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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Last weekend I called the Spinny representatives for a home visit to evaluate my Swift. The Spinny representative was a Mechanic and not executive I guess. He took at least 300-400 photographs of the car from all possible 360 degree angle (including underbody). But he allowed me to drive and didn't drive it himself (unlike cars24 executive who revved the engine to 6000 rpm+ in each of the 1/2/3 gears which I couldn't understand why it required for a car returning 20.4 kmpl FE on odo).

However, the Spinny representative removed all rubber parts of the entire car- the rubber seal of all 4 doors and the entire hatch and inspected the metal part on which the seals were attached. The rubber seals were attached within metal groove with some sticky compound and now all are gone. The rubber seals have become loose now.

My query is- is this a correct way or a standard SOP to check the car by these Spinny/ Cars24? After this high revving by cars24 the car has developed very high vibration which was not present earlier. Also, all rubber seals have become loose.

I think my car is getting destroyed by these types of merciless evaluation process. Now I have a doubt whether these people directly from Spinny/ Cars24 or kind of agents? I am in Gurgaon.

Another query, Spinny is quoting about 10% more. Do they honour their quoted price or start negotiating at the time of actual transaction?
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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

I too got a 2016 WagonR AMT from Cars24 on the 1st of November’21 here in Mumbai and the buying experience was simply awesome! The relationship manager and the finance team were very coordinated through the entire process, and I was very happy with the entire deal.

As a background, I selected and booked the car from their app on the 28th of October’21 by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 999 which was refundable if cancelled or would be adjusted if purchased. Test drive was scheduled for the 30th and I received a call confirming the booking and next steps. I could keep the car with me for 7 days for a comprehensive test and if found in order could proceed with the purchase, else they would take the car back – the only clause, no damages and the car should not have been driven for more than 500 Kms or I pay. On the 30th, the car arrived for test drive though a couple of hours later then promised – thanks to the traffic and it was almost dark by then, but the relationship manager and the accompanying driver were truly committed and answered all my questions patiently. I observed that the battery was leaking, and the rear bumper had a quite prominent scratch. This was not on the original report, so I pointed the same and decided to return the car. The SA insisted I keep the car as I had a good 7 days of trial period, meanwhile, assuring he would do what best he could, but I anyways decided to let go specially since the dying battery and scratch were not on report but still appeared on the car, I felt it was unethical.

Hand on heart, I really wanted this deal to work out considering that the car had only clocked 9520 Kms, was a first owner and when I saw the car in flesh, it was love at first sight. The owners’ manual, spare wheel, medical kit, tool kit, etc were all intact and felt like they had never been touched. The only thing that I knew would need an eventual replacement were the tires and while they had 80% of treads left, they had hardened and slightly cracked with age and non-usage. The price quoted was 3,84,099 all-inclusive (transfer and comprehensive insurance included) and while it was a slight premium, I didn’t mind it looking at the condition of the car.
Late in the evening, I received a call from the sales manager trying to convince which I politely declined and then another call from his manager with a sweet proposition – cost of a new battery plus the cost to repair the damage (around 6 thousand) plus 100% financing at a competitive interest rate (better than the used car loan rate from HDFC) and I was sold! They delivered the car to my place on the 1st of November’21 on my requested time and all I got was a car perfume while the ceremonial photograph was watsapped to me later in the evening.
Fast forward, the transfer was done withing 40 days and they kept me proactively posted on the progress. The actual transfer process was initiated on day 8 after the 7 days trial period expired and while the physical RC is yet to arrive, I added the same on Digilocker after I got a confirmation that the process was complete.
I have run approximate 2000 Kms so far including a trip to Mahabaleshwar and the car drives like brand new with no niggles whatsoever, so all in all I am pleased.
Sorry for the longish post, but I wanted to share my experience.

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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Would like to share a few updates:

RC Transfer Completed (Taken care by Cars24)
  • Initiated on Day 8th
  • E-receipt generated 21 days from application
  • RC name change reflected at vahan site 25 days from application
  • Physical RC received via courier 35 days from application

Insurance Transfer Completed (Taken care by me)
  • Process was completely online, though it was not very smooth
  • It took couple of weeks and multiple follow ups to get the NCB reservation letter for my old car (Future Generali). Finally they obliged
  • HDFC Ergo refused to accept NCB transfer initially (stated that they can do it only while insurance renewal and not during transfer). Finally after a week of discussions and follow ups, they too agreed and I got a small refund as I had 50% NCB from previous car vs 20% of the previous owner had on the City.

