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View Poll Results: Do you stay with the car at ASS or just drop/send the car?
Stay with the car 172 56.03%
Send/Drop the car and leave 130 42.35%
None of the above 5 1.63%
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Old 17th October 2016, 19:47   #31
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

I feel this depends upon the A.S.S. I own a Fiat and I make sure that I stay there and witness everything thats being done. If I had a Toyota, i would have gone for their pick and drop facility.
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Trust them with the car. Too much time goes.

Couple of weeks back, I had to get a polish done due to paint spots during service. It was 2 hours and I went with laptop in hand because otherwise not worth spending time going up and down. Also, I wanted to personally get it done so took this effort.

In a normal service, better to let go. In fact of late, I've been opting for pick up and drop because no point wasting driver's time also. No complaints so far for any of my cars.
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Old 17th October 2016, 20:42   #33
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Its the same with all dealers in India. It is not just cheating but a general disregard for your property, lack of passion and dedication to their job and a complete lack of responsibility. Whether it is Toyota or Fiat, Maruti or BMW, the odds of someone mishandling your ride behind your back are very high. I try to always take a day off or opt for a Sunday/holiday to get the car serviced and usually like to keep a watch at things. Although the above is not always possible due to bad/intentional design of some service centres where there is no way you can see your car getting serviced from a distance and the dealership does not allow you to get into the actual service area citing safety concerns ( which I can understand).

All in all its a very tough decision. But in my opinion, if one can take out time then they should be with the car and keep a tab at the proceedings.
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Old 17th October 2016, 21:10   #34
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Originally Posted by procrj View Post
Its not a question of expressing your love, for me its all about ensuring that things are done right.
One of my car has done 1.25 L kms and is bit more than eight years old now. I always left the car a service center and picked it up after the works are completed. In addition, the car is washed/cleaned daily by a guy even before I get up in the morning. The car looks good even today though it is not as good as new.

What I mean to say is that we need to find good service center(s) and then learn to trust them. All the points(1-4) you mentioned can happen even in your presence but that will not make your car a lesser car.
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Old 18th October 2016, 00:01   #35
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post


I don't see how that's possible. If there is major work required, it will definitely result in an overnighter (or more).

My bad. I should have been more clear. what I meant was that I don't allow the car to stay overnight for something as simple as an oil change or a regular service. If its something major, then i will have to leave the car overnight or maybe even longer.
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Old 18th October 2016, 01:00   #36
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

I decide to stay with my Car even if it is the best authorized workshop, unless I have to leave the Car beyond for some incomplete work. I do same with all my vehicles.

It is not that I don't trust them, just that I feel more happy seeing my car taken care properly and love to drive back when the issue is fixed or in normal way after servicing. I also try to go in the Service Bay once in an hour just to have a look and ask the Mechanic if everything is ok, and then come back to customer lounge. It may sound weird but its just to say to my vehicle that I am there don't worry.
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Old 18th October 2016, 07:31   #37
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Trust is key! Unless it's Toyota's 90 minute service, I don't stay in the showroom. I make sure I always drop the car and scrutinize each and every job the SA puts on the list.

When I used (Now we go to Nandi Express near Sagar Hospitals) to go to Nandi Toyota in Kanakapura Road, I used to insist (while booking the appointment) on one particular SA whom I always give my car to. He always does a fine job, it's the billing that takes too much time.

For my Getz, I know the owner of the local Bosch FNG, which always does a good job. Ever since Advaith Hyundai started charging me exorbitantly, I've stayed away from them.

For my bike, I know the service manager well in the local Bajaj showroom. He ensures that he does a proper job and always delivers on his promise.
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Originally Posted by Tanmay K View Post
My brother sent his Ritz for scheduled servicing at Prem Motors, Gurgaon sometime back. Less than a week after servicing, by chance, a mechanic happened to show us the air filter that was in the car. It looked ages old and black with dust.
All trustworthy and honest service centers, especially the authorized ones will keep the replaced part in the carton box/packaging of the new part, so if you don't find them in the boot when you pick up your vehicle after servicing, that should trigger an alarm that something is wrong.
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

I always visit the Ford ASS to drop my car, this helps me make a good connect with SA along with an opportunity to clearly instruct on To-Do's. FASS has a practice of keeping changed parts in the boot so that has never been a concern.
Second, I always turn up an hour early then the estimated pick up time, which gives me ample time to inspect the car and check if all concerns have been taken care off.
Until now, I have a good experience with Ford ASS, both in Mumbai and Pune (Bhavana & Talera Ford respectively).

There were times when I was in college and used to take my father's fiat for servicing to our FNG and sit there all day watching these guys work on the car, even used to go shopping for required spares. Used to love sitting there all day, looking at multiple Padmini's, NE's, Amby's inside out and sipping in tea with local mechs.

Voted for - DROP/PICK UP

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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

AFAIK, with volume of cars coming in to Service Centers, its just not possible to stay with the car. At least true for manufacturers like Honda who ramped up the sales numbers compared to where they were few years back, but not the service network.

Once the job card is prepared in the morning, the car will stay waiting for a ramp to get free, then inspected and probably worked upon the next day or evening. Sometimes, have to wait for parts to arrive. Its just not practical taking a day or two off, weekends are impossible with the rush. Though I would like to know what others do? FNG route seems great if absolutely need to be with the car but a good one is really hard to find.

Crystal Honda Pune has been good so far concerned with the services, they're like any other dealer trying to push unnecessary stuff like coatings, AC cleaning and the like but will not persist once denied. Though with the kind of rush they have, they can be careless, one instance of which I was a victim.

