car and when i sent a mail asking VW to change all 4 since other 2 could fail any time, i was told that the other 2 injectors would be changed the day they fail. It is a widespread issue but these unethical chaps want their owners to get stranded before they change parts. The injectors took a week to arrive.

I also own a new Ford Fiesta which has sold in such small numbers that you would automatically expect that its parts would take time. The fuel line cracked upon impact and i got the car towed to workshop, i was told that part would take 2-3 days. I casually sent a mail to Ford that afternoon, the part was shipped overnight and my car was ready next day. Got continuous calls from Ford as well the service centre. Fiat also never had issues with parts or spares for 7 years that i kept the Linea.

With a VW/Skoda car, dealer is the only saving grace for you. You will never get a call from the company, i have never heard this so far in 3 years "Sir, we are calling from VW India, what issues are you facing". I will sell the Vento off in an year or two and i have sworn to never even have a look at VW/Skoda cars. Their cars may be good but the after sales is non existent.

I was very close to buying an Octavia but thanks to advice from members like Akshay and GTO, i went for a 3 series instead. BMW workshop guys had put black marks on a few areas of my interiors and when i mentioned about it, they sent people home to clean the whole interiors, can not even dream of it with VAG.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Very true. But I would agree with both Akshay and Ajmat. Reason for this is, quality of service delivery in VAG group is very patchy - Varies from dealer to dealer. I am having a fairly good run until now, but sometimes I do feel scared.

If VAG does not take care of it's dealers now, at this crucial juncture, we will be in for more trouble.

To buy VAG group of cars in future, is a different matter. Right now, for the sake of owning them, we need to seriously consider quality TPM / FNG. More they become stronger, it is better for us - owners.

VW taking initiative to conduct one year service training for " Young energetic unemployed engineers" at a cost, can help the situation. If spares are made to be freely available, half the problem will be solved.

This is one reason I encourage smaller/remote dealers, who are hungry for business.

Right now, fingers crossed!
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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post

To conclude - VAG makes some good VFM cars, but until they can sort out their service its just a NO GO.
Couldn't agree more with you on this akshay and though your particular issue revolves around Skoda, VAG on the whole is noway better

I have had a first hand experience of dealing with these folks during an EGR issue on my Polo GT and it was really horrendous to say the least. This was all the more frustrating coming from nearly a decade of flawless Hyundai ownership experience.

I remember that on my previous car (Getz GLS), one of the threads that holds the bolts/nuts of an alloy had gone bad and I noticed it during a routine wheel balancing on Saturday evening. I just called my S.A and he agreed to sort it out on a Sunday Morning

And guess what, I was in and out of the workshop on a Sunday morning in under an hour

And here we have VW guys who took ~3 weeks to procure the part & install it.

German Engineering may be World Class, but I really doubt if any of the talent filters across to the 'Indian After Sales'!!

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

The issue is not with VW but with the dealers in your city.
A large no of BHP'ians in Pune have a VW, and almost every one is happy with the service they receive with (B U Bhandari) the dealer here. The fact is that some of the upstart dealerships have behaved badly, and made people change parts un necessarily etc.
At a little over 50,000 km, my car has stock Tyres, brake pads etc, in fact front brake pad lining thickness was about 60% of new at 45K service, only a few rear suspension components have been changed, which is acceptable as I often go over bad roads at moderately high speed. many friends in other cities say that their service dealer says brake parts have to be changed every 30,000 km even if they are not worn out.
Boycott dealers who behave this way, and you will not have any thing to complain.

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Default re: The miserable after-sales of the Volkswagen Auto Group in India

I am sure that with good after sales service the VW and SKODA sales can increase atleast two to threefold. They are not only unprofessional, they are downright silly. There are a lot of people like me who are just too scared to buy a VAG group car. Reason being we are spoiled by Hyundai and Honda. For once I can also ignore poor service at workshops, but if parts availability is an issue then I am stuck. Some of the fixing like software updates to DSG boxes will need visit to Authorised garage as these cannot ideally be done outside.

My better half immensely loves the GT Tsi for the pickup and lightning quick gear shifts but we are scared. I am not sure if it will be possible to keep these cars running stress free for 7-10 years. Someday the heart may win this battle over the mind, but had the service been at par with the H badge, we would already have one in our parking lot.
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Originally Posted by Rahul Rao View Post
The issue is not with VW but with the dealers in your city.
A large no of BHP'ians in Pune have a VW, and almost every one is happy with the service they receive with (B U Bhandari) the dealer here.
I agree with you Rahul. I get my Polo serviced from BU Bhandari, Pune. They are very professional.

I had bought my car from the Vidyut Motors. The 1st year service experience was harrowing at Vidyut. If you live in Pune, BU Bhandari is your best bet for VW service.

So yes, it depends on your luck and the ASC in your city.
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