Honda Connect App
Honda Dealer initially requested for a letter from the previous owner asking him to be de-registered from the app so that I can be on boarded. Finally they also agreed after few discussions and I got myself registered on the Honda Connect app by the dealer after providing the RC copy and my identity proof.
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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Here's an unfortunate customer's experience buying a Ford Ecosport AT through Cars24 -

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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Originally Posted by RijuC View Post
(unlike cars24 executive who revved the engine to 6000 rpm+ in each of the 1/2/3 gears which I couldn't understand why it required for a car returning 20.4 kmpl FE on odo).
This happened to a friend of mine when he was trying to sell his i20 sportz 2016 model last year. He was buying a xuv500 and Mahindra was paying less than he expected in exchange. He visited a pre worshipped car dealer and somehow cars24 guy got his number from there. They called and set up a meeting and I was with him when 2 of them came.

When they decided to take a test drive, the driver amongst the two redlined the engine for a good 2 kilometres. We let it go. Then he decided to take the car on a known bad road and tried to drive at 30-40 kmph when ideally it should have been less than 10kmph. I immediately asked him to stop and we literally threw them out of the car. Told them to collect their motorcycle from outside the gate of the house and warned them to not call ever again. They reached 15 minutes after us, walking, then started their bike and went away in silence. Car was ultimately sold to the same dealer at expected price and he was sorry for the number leak.

Never let them do anything without giving satisfactory reason and be stern. These VC funded companies are bigger price gougers than local dealers who work on relations as they know word of mouth is important. These corporates look only at bottom line. They are buying cars at inflated price in hope to remove conventional dealers. With unlimited supply of money its not too hard. Heard some new "start up" has collected some 10 million dollars for second hand motorcyle business.

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Hello again,
You might recall me from my previous thread - Pure automatic city car under 10L OTR

After much consideration and time, I finally managed to buy Ford Ecosport from Cars24. So here goes my experience

prologue : Based on feedback from earlier thread I decided to go for driving lessons so can feel more confident in taking test drive and be able to drive as soon I bought the car. Took driving lessons from Toyota Driving School, Lakozy Toyota, Malad West. Rs 6000 (Theory 3h + Simulator 2h + On Road 11h + Workshop 2h[never scheduled]) of which only on road training was useful. I thought i was signing up for lessons on Etios sedan but it turned out to be Etios Liva hatchback! My bad, did not realize Etios hatchback even existed.

research : I finalized on buying pre owned as that would allow me to buy one segment higher and with philosophy that new car gets old on day 2, plus less heartbreak on eventual dents. Due to my limited knowledge of cars, offline dealers and OLX classifieds were out of picture. Limited search to Spinny, CarDekho, Cars24 and OlaCars and religiously tracked them every night before going to sleep.

shortlist :
Toyota Yaris (CarDekho)- Went to see the car in their MCGM parking lot, Goregaon but was intimidated by its length and I thought it was too low riding for comfortable ingress/egress for my parents.
Honda Jazz (Multiple dealers) - Parents liked the cars but I was set on certain features like Hill hold and DRLs which was not there even in VX model from 2019 all around 8L!
Ford Figo (OlaCars) - For 4L, 2016 model, 20k ODO, I really liked this deal with DCT gearbox and Hill assist and OEM slot for phone on dashboard, equivalent to poor mans android auto. But color was black which mom did not like.
Ford Ecosport (Cars24) - Took test drive in my society multilevel parking as I was not confident of driving on road yet, then salesperson drove for 5km, looked okay. Got inspected at Rudra Ford, Mira Road at cost of Rs 1786 which included AC filter change(Rs 165) I also paid for as I had decided to buy the car then.

Model : Ford Ecosport 1.5Petrol Titanium+ AT
Manufacturing : 05/2018
Registration : 08/2019
Owner : First
Odometer : 20350
Price : 832500

I rarely came across any bad reviews for this car and it met most of my requirements and budget so it was an easy choice in the end.

buying experience and beyond : Booked test drive via Cars24 app and car was sufficiently clean and salesperson had enough knowledge. After inspection at Ford, I paid full amount online via transfers and car was delivered on the agreed date and time.