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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
When my Jeep went through a complete strip & paint, I visited the shop only thrice and the job was still A+ (link to thread). The right workshop + service manager are key; not standing there yourself.
Not just that GTO, it matters as to whose car is serviced.

If I was the SA or SM or even the owner of the dealership/garage, I would give your car more importance than even the CM's car.

A VIP's car usually isn't messed with unless in a place like Patna where every 5th car is fitted with a beacon.

It is us cattle class people who drive the car themselves to the ASC because we never know that the driver from dealership may crash the car or use it for joyrides. One never knows as to the oil was changed or not or service was carried over or not.

It is hard to develop trust as I am aware of few dealers issuing false insurance cover notes and pocketing the entire money and or varying its amount.

Below is the expected service cost offered by a dealer from Bombay for XUV IIRC. It was shared on our forum. How to trust them? Sorry, but I can not You do have that privilege though, no two ways about it.
Attached Thumbnails
Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?-whatsapp-image-20161019-09.16.44.jpeg  

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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

For me, its with the car.

- I always book the service in advance even when it is Fiat, where I have never witnessed crowd (8 - 10 cars max), let them know what else is required to be done along with service and ask them for availability of respective technician on the date of service. At time, I got a chance to speak with the SA right at the time of booking the service and this establishes a connect. Since multiple services have been carried out for each of my cars (barring Ecosport), I have kind of patronized SA and have their mobile numbers with me. I speak with them when its required beforehand and ensure that I do not call them at peak business hours (in the morning and after 3 PM, they are generally occupied)

- Except 1 odd instance at Hyundai, there has been okay experience of getting servicing done almost every time; Tata dealerships are worst when it comes to cheating customers (I am talking about 2003 - 2013) after that I sold Indica and moved out of relationship with them

- Fiat has been reasonable barring availability of parts; informing them in advance that I need particular replacement has helped, they either manage the part or order it based on request and ask me to change the date of servicing. I use this even for the oil change as I always insist on 1 litre cans of engine oil instead of letting them use the oil from their drum where I have doubts on quality. The cans are about Rs 50/Litre costly but that's okay

Being attentive at the time of handing over the car on accessories and dents etc. also keep the SA on toes and I have observed that SA's keep a watch on mechanics while letting them work on such cars where they know that a detailed discussion has happened with the owner of the car at the time of opening of jobcard.

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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

An interesting thread indeed. Its good to know that a large number of bhp-ians love to stay with their cars while servicing. All this while I thought I was the odd one out to wait at the ASS.

My previous ride was an Alto and on most occassions I stayed with the car. Then once I developed some confidence on the ASS (Pratham motors in this case) I used to go back home with strict instructions to call me if anything needs to be replaced. Then I would visit the ASS 1 hour before the delivery time to check if everything is going on as communicated and take delivery.

My current ride is a Elite I20 and currently it has only done the 1st free servicing (Trident Hyundai) and I was there the entire time. There was no complaint except a small noise on the front left door due to a loose nut or something. I feel that was not attended to properly because it returned back within a day of the 1st service. More recently I took it for a free service camp at Trident Hyundai and I felt everybody there was in a tremendous hurry. There was no complaint with the car and I had taken it just for a oil check since the next free service is due in Feb2017. But overall I didnt feel confident leaving the car with them. I was there the whole time and I guess I will continue this practice until I get a decent service advisor who I can trust with my car.
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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

I always stay at the service centre throughout the day. No specific reason, just too much used to of driving my car myself and not feeling to hire a cab or an auto. Mental block perhaps. Otherwise, there is no merit in being there. Just through initial interaction (and a record of past servicing), the SA would know which customer is up for fooling and which one should not be messed with.

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Default Re: Car Servicing: Stay with the car, or just drop it off?

When I was 17 (1985) years old I learnt driving on my family car Fiat 1100D. (Italian Fiat ). The technology used with car was very simple and those were the days when Authorized Service Center were non extinct in small cities. Before learning driving and in age of 12-13 years I was asked to supervise ongoing restoration work of the car which took one year time due to dearth of money and time. Basically we uses to address restoration work as Denting Painting. When the restoration work was completed I became to know how to remove the battery for external charging, fill the petrol from Jerry Can and start the engine by sucking petrol from fuel pipe using mouth and then pouring the petrol in mouth to carburetor. Really it was thrill doing these. Father being a government engineer was paid very little and it was hard to maintain family of six. So once in a month the car was started and run. In morning with the help of my siblings I uses to brought the car outside the garage. Wash and dry it in open Sun. The engine hood was kept open so the half charged battery can gain some solar energy.Late afternoon I goes to petrol pump and purchase 5 liters of petrol. It was poured in tank using siphon method. ( An used LPG pipe with one end in car fuel tank inlet and other in Jerry can with blowing of mouth air into Jerry so the petrol goes into pipe and maintain its flow due to gravitational force). Once the fueling process completed the car was put in neutral gear. Open the fuel pipe connecting the carburetor, sucking little quantity of petrol from it and pouring the petrol in mouth into carburetor replacing the air filter. Then the engine was fired and it was our luck that battery give support and the engine get started. If our luck failed then we have to wait for father who after arriving from office uses push start method.
So the habit of living with car has become part of life so even in this age where life has become with full of responsibilities and time has become a precious thing, I still go to garage to supervise maintenance work. Now a days I have three vehicles in which one is Mahindra 540. For this I have got every type of garage tools like oxygen cylinder, welding machine, compressor for paint etc. I have also got team of tinker, painter, hood maker and mechanical and electrical mechanics. Baring the mechanic rest people can work for body work, paint and electrical work on my other two cars one Etios Sedan and other Maruti Zen. The mechanic only does the suspension, brake work on this new technology car.
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