Observations : 1. Cars24 rep asked for documents to be shared on whatsapp/email. Should be secured document upload on Cars24 servers and not on personal emails/messaging.
2. Car on delivery has fuel indicator at E which gave me anxiety as this is my first car and did not know it if will run till nearest pump. Could give it optional chargeable service.
3. No PUC or FAST tag done, could be included as optional chargeable service.
4. Car was in same state as test drive despite repeated requests for thorough car wash. When I pointed out unclean passenger window, I was told that bird shit on it on the way for delivery.

Issue : Car has previous insurance from HDFC Ergo, thus Cars24 did not give a new one. Now transfer is buyer's responsibility and I raised the request for transfer but do not have previous owner's NOC which I was told by sales person is not needed as invoice is sufficient
I did not persist on it before buying as car was okay thought invoice will work. Now insurer is not processing transfer and Cars24 has started showing true colors with neither customer service, sales representative nor twitter handle responding to my queries or tickets.

Invoice date is 6 May and 14 days have passed now. So my question is what should I do?
1. Should I go for a new comprehensive insurance/third party insurance and chalk this up to used car cost?
2. Should I go for new Third party insurance only and try to get this transferred, not much hope unless RC transfer is quick. I do see the request is submitted to RTO
3. Should I directly reach out to previous owner and see if they can help with NOC letter?

Without insurance transfer, can I still claim Third party claims or my car is uninsured at the moment? What is the liability of previous owner in this case?

Overall this does leave a bad taste in my mouth and would like to warn everyone on purchase of cars from Cars24.Not having a document is fine but not even responding tells me that their one year warranty is as golden as horseshit under sunlight.
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After many months of searching, finally found and bought a used Creta, 2018, CRDI, SX, Automatic from Cars24.

Had a very smooth buying experience.
  • all details shared on request (service history, insurance policy details, current RC etc.)
  • multiple long test drives arranged
  • coordinated to get the car checked out at any authorized service center (at my cost)
  • details of any repairs done, if any, after they received the car were shared
  • next day delivery (after receipt of full payment)
  • RC transfer done within a week
  • option to return the car for full refund, no questions asked within a week
  • spare keys, insurance transfer forms etc. shared promptly
  • continuous updates and follow ups during the whole process (till RC transfer was complete)
  • comprehensive insurance policy was about to expire before I bought the car, Cars24 renewed it (this was baked into the price I guess)
  • car was spick and span at delivery time

Originally Posted by RijuC View Post
My query is- is this a correct way or a standard SOP to check the car by these Spinny/ Cars24? After this high revving by cars24 the car has developed very high vibration which was not present earlier. Also, all rubber seals have become loose.

Another query, Spinny is quoting about 10% more. Do they honour their quoted price or start negotiating at the time of actual transaction?
Hi @RijuC, had sold a car to Spinny few years ago, replying to your queries based on that.
  1. About the checking of the metal under the rubber beading around the door, they do this to check the stamping marks, which look like small circular depression marks on the metal strip (kind of like what you see with a paper punch). The idea is that the punch marks pattern made in the factory vs. the not-really-needed-fake-punch-marks/no punch marks in case of major repair is what they are looking for
  2. About the pricing, they made me an initial offer of X. I was not sure, was finding out prices from other sources, they actually called few times and eventually offered 8% more than the initial offer of X. This was honored, full amount was transferred to my account before the car was handed over (after the second final inspection on day of sale)

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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Originally Posted by rhsakarp View Post
[*]RC transfer done within a week
How did they transfer TC within a week while also giving option to return the car for full refund within a week? They only initiate it after one week of trial period is over.

Originally Posted by rhsakarp View Post
[*]details of any repairs done, if any, after they received the car were shared
Could you please elaborate what was shared with you for the car?

Originally Posted by rhsakarp View Post
[*]spare keys, insurance transfer forms etc. shared promptly
Did you get NOC of previous owner for insurance transfer shared by Cars24?

Originally Posted by rhsakarp View Post
[*]comprehensive insurance policy was about to expire before I bought the car, Cars24 renewed it (this was baked into the price I guess)
Not sure how you managed to get Cars24 to renew comprehensive insurance for you when they only offer and advertise Third Party insurance.
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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Originally Posted by VK Dhanuka View Post
How did they transfer TC within a week while also giving option to return the car for full refund within a week?
  1. Yes, you're right. I meant the transfer was done in a week after the 1 week trial expired. Physical new RC reached me in about 10 days after the trial period.
  2. In this case, the windscreen was changed due to chipping and a crack.. I noticed the new windscreen anyways, they shared this from their records too.
  3. For the insurance transfer, updated RC is good to go with few other details about the new nominee etc. Have just applied for this today.
  4. Was pleasantly surprised to see the insurance renewed too

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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Originally Posted by BHPjunkie View Post
I would like to add to this thread. We bought a used car for the 1st time, a Tata Hexa, and it was through CARS24. We had good as well as a bitter experience.

- Prompt response for test drive. Plus they got the car to me and I did not have to go to them.
- Hassle free transfer and handover of vehicle.
- The battery went kaput on the 3rd day after I bought the vehicle. Raised a request on their app and they reimbursed the same within a week.
- 7 day return policy is a boon. As soon as I got the car took it on a long spin and to a trusty mechanic to get it checked. NOTE: They have a cap of 500 kms in those 7 days.

- Firstly there is no negotiation at all. The price quoted is the final price.
- The delivery experience is no where near buying a new car or even a used from a dealer. They sent the car at my residence.
- When we test drove the car, it was filled with litter. I had specifically requested them to clean the same and vacuum the interior. However the car was delivered in the same state as the test drive.
- We got the car in Sept 2021 and the RC is not transferred yet. I am not sure if it takes this much time to transfer the name on the RC.

All said and done we are very happy with the purchase of the Hexa and love the vehicle to bits.

I would like to add my experience of buying my Pre worshipped(as my expert friends claim so) Toyota Etios from Cars24.
I was in search of a used Car which would be light on pocket and lasts till its utilitarian life. My search began from November 2021, and as my office timings were hectic(at times 12 hours), i barely used to get time to search in the city.
Hence I decide to let spend some extra money and buy it from a registered/online used car buyer. So my hunt began and almost at the end of each day, while retiring for sleep I used to browse Spinny,Cars24,Truebill, other sites. There was a slight sense of comfort as if I buy from them, everything is transparent and in the advent of bad luck I can trace all transactions, communication and car details that they have claimed. As my savings were low and I wanted to finance it completely from my Company loan(Max 7.5 Lakhs for my grade, for a new car). I finally landed up buying of September 2017, Toyota Etios G variant, driven for 25.5K and costing around 5.64 Lakh.

I shall post the detailed buying experience and the issues/comfort I have faced with Cars24 as soon as I get updated RC (transfer of which Cars24 said will be their headache). Overall i am happy with : a) Test drive facility from their hub to your nearest location.
b) Refund of all test drives which did not convert to buying the car.
c) Online payment process which is robust as there is no lag.
d) Majorly the waiting/patience they have shown for waiting for 12 days for complete payment after providing token amount(25k). Usually Spinny has 3 days waiting period for full payment and Cars24 has 7 days waiting period. After that they refund the token amount and unlock the car for sale again in their portal.
e) E-KYC document submission and approval instantly. Hope they do the same while buying cars also, as claiming a car non accidental and also providing 12 months engine and major component warranty is a big stake.

AND i am sad with:
1) Pathetic customer service in terms of resolving queries. They seem to generate complaint number for any issue faced. When I follow up next for their no response, they generate another complaint number for my pending complaint. And it goes on and on.
2) Their inability to show original service history papers. Although they have tie up with all brands and they maintain a excel record(which is exactly the same as per brand's record), but it is available with the test drive representative only and not with car. Original papers do provide a better relief.
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Cars24 buying experience

First of all, a HUGE thanks to this fantastic community that was instrumental in helping me make my first used car purchase after two new cars and the first vehicle purchase in almost seven years! While I found an incredible wealth of knowledge about specific cars on team-bhp during my search, I found very little information about an experience with specific aggregators. Hence the thought that I would start my contributions with my experience of buying a car through Cars24. I hope the community finds it helpful and can augment this with their own experience. This is my first post ever on teambhp (i.e. if it passes mods muster, so questions and feedback are very welcome!

I moved to Mumbai with my wife about 7 years back from Delhi. Having never stayed in Mumbai or travelled much to the city, I had expected state-of-the-art driving infrastructure in the commercial capital of India! Alas, was I disappointed! As someone who loved driving, even in the city, I simply could not embrace the thought of driving in Mumbai with the small, potholed roads and snail speeds. Thanks to the app aggregators, my life was completely 'Uberized' and 'Zoomed' and 'Revved' these almost 7 years. And then came the 'cancellation' wave. Waiting 45 minutes through 4-5 cancellations for a 15-minute drive to the office got on my nerves. And hence, the decision to buy a car (the wife had been advocating for it earlier as well, so no persuasion was required there. Never having owned a pre-owned car, I started by looking at the new options only. With an active 6-year-old and parents who thankfully spend at least half the year with us, I decided to go with a 7-seater car. This decision was also shaped by the fact that in these 7 years, I had done a number of road trips and each time hired a 7-seater (XUV 500, Scorpio mostly), so I was used to the power/comfort/safety. Test drove the XUV 700, the Alcazar, KIA Carens. I loved the 700 but eventually decided against it because of (1) the Long waiting period and (2) the Expectation of EV ramp up in SUV segment in the next 5 years, making the economics of buying a 30L car uncertain. Needless to say, I was looking at a long-term ownership.

The Search
The decision to buy a used car, therefore, was a forced one, but boy, am I thankful for that! I am not someone who is super technical and would make a decision mostly based on the driving feel. Therefore, a certain degree of credibility was critical in the seller and having no references of local dealers, that channel was not on the top of the sourcing list. The obvious source then became Spinny, Cars24, CarsDekho etc with their perceived sense of credibility, thanks to all the marketing dollars. Went through a Jeep Compass (although a 5-seater, I was fascinated by it but was hugely uncomfortable driving), Eritga (almost bought one) and CR-V (again a 5-seater but through a local dealer whose arrogance really put us off). I seriously considered Innova Crysta but could not reconcile the value with the premium (I do love the car). One day, I came across a Tata Hexa XTA listed on Cars 24 app- the car rang a really sweet bell in my mind. I had driven Hexa only once before (manual), from Mumbai to Alibaug, but that happened to the absolute best drive I had ever had and so had stayed in my mind. I decided to request for a test drive, more out of nostalgia than anything else.

The experience with Cars 24 was a mix of funny and frustrating at the same time. The good first:
1. The app has a wide selection of cars, in different budgets.
2. Booking a test drive was smooth.
3. Unlike almost all new car TDs, all the used car TDs arrived bang on/before time and the delivery of the car happened on time.
4. Payment is easy through the app and is reflected real time.
5. RC transfer was quite seamless and while the transfer is visible in the records, I am still awaiting the physical RC (that is on the RTO, not on the app)

Now, the frustrating aspects:
1. The sales team has absolutely zero clue about the vehicle technically. As a result, questions such as how much torque does this produce, what is the engine capacity, is the sunroof an Original equipment etc…, when asked of the RM who accompanies the driver for the TD were all dealt with a “we can find that out”. Funny to start with but soon became a little irritating. The lack of product training came as a shock to me.
2. There is opaqueness and straightforward mis-selling as well. My car was a Mega Refurbishment Lab (MRL) certified car- apparently, massive Cars 24 owned workshops, and for that reason, priced higher. However, there were several things shockingly not right and not mentioned in the MRL inspection report- the brake pads and discs, a silencer crack, a suspension rod crack, overstating of tyre life etc.
3. Customer support is the most frustrating aspect by far. While Cars24 provides 7-day returns and up to a 12-month warranty, their customer support model is deliberately designed in a manner that exhausts customers and reduces their claims. I raised some repairs under warranty. While the car was picked up on time, there was zero communication from cars24 post that. I called up to enquire about the status of the repairs, and the customer support helpdesk had no updates at all. What was worse was that my questions were not noted, and each time, I had to repeat them to a new associate. I sent an email that was not responded to. They have some kind of TAT of 72 hours, but I had not even received an acknowledgement in 72 hours. It was only after I told the call centre associate that I wanted the car back did I get it back. The promptness with which it happened led me to believe that they were relieved and had that harassing system just to force the customer to suspend their request. One can reasonably expect that the company would provide a printed receipt of the work done, but I was shocked that there was nothing of the sort.
4. The top management seemed to be unconcerned about poor customer service. While I see the CEO liking positive posts on Linkedin, a tweet to him about my experience did not even elicit an acknowledgement. I saw other poor experiences on social media which went unacknowledged, clearly surfacing the lack of empathy of the management.

So the question- why did I go ahead with it?
1. Review after review across forums, including team-bhp, which I relied on the most, was incredibly positive about the vehicle itself. The reliability of the engine and the badge of the best car that TATA ever made simply woke me up. Never in my wildest dream had I thought that I would buy a TATA car but as they say, never say never!
2. I got the car thoroughly tested from an FNG AND a TASC. Both gave a resounding thumbs up to the car while identifying all the things that would need to be done. The estimate (without tyre change) ranged from 30-40K, which was acceptable to me, and nothing was a deal breaker.
3. The car itself was a love at first sight- the driving comfort, the feeling of space with large windows, awesome third row, the superb automatic gearbox, the responsive engine….my belief that my first impression from the Alibaug trip was not an aberration was solidified.
4. I had mentally adjusted myself to the fact that this is a second-hand vehicle, and I will not expect a new vehicle experience from it. Once this was done, making trade-offs was much easier.

My lessons from experience:
1. Do not ignore this channel, despite my experience above. The bottomline is that I am glad that I have the vehicle that I have.
2. Keep your expectations low about your customer experience. Do your own homework on the technical specs of the vehicle.
3. Do not fall for the marketing blindly- just because these aggregators are companies with hundreds of crores in turnover does not mean that they are perfect; in fact they are far from it. Take the vehicle to the FNG, the TASC and check it thoroughly. Make use of the no questions asked return period to put the vehicle through a rigorous driving test and be open to changing your decision. I went on a trip to Lonavala (~200 Kms return, with the entire family, in heavy rains) and was very satisfied with the ride.
4. Negotiation- I did not find Cars 24 to be open to negotiation though the Hexa was clearly in the slow-moving inventory. However, if you are not in a rush and are willing to bide time, you should know that the price of the vehicle adjusts downwards significantly (INR 5-15K per month, maybe more depending on the period it has been unsold) for each month it is not sold. It seems an algorithmic decision and not a human one.

Funnily, no sooner had I purchased the vehicle then I started getting messages enquiring if I was looking to sell.

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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

I bought a 2018 registration Renault Duster RXS CVT from Cars24 in Bangalore.The experience was decent and also i was looking from Spinny.A few observations from my end comparing cars24 and Spinny apart from what's mentioned in previous posts
-Spinny have most of their showrooms in prominent malls where cars are in covered parking(basement),while the cars24 stockyards were in outskirts of the city where cars are parked in open ground.
-Spinny seems to leave the exterior imperfections on the car(dents ,scratches) mostly and mentions them in the report while cars24 seems to be fixing them (dent removal,paint touchup)
-Spinny doesn't reduce the prices even if it's unsold for months(I can still view a Hyundai creta in the catalogue which I test drove 2 months before with same price)while cars24 is a bit more quicker to reduce it(You can't bargain, they just slash the previous price and mention it in website)
-Spinny seems to have a subsidiary(truebil) where the cars which don't meet their standard are still sold
-Both seem to have their preference of cars.For e.g In spinny I could only view only diesel dusters and no petrol ones while cars24 had petrol versions too.Also I could view more Balenos in spinny than cars24.I don't know if it's a coincidence or both Survey teams have a preference of the type of cars
-Cars 24 had slightly longer return days(7)when compared to spinny(5)

Finally why I chose the car from cars24 was because the price was competitive and I got the model which I wanted
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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24


I am interested in buying a used car which will be used primarily in the city (Delhi NCR) with a few outstation trips. The car will be used by just me and my spouse. However, the catch is that due to work commitments we might relocate outside India by March next year. Hence, the car will most likely be used for only 4-5 months.

I was looking at Car24 zero down payment option. I have the following queries:

1. Is it possible for me to pay the monthly "rental" and give the car back to Cars24 after 4 months?

2. Is there a minimum duration for which I have to keep the car?

3. Does Cars24 take the money for the duration (say 4 months) upfront?

4. Given my situation, are there any better options that I should consider?

Thank you very much.
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Re: Review: Buying a used car from Cars24

Hey bhpians, I have a query regarding a pre-owned car purchase. My father in law(FIL) has sold his polo and is now looking for a car from VW stable as a daily driver. I have booked a Vento highline plus AT December 2019 model. This is from Spinny listed at 9.17 lacs. I couldn’t get a service record from Spinny as they said you can get it from ASC. I called ASC but they said that they will provide only once the car is registered in your name. Spinny has a 5 day moneyback guarantee. Does anyone know if anything doesn’t add up post purchase do the Spinny guys actually refund the money?

I took a test drive and the car is in immaculate condition both mechanically and structurally. It has run only 23k kms.
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